The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 16


Leah didn’t transform tonight, either. In the past, she’d transform and always render me feeling awkward, not to mention always trying to get me to cross the line with my daughter. Howbeit, I was disappointed somewhat when she didn’t transform at night. Wait. My bad, my bad, not disappointed, worried. Worried was the word I was supposed to say. She switched posture every now and then, but she maintained her usual child size.

I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or what, but ever since touching Lilia’s belly, Veirya’s gaze contained a lot more affection. She seemed to be genuinely happy and fonder of children. To be fair, she always liked children.

Sitting opposite Veirya, I couldn’t resist the urge to shift over to her.

“Leah. Is truly. Very cute. I would’ve. Probably killed her. If it wasn’t. For you. At the time. I couldn’t help it. Because I was a warrior. And she was a demon.”

I quietly conveyed, “Never mind it. Leah doesn’t blame you. We all knew why you did what you did. The important part is that you treat her well now, and that’s enough.”

“Uhm. I now. Like Leah very much.”

Carefully, Veirya touched Leah’s face, while I admired Veirya. Veirya’s gentle gaze truly made her eyes look dazzling. I was glad and grateful that such a gorgeous woman was my fiancée and loved me. Unable to resist, I embraced Veirya.

“When will you. Have a child with me? I want. To have. My own child. Like Lilia. Lilia and I. Are both women. Why. Can’t I have one?”

“Well… Mm… it’s not that simple… Mm… mm… I’ll have a child with you after we get married.  Veirya, trust me, I just… think it’s not the best idea to have a child when we haven’t settled down yet. That said…”

“Why have you. Still not proposed to me?” asked Veirya, with her head tilted. “They all say. You should’ve proposed to me long ago. Does proposing. Mean getting married? Can I have a child. After we’re married? So. Why haven’t you proposed yet?”

Put on the spot, I didn’t know how to answer… How do I explain… that I didn’t mind duelling with Sisi for an entire night and accept the Elven Queen, Lucilia, sucking me off, yet felt overwhelmingly shy and awkward whenever I thought about proposing to her…?

“Why do I feel react this way…? Clearly, I should enthusiastically propose to Veirya. Why have I kept on being shy, resulting in this dragging on and on? Am I diagnosed with procrastination? Even Veirya has brought it up. If I still don’t do anything, I wouldn’t be a man, would I?” I contemplated.

There was tremendous anticipation in those blue eyes. I stood up and softly asked, “Veirya, can you come out with me for a moment?”

It was just the round argent moon and us in the woods tonight. All of the wild beasts were resting for tomorrow’s hunt.

“Is something the matter?”

I took in a deep breath. I then spun around to look at the side of Veirya’s face, which was displayed in all its glory in the white light. I wasn’t certain if it was my imagination or not, but she appeared even prettier to me than usual. Everything I had prepared to say vanished in that instant. My heart raced again, and I had no idea what to say.

Veirya gently fixed her hair. Then, she looked at me and patiently waited.

On one hand, I wanted to hurry and say it. On the other hand, I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t speak. I knew it was very rude. There would never be a single person who didn’t look into the eyes of the person they proposed to. Sadly, I couldn’t help it.

Gaze cast on the moon, I softly expressed, “Sorry, Veirya, it’s not that I don’t want to look at you. It’s just that when I look at you… your beauty renders me unable to speak, so… please allow me to propose to you with my gaze fixed on the moon… Veirya, I love you… If it’s all right with you, can you be my wife from now? I’ll never betray you, never leave you and always stay by your side to take care of you until death do us apart, all right? Veirya, will you marry me?”

I wanted to die from embarrassment after I said that. My legs really wanted to take me away. My tension only ever climbed as I never heard Veirya’s voice, which only served to make me even more embarrassed. I began to even question if she was purposely tormenting me out of a sadistic tendency.

I cautiously turned my head to see what Veirya was doing, only to see a scene that made my heart race even faster. The reason Veirya never spoke was because she was waiting. She didn’t smash her teeth into me this time. Instead, she shut her eyes a little and silently waited for me…

“There’s only one reason a female would do this right? It’s obvious she’s waiting for me. Veirya’s reply must be in the silent wait,” I told myself.

I slowly and gently moved my lips closer to Veirya’s soft lips, telling myself, “Veirya is right here. I’ll be there in a moment…”


Leah, dressed in thin sleepwear silently stood behind us holding her pillow. She got up after just sleeping. Veirya, who was next to me, was stupefied to see Leah shedding tears and shaking. Veirya went to give Leah a doting hug, but Leah jumped back.

“Papa… don’t… please… Please don’t… marry Mama Veirya…”

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