The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 18

Daughter and Wife

When Leah saw Veirya the next day, the both of them looked awkward to me. As a result, Leah ended up squashed between Veirya and I. Leah desperately tried to put distance between herself and Veirya, but Veirya wanted to stick to her. In the end, Leah ended up squashed on me.

“Mama Veirya… it’s too squishy…” Leah timidly complained.

“Is it? You want. To sit on my lap, then?”

With a fearful gaze, Leah vigorously shook her head and clung to my arm. Veirya looked to me, hoping I’d speak up for her. After what happened last night, Leah returned to her fearful state when she first met Veirya. She began to avoid her and fear her again. However, Veirya no longer had any uncertainties. She was delicate as a mother remarrying and trying to get in her stepdaughter’s good graces; she even gave Leah her meat stew in hopes of cheering Leah up. Sharing food was a decision that took a lot of determination out of Veirya. Leah, however, declined the offer.

Both of them seemed steadfast in their ways. One could offer her food, while the other declined food that was already at her mouth. Clearly, their relationship wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t what I hoped to see.

I whispered in Leah’s ear, “Leah, just talk normally to Mama Veirya. Don’t be scared; she won’t change. She’ll be as friendly as always. If you two aren’t friendly with each other, Papa will be put in an awkward position.”

Softly, Leah impugned, “Papa, there was only me. There were only us two. In the past, you said that you would take Leah and leave. You said you would leave Mama Veirya with Mama, so why… why do you now want to live with her from now on? Papa, it was life with only two of us. Why does Leah have to be friendly with Veirya?”

Leah’s question left me incredibly awkward. While Leah was right, in that I wanted to Leave Veirya and leave in peace at the imperial capital with Leah, the thought was in the past. Veirya was quite the neurotically violent one back then… but… but I felt that she wasn’t neurotic. All I could say was that we had a different view of the world and comprehension of what was dangerous and what wasn’t.

Veirya questioned, “Is that true? You once. Wanted to leave me?”

“Uh… at the time, I was still scared of you… Not now, though. Veirya, falling in love takes time. Back then, I was afraid. Now, I definitely love you, and I don’t want to separate from you.”

Angelina remarked, “Perhaps you should say, Veirya, if you didn’t intimidate people back then, then that would be a problem, which proves that he also had plans. It would be strange for him not to be scared when he saw you going around as a killing machine, not to mention him having the Demon King’s daughter with him.”

Upon receiving my grateful regards, Angelina subtly tugged up the corner of her lips and raised her hand, with the centre of her hand hollow, to her mouth. With a weird smile, she then made a rubbing motion with her hand, which sent a chill down my spine.

I was raging in my head, “This woman didn’t do the favour for free; she charges, and her fee is damn steep. What’s with these women? Why is it that other men have something against the women to make demands of them, while they have things to leverage against me…? Is this group of women devils…?”

I looked back at Veirya, hoping she’d believe my explanation. She communicated, “I see. I believe you now. Leah. You can trust me. I promise. Not to disturb you too much. You and him. Will have time alone as before. Our life won’t. Change much.”

I felt that was pointless for Veirya to say. Actually, it was a blatant lie. Veirya and I certainly couldn’t live together with Leah the way we currently did. Leah and I were bound to separate. My nights would be for Veirya, not Leah any longer. I never dared to say “no” for the reason that I was worried Leah would make the request down the road.

I wasn’t convinced Leah was convinced. I had no idea what she learnt from the succubi, hence didn’t dare to speak thoughtlessly. For whatever reason, she was delighted. She turned back to Veirya, effusing, “Really? Really, Mama Veirya?! I can continue as I am? I can always cling to Papa? Mama Veirya won’t be jealous? You won’t kick me out?’

“Of course not. I will always. Protect you. That’s why. You don’t need to worry. I won’t. Kick you out. Never. So I think. Everyone. Should live together peacefully. I love. Your father. And I also. Love you.”

If she was a fox instead of a succubus, Leah’s tail would surely be wagging wildly. It was proof to me that Leah was planning something. I felt that she had a ploy in mind, so I subtly warned, “Leah, afterwards, though, Papa will need to make time for Mama Veirya. After all, Mama Veirya is also my wife. You’re my daughter. You won’t be able to hog me anymore.”

“Which is more important between your wife and daughter, Papa?”

I took a moment to contemplate how to answer the lethal question before answering, “Mm… you’re both important, which is why Papa needs to make time for both, Leah.”

Leah silently looked back and forth between Veirya and I. Then, she lowered her head in silence. Nevertheless, Veirya proudly hugged Leah, who finally accepted her hug, in triumph. Veirya interpreted it as Leah having finally accepted her. Howbeit, even then, I still couldn’t discern what exactly Leah was thinking.

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