The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 29


“I never imagined there’d come a day where my own daughter would be the one to put me in this predicament. I really don’t know what to say.” Angelina angrily kicked the iron door in the underground room, but the only response she heard was the door’s echo.

Despite the war having ignited, Leah still forbade anyone from entering the castle. She, instead, sent the soldiers she created straight to the battlefield. The last war turned out to be useful to her. At the very least, all of the Demon King’s subordinates with intelligence were killed. Therefore, the demons with intellect now either planned to stay out of the war or were gone. Of course, neither option made a difference to Leah. Rather, she didn’t care if she had companions or not. After defeating Angelina and Veirya in the main hall, she never visited them besides from the occasional drop and go to give them food.

“I. Can’t bring myself. To hurt Leah. And if. I hurt Leah. Lin Dongqing. Will be sad. I love him. And Leah. So. I don’t want. To hurt her,” calmly replied Veirya, repetitively thumping on the wall that had moss crawling over it. “I’m her mom. I won’t. Hurt her.”

“I can understand what you mean. Geez, we’re both the same now. We both have a daughter we can’t get along with, not to mention they both want to kill their mothers. Additionally, neither of us can bear to hurt our daughter.” Angelina gave her daughter a hopeless smile and sighed.

Veirya stopped Angelina on the several occasions Angelina should’ve been able to score the victory. Leah constantly transformed between her child and adult form, indulging as she mocked the two most powerful soldiers. In the end, Leah eventually disarmed and subdued with tentacles thanks to Veirya’s meddling and her attacks.

“What can we do now, though? You’ve always said you want to be married to him. How can you get married to him if you don’t get him back? Most importantly, succubi are harmful to humans. Look at Leah; she’ll drain him until he dies if she keeps it up.”

Although Angelina didn’t mind being locked up, since it wasn’t as if the two of them hadn’t failed before, one thing always bothered her, which was why Leah didn’t kill them after defeating them. It would’ve been perfectly reasonable for Leah to kill her as she was never fond of Leah, while Leah always had qualms about her. As for Veirya, if she killed Veirya, she’d be able to have Lin Dongqing forever. If he lost his lover, wouldn’t he have no choice but to accept Leah? Angelina wasn’t certain; however, since it had been proven that they wouldn’t be killed, that meant they had hope.

“Do we just escape now?” wondered Angelina.

According to Leah, she had control over everything in the castle. Right now, she was the demon king. The castle was the Demon King’s castle, so it willed whatever the Demon King wanted. The iron bars could be considered brand new. Moreover, Leah’s will couldn’t be destroyed, so it was difficult to bypass. While it was true that the two possessed tremendous might, they couldn’t shatter iron with their bare hands.

The questions never seemed to cross Veirya’s mind; she just kept thumping on the wall.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking. For a way out.”

Angelina thought, “Veirya doesn’t happen to be planning to break through the stone to escape, does she? If that’s her plan, we’d be better off thinking about how to snap these iron bars. Knock a hole through the stone wall? Impossible. Even if we do, how are going to get out? It’s dirt out there. You plan to dig your way out?”

Were they supposed to pull a shawshank? Lin Dongqing’s child would probably be getting married by that stage.

“You plan to dig your way out?”

“Are you. An idiot? How can you. Possibly dig your way out? When we infiltrated. In the past. The dwarves dug an underground path. I remember. It’s located right here. Afterwards. They covered it. For Queen Sisi. However. They only covered it. Carelessly. With bricks. This dungeon. Was always in this shape. I noticed. The city wall. Wasn’t repaired. So I suspect. Leah doesn’t know. About this path. I don’t think. She repaired it. So. I want to try.”

“Oh? Such a path exists now?’ effused Angelina, getting to her feet. “Wait. Did you say that dwarves dug this place? Didn’t you enter by breaking through glass?”

“That was me. Me and Lucilia. The dwarves. Weren’t the main force. Plus, they didn’t obey. Queen Sisi’s orders. The dwarves. Always fought on their own. Though. They would. Assist us.”

By the sounds of it, Angelina, who had always served the chapel, wasn’t informed of the military’s organisation at the time. She mused, “No wonder why Francis claimed he was also a hero who defeated the Demon King.”

Angelina looked at Veirya and then the wall, entering deep though again.

“The wall in front of Veirya must consist of hundreds of rocks. To add, she has another three walls to knock. How long will this ever take…?” Angelina brooded.

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