The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 25

Bewitched Veirya

I didn’t want Veirya to come in, especially during the time Leah was harassing me. I wanted her to run. Albeit not knowing what happened, I knew that Leah was currently a threat! She was no longer the cute succubus child; she might not have been one whatsoever. I remember being told that succubi would do anything for love. Alas, Leah swiftly stuffed my mouth with a tentacle. As a matter of fact, Leah’s tentacle felt really nice in my mouth. It didn’t act as a bind. It stroked me, instead.

I gradually lost the ability to resist despite knowing she was my daughter. Sometimes, lust trumps fear and morals. I desperately tried to use my voice, but it was futile.

After letting go of me, Leah wildly moved her body as though she was bouncing on the bed, moaning each time she bounced off me. Apparently, she didn’t hear Veirya’s voice.

Veirya apparently lost her patience and began to bang on the door: “What happened. Inside? Leah! Lin Dongqing! Answer me!”

Leah began to speed up. Her body began to bend backwards unnaturally. Her breathing became gentle pants. With a whimper in her tone, she shouted, “Mama Veirya… Mama Veirya, hurry and come in… Mama Veirya… Leah’s body is feeling very strange… Mama Veirya…. Hurry and come in!”

Veirya inhaled and kicked the door open. The instant Veirya laid eyes on us, Leah’s body intensely contracted as she back bended. I, too, climaxed and then relaxed. After Leah was done violently convulsing, she turned her head to look at Veirya with a freaky smile and snickered: “Mama Veirya, why did this happen? Why does Leah feel so amazing now? Why is Papa’s body so nice to Leah? Why does Leah like Papa so much?”

“What am I doing…? What am I doing…? What in the world am I doing here…? I just had intercourse with my daughter in front of my fiancée I’m soon going to marry and climaxed right before her eyes… What am I doing…?” I raged internally.

“Leah…” Switch flipped, Veirya advanced, braying, “You’re not Leah. Who exactly are you? What did you do to him?! Release him! Don’t force my hand!”

“Ahahaha.” As Leah straightened up, her bones cracked as if she was a revived as a zombie. She gently stroked my face, marginalising Veirya. “Leah loves Papa. Leah loves Papa very much. Nobody can steal Papa from Leah, not even you, Veirya. You’ve killed one of my fathers. I won’t let you take my second father.”

“Release him!” Usually, Veirya’s speech was fragmented; however, she was now able to speak fluidly.

Leah thrust a tentacle toward Veirya. Unarmed, Veirya had to evade the tentacle. Leah couldn’t stop Veriya’s deft advance despite having lots of tentacles. Veirya rushed towards Leah’s back and forced Leah around by her shoulders then stung Leah in the face with a fist.

Leah snickered before revealing a weak and teary expression. She slowly reverted back to small Leah and sobbed: “Mama Veirya… what are you doing…? No… No! Leah… Leah is sorry… Please… don’t’ hit Leah… Leah is scared…”

Veirya had her fist raised, but she couldn’t swing at Leah. While her expression was cold, she was clearly shaken. Leah tightly hugged Veirya and cried on her chest. Veirya slowly lowered her fist and instinctively hugged Leah…

“You fell for it, Miss Warrior.”

Leah released Veirya. Unfortunately, Veirya couldn’t let go again. Before Veirya could do anything, Leah fastened the tentacles around Veirya and slammed her into a wall. Then, she shoved a tentacle into Veirya’s mouth.

“Hahaha, savour it. That’s how Papa tastes. That’s the taste of what might be your child. You probably won’t ever get to taste it in your lifetime. Humanity’s warrior is nothing! Can you still do anything to Leah? Mama Veirya, can you still hurt Leah? Can you?”

Veirya bit Leah’s tentacle, instigating the latter to scream. At the same time, I felt a sharp sting on my finger, startling Veirya.

“Hahaha, Papa and I are now connected. I can feel Papa’s pain, and he can feel mine. Go on. Bite, Mama Veirya.”

Dumbstruck, Veirya spat out the tentacle and thundered, “You. Traitor. He was so nice. To you!”

“Leah never betrayed Papa. Veirya, Leah is going to make up to Papa all that you made him suffer. Leah can give Papa what you can. By the same token, Leah can give Papa what you can’t.”

“Oh? Coincidentally, I can also give him what you can,” jibed the woman I was waiting to hear from the entire time, hand on her sword. “I don’t want to bother with what your feelings for your papa are. There are several women who want to have your papa. Get in line. At the very least, get behind Veirya. Now, you just hurt my daughter. Release her on the count of three; else, I’m going to hurt you. Three. Die, succubus!”

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