The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 26

Combat Veirya

As the chapel’s former knight, Angelina knew it’d be pointless to say more for there was no point in explaining things to demons.

Moving more explosively than Veirya, Angelina drew her long sword as she bound forward.  Leah knew that she couldn’t stop Angelina for Angelina couldn’t be bewitched. Never for a moment was Angelina fond of the succubus. They got off on the right foot, but that was merely to invoke jealousy in Veirya, a fact both of them were aware of. Leah was afraid of Angelina, while Angelina had misgivings about Leah, discerning the succubus was a hazard.

Angelina aimed to harvest Leah’s head without a hint of hesitation. However, Angelina abruptly stopped once she was airborne, turning around feeling perplexed. She was stunned to see Veirya holding her back with one arm around her body and the other on her wrist. Angelina never expected she’d be jumped from behind and, therefore, dropped her guard. Furthermore, there was nobody who could match her speed, so she wasn’t concerned. Unfortunately, she never expected Veirya to be the one who’d stop her.

“What are you doing?!” exclaimed a panicked Angelina.

Leah took a light step back and hugged me: “Hehe, see that, Papa? Angelina is so violent. Leah is scared.”

“What are you doing?! I’m helping you here! What the hell are you doing?!”

“She’s now. Connected to him. If you kill her. He’ll die, too.”

“We won’t know that until we kill her! She might be deceiving you! Why would you trust a demon?! Succubi’s best skill is deceit! Veirya, you’re being stupid again!”

“I can’t. Risk it. I love him. I don’t want him. To die. So don’t. Hurt her.”

“Veirya, how can you be so stupid?! Although you’re usually somewhat of an idiot, you’ve never been this stupid! Are you really going to trust a demon?! Moreover, do you think you’d get your man back if you don’t kill her?! Open your eyes! She’s riding your man’s hips right now! Tell me how it’s possible!”

“Still… I won’t let you!” Veirya bit down on her lip: “I. Think. I can. Leah. Is our daughter. I believe. We can talk it out.”

Leah sat up and folded her arms as she watched the pair quarrel. I had to admit Leah’s tactic was sound. I didn’t think I was to blame for it. I never taught her such a tactic. She bewitched Veirya in order to restrain Angelina with her. I wondered if it was something Leah came up with in the spur of the moment something she planned long ago.

Finding no hope, Angelina lowered her sword. She folded her arms and leaned on a wall but kept her cold gaze on Leah, seemingly staying ready to decapitate the succubus at any given moment.

“Leah. What do you want? Release him. We can. Talk it out.”

“Oh? You can use your brain now, can you? So you’ve learnt to use your brain instead of might after having spent so long with Leah’s father, have you?” Leah crossed her legs and sneered, “I know what you want to talk to me about. You want to discuss who Leah’s papa will belong to, right? I don’t want to talk with you, though, because Papa belongs to Leah. I know we won’t be able to talk if I say that; I would have to kill you. If I kill you, however, Papa would be sad. Papa won’t taste good if he’s sad. Therefore, Leah won’t make Papa sad. As such, I agree to share Papa with you. Everything shall remain as it is now. Leah will have Papa at night, while you play Madam Lin during the day. I don’t mind.”

“Heh,” scoffed Angelina. “And you’re not even going to consider your father’s opinion? Who do you think he wants to be with more at night?”

“It’s fine. Papa will soon lose conscious, so his opinion is irrelevant. I just want to keep Papa by my side. It doesn’t matter to me how he is.”

I desperately struggled, but Leah ignored me completely.

“I want. A normal Lin Dongqing. Not an injured one!”

“So you don’t want a papa who’s willing to stay by your side forever, never having any illicit relationships with Lucilia or Queen Sisi?” asked Leah, with a slightly hideous expression. “Think about it, Veirya. Bear in mind that I can sense Papa’s state of mind at the moment. Oh, did you want me to list all the things Papa did behind your back? Put it this way: Veirya, Leah’s papa has done a decent number of interesting things behind our backs.”

“Please don’t! Please don’t say it!” I pleaded with my eyes.

Leah’s last statement elicited a strange expression from Veirya. It was the first time she looked stuck in a dilemma. Veriya looked to Angelina, who shrugged and asserted, “I don’t mind. Veirya, if you can accept the deal, then accept it. That’s what you wanted anyway, isn’t it? Plus, there aren’t many men who’d be willing to stay by your side forever anymore.”

“This is your only chance, Veirya. Make your decision now. It is what you want, isn’t it? I can give it to you. I can let you share Papa, but Papa is mine.”

I tried to shake my head, but Leah read through me, consequently trapping my head to prevent me from shaking it. Eventually, Veirya went up to her mother and removed her ring to take up the sword.

“I refuse,” answered Veirya, poising her sword. “He’s mine. Not yours. So I don’t. Want to share with you!”

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