The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 17

Kiss with Veirya


“Don’t ask, Papa!”

Leah tightly grabbed my chest and whimpered. She didn’t wail, but she sobbed on my chest. I was worried for her mental state, so I didn’t dare to press her for a reason. My proposal was meant to be a happy occasion, yet Leah was as sad as I was happy. I thought Leah would be a little resistant to the idea, but definitely didn’t think she’d cry and be so upset. I could understand, though. Daughters are usually opposed to their father marrying a new wife. We couldn’t rush it. I had to have Veirya take care of Leah so that Leah could accept her…

Yeah, no, that’s all garbage! I had yet to even be married once. Leah was also my adopted daughter. With all that said, I had to admit that Leah would still be slightly averse to Veirya. Nevertheless, they were not as awkward as a mother and daughter who just met. They had been interacting for a long time by this point. Leah wasn’t forced to call Veirya her mother, either. She was the one who started calling Veirya ‘Mama Veirya’. If I didn’t propose, the two of them would’ve continued living together in peace. Leah would still have called Veirya “Mama Veirya” and me “Papa”. Previously, I felt that we were a family of three already even if I didn’t propose. I believed marriage just to be a formality, and Leah would live with us as she always had; I didn’t expect Leah to be so against it.

I contemplated, “Is Leah still unable to accept Veirya? They’ve already become so close and friendly, though. She even came back from the elven lands with Veirya. Leah isn’t scared of Veirya any longer. Veirya is nowhere as violent as she used to be, either. Leah has no reason to be afraid of Veirya. I’ve stressed to Leah that she’d always be our daughter even if I had a child with Veirya. I wouldn’t be biased. I will let her be our child’s sister and live together. Is Leah still worried in spite of that?”

“Leah, you don’t have to worry. Papa told you that Papa will definitely take care of you even if Papa has a child with Veirya. Papa won’t love you any less. Papa will let you be the child’s elder sister and live together. We won’t ignore you or send you away. Leah, don’t worry, Papa will be your papa forever,” I assured again.

“Don’t leave me, Papa. Don’t leave Leah.”

“Papa won’t leave you. Papa promised to never leave you.”

Veirya brushed open the tent and cautiously poked her head in, seemingly afraid that Leah would react aversely. I turned to her and made a hush hand gesture. She, therefore, entrusted Leah to me and left.

I kept on comforting Leah in a soft voice until she fell asleep in my arms. I tucked her into a sleeping bag and caressed.

Once I stepped outside, Veirya anxiously asked, “How is. Leah?”

“She’s fine. She’s asleep now after crying until she was tired,” I replied while smiling helplessly.

Veirya peered at the tent with a whirlpool of emotions: “Does Leah. Still not like me?”

“Of course she does. She’s just still a little wilful. Lots of girls react the same way as she did. They feel somewhat nervous when they have to face their father’s new marriage partner. Don’t mind it, Veirya. After we get married, Leah will understand that it’s fine. You just need to spend some more time with her so that she doesn’t feel so tense. She’s worried that you won’t be nice to her after you marry me and so forth. It’s nothing that you need to be worried about.”

Veirya nodded and exhaled from her nose: “You will marry me. No matter what? You already. Proposed. I’ve also accepted, right? Angelina told me to say that. And you will propose to me. Then, she told me to shut my eyes and face you.  And that would mean I said ‘yes’.”

“Why am I not surprised…?”

I knew it. My first suspicion was Angelina taught her. Veirya wouldn’t have said those things, otherwise…  I’d bet anything Angelina was laughing to herself somewhere as we conversed. I suppose she didn’t think Leah would react that way, either.

“I want. Leah to. Accept me. What do I do. To get her. To accept me? I will. Be gentle with her. In the future, as well. Did I. Go too far. Initially?”

“Leah doesn’t bear a grudge for what happened when you first met. Moreover, you weren’t in the wrong at the time. You protected her later, didn’t you?’

I felt sorry for Veirya whenever I saw her back because of the scar left on it when she shielded Leah; it was only natural that I felt sorry for her even though she didn’t complain.

Veirya delicately touched my face: “I didn’t show it. But when you come near me. I’m very happy. If. I didn’t have you. I wouldn’t be. So happy. After being together with you. I’ve been. Very happy. So thank you. Am I now. A normal woman?”

For whatever reason, I felt myself choking. I didn’t need to say anything. After a few seconds of eye contact, Veirya shut her eyes again. I leaned in and kissed her lips that sent my mind into a sensual state of intoxication. Our love was bright and clear as the beautiful moon…

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