The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 05

Guardian Queen

Although I could no longer smell the fragrant flower, I could smell a soothing fragrant from the corridor. Unsurprisingly, the Elven Queen silently sat there, facing the flower garden and fountain. Sadly, the fountain no longer sprayed water, while the flowers and mud were an ugly mush. She was the only one who was still beautiful and fragrant. The most beautiful flower wasn’t the rainbow flower or the fountain but the Elven Queen

The Elven Queen turned upon hearing my approaching footsteps: “Lord Lin, is that you?”


I sat down next to her since Ciara wasn’t around, grabbed hold of her hand and conveyed, “I’m here.”

“It is you, Lord Lin. Aside from you, there will not be a second person who would tread so carefully to avoid disturbing me. Has your wound healed? Since you are back, does that mean there is nothing else that is off? If you need to heal your wound, do you want to rest by my side for a while?”

The Elven Queen patted her thigh. I looked down to her soft thigh and gulped my saliva. However, I politely declined, “I’m all right. My wound has healed. The necklace you gave me seriously saved my life. If I didn’t have it on me, I’d definitely have died at the imperial capital.”

“Lord Lin, it was not me who gave you good luck but yourself. After all, you were the one who gave me the necklace in the first place.”

The Elven Queen tenderly ran her long and slender fingers across my face.

“I haven’t been back in a long time, only to come back and find the flowers in this devastated state.”

The Elven Queen shook her head. With a smile, she expressed, “It is fine. I would not be able to see them even if they were there. I am just sensing your aura here. I have always believed you would be back, and I am glad that you are back. Lord Lin, flowers or whatnot are not important. As long as you are here, flowers, cities and towns will come back for sure.”

“Haha… I might not continue staying in the North now. We are probably going to move to humanity’s imperial capital. It won’t change your life, nevertheless. Once we arrive, I’ll still continue to take care of you. If you don’t like to live in humanity’s imperial capital, I will leave the North in your hands.”

The North was now one hundred percent Veirya’s property, so I didn’t mind where the Elven Queen chose to stay.

“I will go with you, obviously. Lord Lin, all I need is a safe and peaceful place to spend the rest of my life. I feel that being by your side is the most blissful thing. As such, as long as you don’t take the initiative to tell me to leave, I will always stay by your side.”

“Imperial capital it is, then… I plan to propose to Veirya. If it works out and Veirya accepts, I plan to hold our wedding ceremony here. “

“Really? Congratulations!” cheered the Elven Queen, brightly clapping. “That is fantastic. All of us were wondering when you would get married with Lord Veirya instead of just maintaining a vague relationship. I am so glad to hear that you are finally getting married. I have never attended a human wedding ceremony. If possible, I want Ciara to tell me about humanity’s wedding ceremonies! Lord Lin, what are you worried about? Lord Veirya unquestionably loves you. You, therefore, have no need to worry that she would reject you.”

That would hold true if Veirya was a normal woman. If she was, I’d succeed the moment I proposed. The biggest problem was that Veirya wasn’t a normal woman. Veirya didn’t understand what being married meant, thereby creating the chance she might reject… Well, with Angelina around, I guess it should work out.

“… I’m just a little worried that Veirya won’t understand.”

“You do not need to worry. You just have to tell her that you will never betray her or leave her after you get married, and she will definitely accept your proposal. In addition, which woman by your side would reject your proposal? Lord Veirya is truly blessed. It is just that I have no right to be envious.”

It was best for me not to respond to the last line. The Elven Queen just continued looking ahead with a smile.

What exactly was the Elven Queen to me? I could only say that I was always able to feel calm around her.

I gently leaned onto the Elven Queen on an angle. She chuckled and sat slightly side on. I went along and slid down onto her thigh. Having not gotten any proper rest recently, I instantly felt relaxed and bliss when I lied on her thigh. She gently stroked my head and hummed some elven melody, although I didn’t understand it.

Several minutes later…

“Your Majesty, the draft is getting strong. Let me help you go b-”

Ciara looked at her Queen and hopelessly smiled. The Elven Queen turned her head. With an affectionate smile, she made a hush hand gesture. She gently stroked the head of the man gently breathing on her thigh. The setting sun gently lit up the two. Time seemed to stop in that tender and blissful moment.

Ciara gently removed her cloak and draped it over the two. Then, she leaned on the pillar by the side as always and shut her eyes. She guarded her Queen. Her Queen guarded him.

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