The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 30

Female Knight

“Your Majesty, did you want to purchase firearms from us? How much are you looking to buy?” asked a dwarf, meeting with Queen Sisi, who sat with her legs crossed. “We can only produce a limited amount at this point in time. Also, you need to purchase bullets and gunpowder. If your order is too big, we will not have enough to fulfil the order,” a dwarf informed.

“That’s fine. I don’t want just firearms, bullets and gunpowder. I want to know your manufacturing process,” replied Sisi, with a solemn and respectful look, both expression she seldom wore. “There is no question that you cannot produce enough to replenish our human military’s requirements, so we don’t want to purchase just firearms but also your manufacturing process,” Queen Sisi, without crossing her legs for once as a rare sign of respect coming from her, replied.

“Apologies, Your Majesty, but that is something we will never share.  It is not a question of money; we refuse to ever share it. It is a weapon in itself. It is something we dwarves care about.”

“That is why I do not have any interest in buying those things from you. Instead, I want to swap with you. I can give you a steam engine prototype. I believe you are aware of the significance of a steam engine. You’ve visited the steam-powered fabric factory. It’s impossible for labour to match the production rate of steam power. I’ve also heard that you inquired about how they’re created, hence my suggestion. So, a steam engine for your firearms manufacturing process. Worry not, for I don’t want your bullets’ manufacturing process. That puts you at ease, right?”

“You do not want our gunpowder and bullet manufacturing process?! Surely you are aware that firearms are useless without them. Are you certain about that?”

“Haha, I am. Now you can go and discuss it with your people first. Just provide us with guns. As we won’t take bullets and gunpowder, you should not be worried about us harming you, right? Moreover, we will provide you with a steam engine. However, war has come to our doors. I hope you can provide me with a response tomorrow and arm my soldiers. In addition, I need you to make haste and provide my soldiers with the firearms, ammunition and gunpowder you currently have on hand.”

The dwarf nodded and then left the imperial palace.

Sisi let out a long sigh and rubbed her belly, muttering to herself, “I never expected this to happen… I even have a child now… I can’t join them this time…”

“Your Majesty, you should not go to the frontlines this time. If you are overworked on the frontlines, you might have a miscarriage.”

The lady-in-waiting walked up to Sisi’s side and gently helped her up. It had been approximately half a month since the last issue. Although it wasn’t noticeable as of yet, Sisi’s appetite had begun to suffer, have more violent tendencies and was highly prone to feeling tired, which were symptoms of pregnancy. According to the experienced lady-in-waiting, her Queen was pregnant.

Sisi, who never imagined pregnancy was such an arduous endeavour, held her head after getting up with support from the lady-in-waiting: “Indeed. With that said, I have to go to the assembly grounds tomorrow. I must spur the soldiers’ morale on. This is a tough war to win, but I must defend this nation for my child. Also, is there still no news from Dongqing…? Mm… I have a good guess as to what happened.”

“Is… it Lord Dongqing’s work? Did he instigate this?”

“Of course not. There’s no need for Dongqing to do this. If he wanted to conquer the world, he wouldn’t need Leah. Furthermore, he has no desire to. If that was his ambition, he’d be Prince Consort now. Actually, I would’ve killed him when I took back the throne. I can’t see him having that sort of ambition. On top of that, he definitely wouldn’t choose Leah to conquer the world. To the contrary, he’s in danger.

“I don’t think there’d be anyone else besides Leah who’d be this childish. Does she really think she can conquer the world with just this? Humans have never been easy to conquer. This time, she’s just repeating a mistake. My soldiers will defeat the demons again. Veirya isn’t the only adventurer; every human is warrior capable of slaying demons.”

Sisi turned around: “Remember to wake me tomorrow. I’m heading to bed now. Oh, bring out my treasures in this warehouse. Have the jewellery businesses come in and take them.”

“Your Majesty! Th-this… is your dowry your father left you… You have never used them. There is no need… to use them now, is there?”

No, the national treasury wasn’t empty. Even if it was, Queen Sisi would’ve had enough with her personal gold warehouse. Furthermore, the safety of the nation was the top priority. Collecting some money was only natural. She always hoped to get married, which was why she never sold her dowry even as seen in the last war.

“I understand, but don’t forget, my dowry was for Dongqing to begin with. I’m using it to rescue Dongqing. You can’t justify using it more than that. Moreover, I can’t personally go to the frontlines this time. If I don’t give rewards, the soldiers wouldn’t risk their lives for the war,” explained Sisi, whipping her hair. “I can make money whenever I want, but if we lose the nation, then all is lost. Do as I say. I’ve always liked stories of knights and Princesses. This time, I must be the knight who saves her own Princess.”

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