The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 36

Gaining a New Life

“Wow, I thought he was already considered dead. Frankly, I’ve seen lots of weird dying postures, but never did I imagine a man would die doing this. Your man is going to be the laughing stock of the world for decades to come if word gets out,” commented, earnestly examining the man who had just been freed from the tentacles.

Veirya hugged Lin Dongqing’s head: “He’s still alive. I can. Feel it. So. Let’s hurry back.”

“The demons won’t just vanish on their own,” kindly reminded Leah. “Leah may no longer be the Demon King, but the demons that were created won’t just vanish on their own. It’ll be on humanity and elves to slay them… Leah won’t create any more demons… Leah realises Leah’s mistake now…”

Leah, who was thoroughly defeated, was frightened when she saw Veirya swiftly turned her head and, thus, apologised. Leah was hunted by Veirya before. She had no clue how Veirya did it. Either way, she couldn’t put Veirya away. Worse, Veirya didn’t seem to feel pain no matter where Leah struck.

“What do we do, then?” Angelina inquired.

Right now, the demons had practically occupied the road from the imperial palace to the North, which meant that their family would have to slaughter their way back. Fighting just Leah versus fighting a horde of demons were two different matters. Moreover, they only had one sword on them, so it was impossible for them to take on a horde of demons.

“I don’t. Want to. Go back. He’s not. In any condition. To move around. So. I don’t want. To make him go now. I want to. Let him stay here. To rest up. Before leaving.”

Angelina concurred. Without a doubt, his life would be in peril if they forced him to move about now. To be precise, he wouldn’t be so weak and unconscious just having intercourse. It was due to Leah’s liquids. A succubus’ liquid could heighten a man’s libido for a long time. Howbeit, it was also toxic for them. An adult male will die if too much is injected into him. To top things off, Leah didn’t take care of him whatsoever. She didn’t feed him for days. Consequently, he was on the brink of death.

Veirya’s kept a stoic face as she knocked on the brick when she was imprisoned. She was void of tension and concern, yet, now, she displayed emotion. She tightly bit down on her bottom lip, not because she was hurt but because she felt sorry for the man in her arms.

Leah watched Veirya and her father with mixed emotions. Her plan went perfectly until her arrogance got the better of her… She didn’t learn her father’s calmness and steadiness. Instead, she picked up her father’s inflated ego. She didn’t want to leave. Not one bit. She couldn’t leave to be precise. Succubi die without their food supply. Her survival now depended on her father.

Veirya gently picked Lin Dongqing up around his waist. He was a man, yet he was as weak as a Princess in her arms. Angelina followed her daughter to a room, while Leah was too nervous to decide what to do. As such, she stood in place, watching them leave. She wanted to follow Veirya but didn’t dare to.

Noticing Leah’s gaze, Angelina looked over her shoulder. Leah promptly lowered her head to dodge Angelina’s gaze. Leah and Angelina couldn’t be alone together. At the same time, Angelina and Leah couldn’t be allowed to have time alone with Lin Dongqing, either. Veirya had become the most important character in the group.

“Whatever. Just follow along. You’re a child my daughter adopted; you have nothing to do with me. It’s your family business that just happened to turn into a fiasco,” conveyed Angelina, patting Leah on her head.

Leah grabbed her head and looked at Angelina feeling surprised.

“Your family of three’s issues aren’t my problem. Once your father comes to, you can talk it out with each other. I have no hand in the matter and, consequently, have no right to comment.”

Leah cheerfully nodded. She then jogged over to Veirya. Veirya looked down at her. The succubus was slightly fearful of Veirya.

“Mama Veirya… Can… can I follow you… to see Papa…? Leah promises not to do anything… Please… Mama Veirya, Leah didn’t do it on purpose… Leah won’t do it again… Please, Mama Veirya, please let me… see Papa…”

“Leah. I am truly. Very angry this time. Not because. Of what you did to me. But because you. Put him in this state. He was so kind to you. Yet you harmed him…”

“Sorry, Mama Veirya… I… I… was just jealous of you… Why… do you get to have Papa…? Why can’t Leah…? That’s why Leah did that… but… but… Leah… Leah… sincerely likes Papa!” whimpered Leah, eyes welling with tears

Veirya turned her head away: “… I’m not. Angry. You should. Tell him that. And see. If he’s angry or not.”

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