The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 37

Elves Join the Battle

“Your Majesty, are you planning to accept humanity’s request?! They invaded our lands before. It is utterly shameless for them to seek our help now, is it not?”

Although the elves discussed whether or not to join the fray against the demons this time, when humanity’s soldiers came to ask for reinforcements, the elves suddenly united in thought, believing humans to be exceedingly shameless. They invaded the forest before, yet they had the gall to turn around to ask for help. The elves wondered if they were being treated as altruistic guardians of the world and were advocates of peace.

The elves had shown enough leniency and tolerance when they spared the human envoy. While the elves weren’t united in thought at all times, they were united when it came to humans; they all wanted to make humans suffer. If humanity came to them for help, the answer was simple: refuse. However, Lucilia granted the envoy an audience.

Lucilia didn’t reject the envoy right off the bat. Instead, she had the envoy await a response from her. In other words, she was gathering elves to discuss the proposition. Under normal circumstances, discussions were unnecessary. Since she wanted a discussion, it indicated that she wanted to accept humanity’s request. Asking elves to fight for the sake of their enemy was asking for the impossible.

If their Queen chose to assist humanity, then she wasn’t worthy of being the elves’ Queen. The elves didn’t need a Queen who brown nosed foreigners. As the elves’ Queen, her first priority had to be the race’s fate, not the safety of other races. Elves had never been fond of humans. The last alliance was an absolute necessity. Then, there was a war between the two races. There, therefore, was no reason for them to fight for humanity.

Slouching in her chair, Lucilia conveyed, “What I’m thinking about encompasses more than just helping humanity. This time, helping humanity will be helping ourselves. Think about it: if demons overrun their north, what makes you think that they’ll leave our forest alone? The demons won’t leave us in peace. As opposed to waiting for the fire to reach our forest, why can’t we initiate the attack and defeat the demons? Should we wait, we will pay a bigger price. Additionally, the last war is over. As we were victorious, why must we be hung up on it? If we fight now, we will have an ally in humankind. If we wait for the demons to defeat humanity, how big would our chances of defeating the demons be? You didn’t participate in the previous war against the demons, but I did. Humans have immense combat potential. Their armies can resist demons. Can we match their numbers, though?

“… Travor isn’t the reason I have chosen to assist humans. I’m choosing to help them for our race’s sake. Humanity was the main contributor in the previous war against the demons; they were the ones who fought the demons head on. That was the only reason we had a chance at defeating the demons. The circumstances have repeated themselves. With our forces and powers, the very best we can do is defend our forest. As a matter of fact, that’s debatable. Don’t let our forest become isolated.”

The elves silently exchanged eye contact with each other. Though they hated humans to the core, they had to admit that Lucilia was right. Many of them only watched from the rear. As a result, they didn’t know what elves and humans did. They were an allied force, but, in reality, only humanity’s soldiers fell on the battlefield from fighting the demons head on. Given the elves’ minute numbers, they wouldn’t be of much help. As such, Lucilia realised that, when fighting a force with the numbers of the demons, humanity would be the best candidate to combat them.

Their only option was to fight and dismantle the siege on humanity’s cities. That was the only way they could then follow humanity into the North. Lucilia was still worried about her, uh, ex-husband? The elves hadn’t received any news from the small town. They only knew that he and his family had left the town, but nobody knew where to. Nevertheless, Lucilia believed that he would be safe with Veirya guarding him.

The elves quietly discussed among themselves. Unfortunately, Lucilia’s patience had run dry. She rose to her feet and asserted, “I can’t allow you to just continue with discussions as we are doing right now due to the importance and urgency of the situation. You should all be aware of the status quo outside. Humanity has already been pushed back into several cities. If they pull back their forces, we’ll be totally isolated. I won’t allow myself to be the last Elven Queen. I will use my clan’s private army even if you stop me. I’m not a coward, and I’m not betraying elves. I am fulfilling my duty to elves!”

The elves stood up after a brief pause: “All right, Your Majesty, we shall follow your command this time. We will gather our army to go and help humanity defeat the demons. Your reasoning is sound. May the forest protect our soldiers and fate. We hope that the forest will remain the same after this.”


“Madam Sophia! Are you betraying Miss Leah?! Miss Leah wants us to begin, so why are you ignoring her command?! Achilles is clearly an influential figure in humanity’s empire! She won’t do it, yet you would also stop us?!”

Sophia extended a hand out to stop the enraged succubi from assaulting the pitiful succubus. The succubus knelt on the ground with her arms around herself, quivering in fear. Sophia calmly explained, “You’re all making the wrong decision. Miss Leah doesn’t need us. She doesn’t plan to lead demons in a war against humanity or whatever. She’s just throwing a tantrum. We can’t allow her wilfulness destroy us.”

“Is it not a rule that we succubi have to obey Miss Leah, the most exalted succubus?!”

“You’re right, but that’s the rule in the Demon King’s city. We’re in humanity’s imperial capital right now. We’re not Leah’s succubi. We’ve already attained freedom. We can’t obey everything she demands. She’s just being wayward.”

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