The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 34

Under the Guise of Work

“Ross. What are. You doing?”

Ross, who couldn’t put any strength in his hands as Leah’s tentacles were smothered in Leah’s slippery saliva or bite them off, rolled off the throne from fear when he heard Veirya’s voice. Scared, he tried to run off in a flustered fashion, but Angelina swiftly caught him by the ear and pulled him back.

“Ross, what are you running from? What, you wanted to violate him or something? You’re a boy, kiddo!” Angelina teased.

“No! No! I was just trying to help Lord Lin escape! I was saving him!” Ross grabbed his head and struggled while shouting.

Angelina cheerfully hugged Ross and rubbed her face on his: “Hehehe, I see. I see. You really are a good and loyal kitty. Good boy. Good boy. I’m happy to know that. But, Ross, you should give up. As a cat, you should just watch from the side. The matter has been resolved. At the end of the day, Leah is just a child.”

Veirya carried a lifeless Leah under her armpit and put her before the throne. Not long ago, Leah was shaking her hips on the throne to create demon soldiers who would fight to conquer the world. In the end, the almighty Demon King was just a wilful child.

“Release. Him.” Veirya pointed to the throne.

“Stop, stop, stop. Hold up.” Angelina extended an arm out to stop her daughter, asserting, “Veirya, don’t you think you’re being too hasty? To be honest, I’m quite interested, as well. How about we conduct an experiment? You see, it was our lack of understanding of how demons were created that this happened after a war. As such, we must research it carefully.”

“What. Do you want to research?”

Angelina, in fact, was right. It was the lack of research that led to this incident. Humans didn’t know enough about demons. That was a legitimate reason for them to consider some earnest research to avoid Leah pulling the same stunt again.

Angelina immediately removed her belt, while Veirya watched her mother, puzzled. Angelina walked up to the throne and then spun around to face Veirya: “Don’t get the wrong idea, Veirya. I just want to have a try. I want to see if humans can create demons. I’m definitely not after your man or trying to enjoy myself. Believe me.”

“Mama Veirya, stop her! She’s up to no good! She just wants to take advantage of the situation to use Papa! Mama Veirya, hurry and stop her!”

Angelina wanted to pursue her personal goals under the guise of research. Nevertheless, Veirya didn’t stop her. Angelina let out a long and satisfying sigh. Veirya had no clue what happened. Meanwhile, Leah was so upset that she was on the verge of tears. Sadly, Veirya was totally oblivious as to what happened.

“Angelina, what exactly. Are you doing? I don’t think. That’s right to do,” Veirya stated, unable to fathom what was going on.

“Don’t worry… yeah… don’t worry… I’m fine.”

Angelina bit down on her lips to make her voice sound more normal. Although Veirya was suspicious, she didn’t know what the problem was. The wisest decision was to stay calm and do nothing when she didn’t know what was going on there.

“It’s fine. I just… spaced out…”

Leah dallied for a moment before pathetically getting up. Angelina remarked “How about we just forget it? I think this is quite nice…”

“Right?! Right?! Papa is really nice, right?!”

That was Leah’s plan the entire time. She planned to use Veirya to control Angelina, but she ended up allying with Angelina surprisingly. Therefore, she could use Angelina to control Veirya. Either way, the end result was the same.

Veirya sternly watched the two and drew her long sword: “You two. Better not try anything. Funny. Release him. Lin Dongqing. Isn’t a toy. So. I forbid you. From toying with him!”

Angelina and Leah both froze. The excited succubi and human obediently lowered their heads. Angelina got up and left. Fortunately, Veirya wasn’t so bright and didn’t understand the concept of jealousy. Otherwise, heads would be rolling.

Angelina dressed properly: “Ahem, we’re good. We’re good. It appears that it’s fine for humans and humans to share the throne. Leah, release him now. He is your father at the end of the day! How can you do that to your father?!”

Sounding righteous, Leah retorted, “He’s the man your daughter loves! If you’ve done it, why can’t I?!”

Angelina palmed Leah on the head: “Cut the tripe and release him! It doesn’t matter what I do. You’re his daughter, though! Of course you can’t do that!”

“Why?! Why?! That’s not fair! That’s not fair!”

Angelina didn’t seem as though she’d let up. After all, it was a sensitive topic. Regardless of how she felt, he was her daughter’s fiancé, not to mention they deeply loved each other. Leah’s feelings might’ve been genuine. Sadly for her, she was too late. Lin Dongqing loved Veirya. His feelings never shook even when Lucilia and Queen Sisi tried to cut in. Outsiders, including herself and Leah, shouldn’t sabotage a love with so much conviction.

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