The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 31


Leah strutted up the stairs seductively with a tray in hand. She gently placed it on the iron rails and sneered: “Hurry and eat up. I didn’t poison it. If you died, Leah would have a lot of trouble, so please don’t die on me.”

“Heh, you don’t need to worry about it. We won’t go seeking death.” Angelina jibed, “If you’re so tough, fight me again, but without Veirya participating. This traitor gets in my way every time.”

“I refuse. Why should I fight you when I can’t defeat you? The goal in a fight is to win. Therefore, it’s only fair and natural for Leah to use methods that allow Leah to defeat you.”

Defeated, Angelina erupted, “Leah, what exactly do you want? If you want him, haven’t you already obtained him? Although I don’t know how you’re playing with him now, it’s time to stop, isn’t it?! Don’t you know you’ll kill him if you keep that up?! He’s a human! An ordinary human! You’re going to kill him!”

“Hmm? Hehe, Leah is a succubus. How would Leah not know what would cause Papa to die? It wasn’t easy for Leah to get Papa. It’s obvious Leah has to make up for the time Leah didn’t spend together with Papa.”

“Leah, you don’t understand what love is. That’s not love. You’re just trying to kill him! What sort of love is turning the person they love into a brain dead individual, yet not caring, at all costs?! That’s not love! You’re just possessive! That’s not love! You’re just treating your father as food!”

“Leah can’t help it. It’s Papa’s fault for loving Veirya so much. If Papa gives up on Veirya and loves Leah, Leah wouldn’t have done this. I was the first one to meet Papa, yet Papa doesn’t love Leah. What can Leah do? Leah doesn’t mind. It doesn’t matter who Papa loves; Leah must stay with Papa. As long as Leah loves Papa and is by Papa’s side, it doesn’t matter what happens to Papa.”

“You… I can’t communicate with succubi! If he dies th-”

“If Papa dies, then I’ll be sure to protect and store Papa’s corpse. I’ll take care of Papa every day all the same. I’ll wash Papa and sleep with him until the day I day, too!” declared Leah, with a stern expression. She touched her belly, she jeering, “See, Veirya? Leah can control Leah’s pregnancy. Right now, Leah has Papa’s child. You wanted a child with Papa; fortunately for you, you’ll get to see Papa’s child’s birth. Would you be her grandma or grandmother?”

Annoyed with Veirya’s silence, Leah gnashed her teeth: “I really want to see what would be able to put an expression on that face of yours! I really want to see fear and panic on your face just as how you induced them in me when we first met. I’m going to humiliate you the way you humiliated me! I’m going to show you your lover panting beneath me! I’m going to make Papa forget you!”

“Leah. If you acknowledge. Your mistake. I won’t. Be too harsh.”


Leah grabbed hold of a rail with one hand and thrust a tentacle behind her toward Veirya. Veirya caught the tentacle, but Leah strangled Veirya with her tentacle and lifted the latter off the ground.

“Struggle! Snap my tentacle! Let’s see if you can! What can you do now?! You can’t do anything to snatch Papa! You can’t even get out of this prison! What are you going to do?!”

Despite the struggle to maintain her oxygen intake, Veirya remained expressionless. Meanwhile, Leah scowled as she interpreted Veirya’s nonchalant gaze to be a challenge. Leah had thrown a defeated Veirya into prison, so she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t defeated Veirya. Leah wondered, “How can Veirya still look expressionless? Have I not won?”

“Give up, Leah. Veirya has already gone through worse,” remarked Angelina, who wasn’t concerned that something would happen. The reason for her disinterest was because she knew Leah wouldn’t kill them. “If I were you, though, I’d take her advice, transform into your small form right now, apologise and get an abortion. Otherwise, mm, it’ll be very dangerous because even Veirya has started to boil.”

With a vice-like grip on Leah’s tentacle, Veirya demanded, “Leah. I’m really. Starting to. Get slightly angry. So. I suggest. You best let go now.”

“Oh? Why would I do that? I can’t kill you, true. Even so, I can torture you!”

Leah aggressively contracted. Nevertheless, Veirya remained without any emotion on her face in spite of her bones creaking. Then, she ripped Leah’s tentacle with her bare hands.

Panicked, Leah shrieked and bounded back. She pulled the tentacle out, albeit too late, resulting in it curling up on the ground, severed from her body. Veirya broke free from the tentacle. Angelina pushed a dark brick on the wall. Leah lost her composure as she watched the wall next to her suddenly collapse, leaving just the iron rails.

“See? You got two things wrong.” Wearing a jeering curve on her lips and fists clenched as she approached Leah, Angelina explained, “First, it’s not that we couldn’t get out. Second, you really have angered Veirya.”

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