The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 27

Demon Queen Leah

Simpering, Leah pulled a sword out of thin air: “Yeah? I thought we could end the discussion on friendly terms, but it appears impossible now. Veirya, don’t forget that I’m not an ordinary succubus nor am I the imbecile my Demon King father was. I have Papa’s wits and your swordplay at my disposal. Let’s find out if you really are invincible. Angelina, jump in, too.”

Leah tossed Angelina the long sword. Though initially stunned, Angelina revealed a cold smile: “My, this is getting interesting. I’ve never heard that request before. Nobody has ever challenged Veirya or I. Nobody has ever had the guts to. Leah, despite Lin Dongqing being your teacher, it seems that your brain doesn’t function that impressively.”

Leah drew another sword from thin air with a snicker. Tentacles stretched out from behind her, each equipped with a sword: “I never said I wanted to fight both of you at once. Now, let’s see who exactly is stronger. It’ll also serve as an opportunity for you to see how skilled the child you taught is.”

Leah gently flicked my wound: “Papa, have a rest for now. As a succubus, Leah isn’t easy to satisfy. Leah has bigger plans to come. Oh, right, Ross, stop peeping from the door. Keep an eye on Papa. If something happens to him or he’s not here when I’m back, I’ll kill you, and then I’ll strangle the child in your sister’s belly to death.”

Ross wet his pants.

As I desperately grappled with Leah, she released her hold on me on her own accord. The tentacles slithered off my joints and blocked my mouth as if they had their own minds. The one odd thing was the fact that one tentacle in my ear transformed into countless mini tentacles and infiltrated my head.

Leah gave me a lip smack: “Succubi aren’t combatant demons. As such, we have to flee from humans who want to kill us if not leave them. Sadly, if we do that, we can never get the food we seek from humanity. As a result, we can use our tentacles and liquids to temporarily seal an individual’s conscious and turn him into a wild beast who is besotted with a succubus’ body. Although I love smart Papa, it would be detrimental to Leah in this situation. After all, Papa can always resolve issues with Papa’s wits. This time, however, you won’t be able to get away, Papa.”

After Leah’s last sentence, my vision was tantamount to someone pulling the power cord out of me. I, in fact, didn’t even have time to plead for mercy or think. Leah knew me too well. I might’ve been able to dissuade her if she gave me time. Hence, she didn’t give me the luxury.

I was the one who was most capable of resolving the problem since I was Leah’s papa. Angelina and Veirya had no hope of dissuading her, on the other hand. Rather, those two were considered hostiles. Veirya was Leah’s number one enemy, while Angelina was an enemy who didn’t like Leah. Neither of them could persuade Leah to stop. Their only options were to kill Leah or be killed. If Leah didn’t have absolute confidence, she wouldn’t have challenged the two.

The three didn’t choose to fight on the spot. They, instead, left the room and went to the main hall, a place that was nostalgic for both Leah and Veirya because that was where Veirya slew the original Demon King, granting mankind a period of peace. Leah was about to begin a new era. In saying that, nobody believed in its success.

The succubus was set to face Angelina and Veirya, who were mighty enough to kill the former Demon King on their own. The two previously fought the former Demon King one at a time. This time, though, they were fighting together. Theoretically speaking, nobody could defeat the duo.


Ross was shocked upon seeing Leah come back without a single scratch on her minutes. Leah shoved him aside and wrapped her papa up tightly with her tentacle. With her father in her embrace, she conveyed,, “This is Leah’s throne. Watch closely, Ross. Henceforth, Leah will prove to everyone that Leah is the most remarkable individual among all those besides Papa. Papa is the greatest existence in the world. He is the world’s most perfect leader. Be it humans, succubi or dwarves, Papa is the only one worthy of leading them. Leah will give Papa the entire world. The entire world should be Papa’s in the first place, while Papa should be Leah’s!”

“Miss Leah, M-” Ross tightly grabbed the tentacle Leah suddenly entrapped him in and grimaced.

“Miss Leah? I’m still Miss? Veirya and Angelina are both lying underground. You called me ‘Miss’?! I’m Papa’s wife! I’m Papa’s only wife! He’s my husband from now on! He is the Demon King of this place! He will be the Demon King of the entire world, understood?! You know what to call me now?”

“Leah, I mean, Ms Lin, please…”

Ross’ face turned purple from lack of oxygen. Nevertheless, after hearing what Ross called her, Leah beamed and removed her tail, not before caressing his face.

“Now then, Ross, watch this. The entire world will become Papa’s!”

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