The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 14

Veirya’s Demand

After seeing off Albert and his wife, Ross looked as though he couldn’t bear to part with his sister. Nevertheless, they gave each other their address, so I didn’t feel a need to worry. Ross could go to her whenever he liked, after all.

While there was the best opportunity to invest in the south, I had made Leah a promise that I needed to fulfil.

“Papa…” Leah came over and climbed onto my thigh while I was studying a map. She pointed to a spot on the map and informed, “The castle is right here, Papa. Here. Leah still remembers how it looks, but Leah can’t remember the interior. Leah had never dared to leave Leah’s room in the past… Leah’s brothers and sisters could’ve killed Leah at any moment.”

Feeling sorry for Leah, I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my face.

“Leah is no longer afraid however because Papa will always be by Leah’s side. You know, Papa came here thanks to Leah’s prayers. When Mama Veirya was hunting us down, Leah kept on praying for someone to come and protect Leah. Papa then randomly appeared and protected Leah. That’s why Papa must’ve come to protect Leah. As such, Papa is Leah’s alone.”

I smiled without thinking too much about what Leah said.

“Sir, how many days will you be out for this time? Do we need to stay?” Anna inquired.

“Yeah, just at home. I don’t think we’ll be gone for many days. I, therefore, don’t think you need to pack many things.”

“Understood.” Smiling helplessly, Anna conveyed, “I really wonder why you are heading out after having just come back. You would not happen to be planning to propose to Lord Veirya there, would you? I think it is a very romantic place. You and Lord Veirya did meet there for the first time, after all.”

“That was where Leah and Papa met for the first time!” exclaimed Leah, frowning.

Anna pursed her lips into a smile, responding, “Yes, it is where Leah met Lord Lin for the first time. Perhaps I should say it was where your family first met. It is a nice place to propose. I hope that Lord Veirya will come back with a Lord Lin Junior or Lord Veirya Junior in her belly when you come back. I really look forward to seeing how your child would look.”

“Haha, It’s still too early, don’t you think?”

“Not at all. Lots of people are looking forward to the birth of your child,” impugned Anna, taking off.

By the sounds of it, our wedding couldn’t be further delayed… I wasn’t the only one who was in a rush; the people around me were also anxious to see it happen. Without a doubt, it was a great time to propose.

“I have to seize the opportunity. I have to muster up the courage. Proposing to Veirya isn’t that scary. I’ll succeed as long as I propose. There’s no need to be concerned about failure. Everyone believes I’ve got it,” was what I always thought.

Leah grumbled, “Papa, why does everyone always consider Mama Veirya your wife? You and she haven’t gotten married; I’ve always been with Papa, so why does nobody think that I can be Papa’s wife?”

“Because you’re a child.”

“But… But Leah and Mama Veirya have always been with Papa the same way! See, Papa, Leah and Mama joined Papa at the same time, right? At the beginning, when Mama Veirya completely ignored Papa, it was always Papa and Leah, but Leah knows Papa is not Papa. Why can Mama Veirya love Papa but not Leah?! Is it because of this body?”

“No, Leah, it’s not to do with your body… Okay, of course it partially has to do with your body…” I explained, looking at Leah and feeling awkward. “Leah, Papa has always seen you as Papa’s daughter. There will never be a father who loves his daughter the way he loves his lover. Moreover, you are a succubus. Papa, to the contrary, is a human. Your lifespan and body are different to Papa’s.”

“So, a succubus can’t love a human?!” yelled Leah, grabbing one of my shoulders.

“Leah, you’re still a child. All children feel that their father is amazing. When they grow up, they will understand that their father isn’t almighty, nonetheless.”

Leah shook her head and leaned onto my chest. Voice soft, she conveyed, “Leah will love Papa forever… Papa, let’s run away; let’s run away, okay…? Leah will stay with Papa forever… Leah… will always take care of you.”

“Leah, you’re still a child,” I softly said as I rubbed Leah’s head, smiling. “Leah, don’t be wilful. You are just having a child’s tantrum at the moment. It’s all right. Papa and Mama Veirya won’t neglect you even if we get married. You don’t need to feel too anxious. Papa will always love you.”

I felt that it was better for me to leave the room. Although what Leah said was just a child being wilful, I had no retort for it. I couldn’t explain to her why I couldn’t marry her… A father can’t try to marry his daughter, after all, can he? Every daughter would like their father at a certain point in time, right? I knew that, but it rendered me too awkward when I was subjected to the question. I discovered that I couldn’t explain why a daughter can’t romantically be with her father. Nevertheless, it was unacceptable. Nobody would be able to accept it.

“I heard. Loud noises from your room. Did you. And Leah. Argue?” Veirya questioned, bumping into me on the way out.

“I wouldn’t call it arguing. Leah was throwing a bit of a tantrum, but it’s nothing to fret about. She’s still just a child, after all.”

“Yes. But. I want a child. I’m envious. Of Lilia.”

“Yeah…? Yeah…? But… mm…mmm… wait a while longer… I’ll… fulfil the request for you in the future.”

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