The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 23

Before Bed

I bathed together with so many people, yet I was in no mood to reward my eyes with Angelina and Veirya’s perfect bodies as I was constantly on edge.

Angelina pulled Ross over to her and would fiddle with his small ears. Then, she’d boldly show him her body, but he’d go red in the face and curl up in the water, trying to avoid looking at her.

Amazingly, Veirya exhibited self-awareness. She covered her breasts as she slowly approached my side whilst making sure Ross didn’t approach her. Under normal circumstances, I’d certainly be moved to tears upon seeing Veirya have that level of self-awareness. However, my attention was on Leah, who played with the water.

After getting out of the water and getting dressed, Leah grabbed hold of my hand with an innocent and naïve smile as always: “Papa, let’s go to bed. Leah is satisfied now. Let’s head back tomorrow. Leah has had a tour of the castle.”

“You’re happy with just that?” I inquired, thinking, “What exactly does Leah want? She said she wanted to see the castle. Okay, I can I understand that. She might’ve left something behind at the castle or merely missed home. She’s satisfied after seeing her original room and taking a bath, though? I don’t have a problem with it after everything I’ve seen and Angelina’s warning, nonetheless.”

“All right, then. Let’s find a room, then.”

“Papa, don’t you want to sleep in my former papa’s room?”

Leah blinked her eyes at me to express curiosity. I shook my head. Sleeping in a dead man’s bed wouldn’t be lucky, after all. In saying that, he was dead to begin with, no?

“They don’t become souls after dying together again, did they? You know what? It still bothers me, so let’s go with another room. Actually, on second thought, the rooms all belong to the dead because those two violent women killed the Demon King’s children, as well. Toss it. I just won’t be picky,” I flipped back and forth in my mind.

When we went to leave, Veirya grabbed my arm, asserting, “I want. To sleep. Together with you two.”

After all, Leah wouldn’t transform into her mature form. Well, at the very least, she didn’t transform the last two days. Hence, she should be safe. Plus, Veirya had been sleeping together with us recently anyway.

Suddenly, Leah clung to my arm tightly and fearfully gazed at Veirya, quavering with tears in her eyes, “Mama Veirya… can you give me Papa tonight…? Leah… just wants him for one night… After we get back… you will be married with Papa, right…? By then… I won’t be able to cling to Papa… so… this is the last night. Can you let… Leah have one last night with Papa…? Please…? One last night… Please… Please… One last night… for Leah…”

Veirya looked over to me. I stroked Leah’s head to express my pity for her, hopelessly chuckling: “It’s fine, Veirya. Let’s go with her request. Leah is right. After we’re married, she won’t be able to sleep with us. If we’re going to be getting married when we get back, then this really would be my last night with Leah, so I think Leah and I should sleep together for one more night.”

Veirya nodded and caressed Leah’s head: “If. You want. To sleep with him. In the future. Just tell me. I will. Consider. Sharing him.”

I could clearly feel Veirya’s strong love as a mother. I’d say that the mother wasn’t too dutiful if she was fine with letting her daughter have her husband for a night… Leah had grown up! What, if she asked to sleep together with me when she was an adult, then she’d get a nod, as well?! I’d likely be locked up! I remembered that the nation had laws. I’d be executed for laying my hands on a child!

“Can you share him with me, then?” teased Angelina, leaning onto Veirya from behind with an odd smile.

Veirya smacked Angelina’s hand away. Voice cold, she stated, “If you dare. To lay your hands. On Him. I’ll fight you. To the death. My dad. Is yours. He. Is mine.”

“Sob, sob, sob, you share with Leah, yet not with your mother. I bore with countless lonely nights because I didn’t want you to be bullied by a stepfather. When I finally find a good man, I still can’t have him,” whinged Angelina, leaning on the wall and whimpering as if she was weak.

I knew Angelina was just playing, though – I think.

Leah hugged my arm and giggled as she pushed me into the room. Without a doubt, the interior of the room was totally identical to the room I was in before. Yes, I meant our room in the North.

“Could it be that everyone else’s bedroom is the same except for Leah’s?” I speculated.

Hearing Angelina’s sword exit its sheath once we shut the door behind us, Veirya questioned, “What. Are you doing?”

“Carving a mark.” Angelina carved a large love heart on the timber door, etching it deeply into the door. Then, she placed a candle on it: “Don’t sleep too deeply, understood? There’s something wrong with Leah. If you hear anything, hurry over and check it out. She’s not a human; she’s a succubus. Succubi kill people, understood?”

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