The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 24

Crazy Leah

I thought that it would be dangerous. Even so, the moment I lied down on the bed that felt the same as my bed in the North, listened to the rainfall on the window, the familiar touch and warmth of the blanket, I immediately felt immersed in bliss and nostalgia. The familiar environment eased the tension in me.

Leah used my arm as a pillow as always. I didn’t forget Angelina’s warning, but judging from Leah’s behaviour, she didn’t seem to be up to anything. I wasn’t sure if the oddities in the castle were related to her. I might’ve just been deluding myself for all I knew. At the very least, there wasn’t anything risky in the room after I inspected it. There might have been some weird things in the castle, but with Angelina and Veirya present, they could kill the Demon King at their own leisure. Therefore, there was no danger that couldn’t be overcome.

We could head back tomorrow morning, and the rain might stop by then. Leah had fulfilled her wish. Veirya had accepted my proposal. Although our proposal was rather hasty and not that fancy, I was content. We could plan our wedding once we got back. I might still have been broke, but I could still do some business for some money. I wanted to give Veirya a dazzling wedding so that everybody would consider her the most blissful woman.

After sleeping for some unknown length of time, I felt a slightly cold and damp sensation from my lower body. Hence, I wondered, “Is it the wind outside blowing in? No… wait… something’s wrong… Why does it feel cold down low, yet immeasurably warm everywhere else? What’s this gentle touch around me and warm thing teasing my rod?”

Alert, I went to push whatever it was away. Unfortunately, my arm was stuck. All I saw was the ceiling. Something sticky and warm fixed my limbs to the bed, so I could tell it wasn’t a rope. “Tentacles?” was my next thought.

“Papa, you’re awake?”

The warmth suddenly vanished. Leah slowly sat up and sensually brushed her light-silver hair, wearing an entrancing smile. After licking her lips, she conveyed, “Papa is quite amazing. Leah was getting tired, but Papa still didn’t react. However, since you came to, it proves that Leah was doing it correctly… With that said… Papa, Leah can’t hold it anymore… Leah has already wet the bed a little. So, Papa, are you going to take Leah?”

Leah’s eyes appeared as though they were dripping with blood. She stroked my face with one hand, thereby getting sticky liquids on my face…

“What the devil is Leah doing?! H-How does Leah know about this time? Why did she do this to me?!” I inwardly questioned. “Leah! Stop! Leah, don’t!!”

Leah wasn’t going to arouse me; she was only scaring my living daylights out of me. While she had a much more impressive body compared to Veirya and Angelina, she was a succubus! She wasn’t the usual adult Leah after transforming and certainly not little Leah. She had countless tentacles sprouting from behind her.

“Hehe, Papa, while you say that, reality paints a different story, no? It’s okay, Papa. Leah understands. Even though Papa is amazing, Papa is still a human man. It must be rough with Veirya, huh, Papa? It’s been so long, but have you ever touched her? No, right? Let Leah take care of you, Papa. Let Leah cheer you up!”

“No! Leah! You’re my daughter! You can’t do this! We can’t do this!” I desperately yelled while trying to back off futilely. Leah’s vice-like grip on me was inescapable.

“Leah isn’t Papa’s daughter.” Leah lightly lied down on my body, thereby squashing my face with her bosom. “Leah is a succubus. Meanwhile, Papa is a human. Papa has never been Leah’s papa. Leah has never wanted to be Papa’s daughter, either. A daughter can’t love her father. Isn’t that just too cruel? Leah wants to be Papa’s lover. Papa has always been Leah’s. Leah doesn’t plan to share anything because Papa belongs to only Leah.”

Leah lightly hugged my head. With an entranced smile, she leaned back and declared, “Papa, see? See? Leah wants to be together with Papa. Leah wants to be with Papa forever. Leah is with Papa before Veirya. Leah will never let Papa leave Leah!”

“Stop! Leah! Leah! Don’t! No!”

Leah let out a high-pitched howl, and then she choked me all of a sudden: “See?! See?! Papa! See?! Look at Leah! Look at Leah! See?! We’re together now! We’ll be together forever from now! Leah won’t let anyone have Leah’s papa! Leah’s papa will always be Leah’s Papa!”

As my vision faded, I thundered in my mind, “I never imagined this would happen. Why is Leah doing this all of a sudden? Nobody provoked her. She should be a succubus who has yet to awaken! How does she know about his stuff?! Also… Also… I’m engaged to Veirya. I can’t do this!’

“Leah, are you two all right? I heard. You two inside. Shouting strangely.”

I heard a light knock at the door and Veirya’s voice. I looked forward to hearing her reassuring voice more than anything…

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