Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 39

Prince Factions. Kunlun Swordplay.

Princes factions refer to the elite bodyguards, all of whom were familiar with the martial world, serving each of Emperor Yuansheng’s six eldest sons. As Emperor Yuansheng judged it was necessary for each of his six sons to familiarise themselves with the martial world, he went to great lengths, showering each sect’s patriarch or elders with gifts and so forth in order to purchase their loyalty for his sons.

Since the inception of the current dynasty, the martial world was labelled a looming threat to the imperial court’s authority. Ultimately, Emperor Yuansheng’s strategy provided protection to his sons and also placed a finger on the martial world’s pulse. Once the sects were acquainted with the Princes, they, ideally, would grow closer to the Prince, indirectly growing closer to the imperial court. From the standpoint of outsiders, they labelled the six sects affiliated with the six Princes to be the imperial court’s guardians. The six sects selected obviously were the best by Emperor Yuansheng’s standards.

With Red Prince was Wudang. With Orange Prince was Mount Hua Sect. With Green Prince was Kunlun Sect.

“Perfect timing, Patriarch Yi. Slaughter the scumbag for me!” demanded Green Prince, confidence replenished.

The patriarch in his forties looked dashing in his billowing robe and saluting pose: “It is an honour to meet you all today.”

Patriarch Yi had been with Green Prince long enough to know the temperament of the latter better than the back of his hand, so he didn’t take Green Prince serious. Patriarch Yi left the town on Green Prince’s orders earlier but came back after commuting twenty-five kilometres since he didn’t see the target. Can anyone blame him for not taking Green Prince after the latter proved himself such an unreliable commander?

“The honour is all mine, Patriarch Yi,” voiced Long Zaitian, recognising Kunlun’s patriarch at first glance.

Patriarch Yi glided down next to Green Prince, displaying qinggong that proved the compliments surrounding him to be true. Long Zaitian, frankly speaking, couldn’t see them breezing through Patriarch Yi. Therefore, he conveyed, “You are with the gentleman? They say dragons of the same scale flock together, and this one sees that it is true.”

“I thought I was ‘Chubby’?!”

“Hahaha, it was but a harmless joke. Your glowing eyes and radiant spirit are comparable to that of deities. I was so startled that I blurted the wrong word. As a hearty gentleman, you would not hold it against me.”

“Hahaha, that’s true. That’s true.”

“May I ask which sect you gentlemen are with and what you are in Canhu Town for?” Yi Wangyou inquired with a stoic expression.

Dugu answered, “We came here from Luoyang with our patriarch for business. We merely passed through here on our way to our destination.”

“Might I be able to inquire what your patriarch’s name is?”

Dugu turned to Tie Hanyi and Long Zaitian, calling for help. Dugu was aware Emperor Yuansheng adopted the name Li Fangzhang, but… they couldn’t afford to earn his umbrage for using the name when they weren’t supposed to. In the end, he decided to answer, “His surname is Zhong, and his first name is Ming.”

“Would he happen to be Luoyang’s richest young master, Brothel King Zhong Hualiu’s second son?” queried Yi Wangyou.

“We’ve run into the real one?!” blurted Green Prince.

“Ming Feizhen didn’t make the name up?” wondered Dugu, keeping a straight face to reply, “Yes.”

“No wonder why so there are so many of you…” remarked Yi Wangyou, voice tapering off with each word articulated whilst exchanging eye contact with Luo Siming.

Luo Siming gestured he didn’t know them or send them an invitation with his head, putting wrinkles on Yi Wangyou’s nose.

The only reason someone not invited to Refining Divine Convention showing up at this point in time would be to pinch an invitation to skip Lotus Root Ground’s Illusion Swords Formation. Even Green Prince was allowed to skip the test despite his status. Consequently, they would have to search for groups that had yet to reach the island together or eliminate each other.

Kunlun Sect was among one of the sects that focused heavily on swordplay, yet they lost their heirloom – a black-jade sword – many years ago, thereby losing their prerogative to partake in Refining Divine Convention.

For whatever reason, Yi Wangyou pointed at Tang Ye and questioned, “Master, is he the one who accosted you? Shall this one bring him to you?”

“Great! Your loyalty will be rewarded!”

Yi Wangyou flashed a subtle smile then asserted to Tang Ye, “If you are still standing after ten exchanges, we will consider us even. Otherwise, I will have to ask you to come with me.”

Dugu whispered, “Brother Tang, he is extremely tough. Do your best to av-”

“He’s not just tough, but this is also a rare opportunity.” Tang Ye held his erhu in across his body and stated, “Please make your move.”

“Marginalising my sect will be your biggest mistake!”

As someone who studied numerous styles, Tang Ye recognised the technique Yi Wangyou executed in a single glance. Surprisingly, instead of strafing, Tang Ye performed the same technique – “Punisher” from Kunlun Demon Subduing Swordplay.

“Yang Blood True Qi? Who is your shifu?” Yi Wangyou asked upon colliding with Tang Ye’s erhu.


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