The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 32

Mama is always Mama

“Sorry, Mama Veirya… I was wrong…” apologised Leah, offering the floor her knees.

Leah had countless torn tentacles littered behind her. Leah could spawn tentacles at her own pleasure. Howbeit, every time Angelina and Veirya ripped off a tentacle, the pain radiated through her body. The pain was so much that she convulsed and screamed non-stop until the excruciating pain convinced Leah to transform back to her child form and apologise.

What resembled the end of the world was actually only a prank a child initiated. With that said, the prank had gone too far. In just three days, virtually all of humanity’s North had fallen. A certain unlucky man had become a sacrifice. He was drained of his “resource” day and night, leaving on the verge of death.

Leah originally wanted to provoke Angelina and Veirya, but Veirya’s attitude earned her ire. Although Leah sent out countless demons from the forest, she was still the real Demon Queen and the instigator of the war. She was just a child, nevertheless. Though she learnt to think as her father did and had a fool proof plan, she didn’t have the ability to control her emotions the way her father did.

Leah’s conceit led to her provoking Veirya. She was cognizant of the fact that she didn’t defeat the two owing to her being mighty but merely thanks to Veirya interfering with Angelina’s attacks. Technically, it was Angelina fighting the two. Smart she may be. Leah let her success get to her head.

“We predicted this. Since you robbed Lin Dongqing of his conscious, would we need to be worried about him being hurt? Leah, your plan was quite successful at the start; I’ll give you that. However, there are a lot of holes in your thinking. If you really want to do this, you should discuss it with your father.”

“Hmph.” Veirya tugged Leah’s hair up.

Leah futilely kicked and cried, “Don’t! Mama Veirya. Sorry… Please don’t hit me anymore… Mama Veirya, Leah is sorry… You can have Papa back… Leah will give Papa back to you… Please… But… Leah really likes Papa… so… Mama Veirya… don’t kick me out…”

“Hmph, still a succubus to the end, huh?” remarked Angelina. “Listen to yourself. If you could do this once, you could do it again. How can we trust you? You’re a lying succubus who also tried to steal your mother’s man!”

“Aren’t you fighting for your daughter’s man?!” raged Leah.

Veirya immediately turned her head to look at Angelina, who started whistling. After a second, Angelina shamelessly boasted, “Can you even compare our situations?! Isn’t a daughter’s property her mother’s property?! I’ll even take care of Veirya’s child with him. Why can’t I ask for my salary beforehand?!”

From Veirya’s perspective, her ally just a moment ago was just as dangerous as Leah. Veirya had come to understand that all the women who liked her man were extremely dangerous. If a child could lock her up, her mother might end her. Hence, Veirya distanced herself from Angelina.

With a single remark from the succubus, Angelina’s ally had turned on her. Plus, it was evident from Veirya’s gaze that she wanted Angelina to take a hike along with Leah…

“Please… Mama Veirya… I will be a good child… I promise to only be Papa’s daughter from now… I won’t, um, I mean, Leah… Leah has awoken… so Leah needs to do it once per week… Leah really needs to do just once per week… Mama Veirya… Leah really likes Papa… Please… don’t kick Leah out. Leah, Leah just needs to do it once per week. Is that not okay? Please…”

Veirya watched Leah cry in he embrace, neither disgusted nor nervous. Leah, however, believed that Veirya was genuinely angry as Angelina said.

Veirya took in a deep breath: “Go and bring him here. Let’s talk. About this. You’ve. Restrained him. For three days already. I’m not angry with you. But. He might be. Your papa. Will have a say. In what to do with you.”

Leah lingered before standing up, fearfully conveying, “Mama Veirya… have you… forgiven me…? Sorry… Sorry… I am to blame for everything… I was too wilful… Sorry…”

“Veirya, do you really believe her? She tied your man to a chair and raped him, not to mention throwing you into a dungeon. She even messed with you using tentacles. She’s a succubus, not a human, you know. If she could do it once, what’s stopping her from doing it again? Do you still plan to keep her?”

“Leah isn’t. Just a succubus. She’s just. A child. He’s also. Her father. So I can’t. Make the decision. On my own. And kick Leah. Out. He might be sad. Otherwise. I won’t be. Too angry. Over what Leah does to me. So. I’m fine.”

It was hard to imagine that Veirya could say that when she ripped off dozens of tentacles just before, but there she was, as cool as a cucumber.

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