The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 35

Sophia’s Plea

Despite the crisis the North faced with the encroaching demon army, humankind’s imperial capital, which was the place farthest away from the North, showed no signs of war. That was also in spite of Sisi just gathering her military and sending her forces out. Unlike last time, where imperial capital braced itself for the worst in the last war against the demons, life went by as per usual. Perhaps everyone was confident against the demons after the last victory, reasoning they could win again, since they won last time.

Sisi carefully brushed open the curtain partially. The people outside were plodding along in a relaxed manner,, which proved that the weird disease didn’t spread in the imperial capital and, thus, wasn’t a strange plague. Therefore, Sisi’s hypothesis was supported. It wasn’t a disease but a succubus’ handiwork.

Sisi’s horse carriage came to a halt at the red building that was the only place in the imperial capital that was as lively as the imperial palace. In essence, the building wasn’t just where succubi gathered but also the second location for the influential in the imperial capital to hang and socialise. The dazzling red building, where succubi’s laughter could be heard from within, had customers coming and leaving without end despite the outbreak. Sisi recognised many of the faces. Every single one of them were gentlemen in her presence when, in reality, they were mere lecherous men.

Nobody thought to blame the succubi for the disease for customers still visited. The succubi, as a matter of fact, didn’t need to do anything except smile and help appease the men of their woes. Their patrons weren’t seeking the truth; they merely wanted their beliefs to be reaffirmed. Nobody would be willing to believe that the succubi they visited daily would kill. Sisi wondered, “Seeing as Achilles is a regular, why is he perfectly fine?”

Sis took in a big breath. She wore on a face veil and hid her signature burgundy hair inside her clothing before getting off the carriage. Even though the succubi recognised her, they didn’t know how to interact with her. Sisi patted a succubus on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Take me to Sophia.”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

The succubus fearfully led Queen Sisi before inside. Sisi noticed a distinct segregation situation. It was clear that the united succubi had split into two factions. Sure, there were teams before, but that was due to a lack of space. Now, though, there were long sofas to fit them, yet they had taken one side each. Moreover, they didn’t regard each other. Sisi, therefore, deduced that the situation with the succubi was more complex than she estimated.

Sophia leaned on the staircase’s rail with her pipe dangling from her mouth, albeit without her signature smile. To the contrary, she looked frustrated somewhat. It took her a moment before she pursed her lips into a smile when she saw Sisi: “I am intrigued as to why you have come here as a commoner. If you have business, you can send someone here. There is absolutely no reason for you to personally visit. The fact that you have disguised yourself indicates that you do not want others to know you visited. So, what is it that you wish to speak with me about?”

“I think you already know,” whispered Sisi.

Sophia swept her gaze over the succubi then whispered back, “It is Leah. Leah is currently in the Demon King’s castle. She has woken the demons and resurrected them. Also, she is ordering us succubi to rob their conscious just as done with the others.”

“What’s your stance?’

Not everyone lost their conscious after their visit. In other words, not all of the succubi obeyed Leah.

“… I cannot command all succubi. I am merely the manager they elected. Having said that, the majority of them obey Leah’s orders. I do not want to follow those orders. In my opinion, succubi are in an ideal place at the moment. Leah is destroying everything we worked so hard to establish. Unfortunately, I cannot stop them from obeying her if they choose. I am not the true ruler of succubi. Only Leah can rule succubi. Only. Leah.”

Sisi subtly nodded: “Is there nothing we can do? Can’t we help them recover?”

“Every succubus has different tentacles they use to knock people out. I cannot control theirs or persuade them. Regardless, I do not want to kill them, either. Your Majesty, I can only apologise for lacking what I need to help,” elucidated Sophia, shaking her head. “If you want to resolve this, the best method is to find Leah. There really is no alternative, otherwise. All that said, I hope you understand that we are not accomplices but victims. I know that Miss Leah will not last long. I am sure that humanity will win this time. I hope you can spare us after the dust is settled. We merely want to live here in peace. I implore protect us in consideration of us once having sheltered you.”

Sisi left, not wasting any words, because Sophia was sincere. In addition, it was evident that Leah was the mastermind. What genuinely ground Sisi’s gears was that a mere child was able to cause such uproar.

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