The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 04


“Mama Veirya, Leah wants to hear your story of how you captured the Demon King’s city,” coquettishly request Leah, who intimately lied on Veirya’s thigh, much to Veirya’s delight.

Stroking Leah’s head with the tender gaze of a mother, Veirya asked, “You want to hear. That story? But. Weren’t you always. Watching me?”

The memory wasn’t a particularly nice memory for Veirya. Actually, it wasn’t a nice event to recount to Leah… Maybe kids liked adventure stories, but Leah the child was on the Demon King’s side when the event took place.

Leah, indeed, had always watched Veirya. When Veirya arrived at the castle hall up until she slaughtered the Demon King and his wife before turning to Leah, Leah hid in a corner, holding her head, trembling in fear. She kept pleading for someone to save her. Sadly, her father never spared her a glance. The mother slain before her eyes wasn’t her biological mother, either. When Veirya pulled her sword out from Leah’s father’s chest, she turned to Leah with an expressionless look.

Only one person came for Leah, and she was out for Leah’s life. Desperate, Leah hurtled. It was then that a man pulled her into his arms. It wasn’t Veirya or some otherworldly being who bestowed Leah her father. It was Leah who brought her father to herself. It was her determination and prayers that brought her father to her to protect her.

“Father is mine. Both his body and soul are mine! I can’t do anything yet, though. I need to plan this out,” Leah told herself.

Leah’s sense of smell told her that Veirya’s neck was exposed, which was totally different to their first meeting. Previously Veirya always maintained vigilance. At that moment, though, Veirya was no longer vigilantly of her whatsoever. Leah, on the other hand, had begun to feel Veirya’s feelings were repulsive.

“Since when did I become your daughter? Don’t get the wrong idea! You’ve only won my father’s affection temporarily, yet you’re acting so smug. Let’s see how long you last! If I pulled out a dagger and thrust it at her, there’s no way Veirya would be able to avoid in time. That said, I don’t have a dagger on me. I can’t just try to strangle her now. It’s not the best opportunity to kill her. Patience. I need to be patient,” Leah inwardly persuaded.

“It’s okay, Mama. Leah doesn’t mind it. It’s just that Leah is bored right now. Leah wants to hear Mama Veirya tell a story.”

“… At the time. We had fought our way to the bottom of the Demon King’s castle. However. Her Majesty’s army couldn’t attack it. Only a small number of people. Could enter. We, therefore, went in. Then, Her Majesty threw us our weapons. From there. We were able to infiltrate. The Demon King’s palace. Step by step.”

Because it was Veirya who was telling the story, there were no climaxes or dips in the tone of the story. Nonetheless, Leah earnestly tuned in to the detailed story. Veirya described how she climbed up the city walls, where she broke this or that to get in and then how she advanced through the corridor before finally slaying the Demon King in the main hall. Leah was able to recreate the path Veirya took into the Demon King’s palace with her excellent memory as Veirya recounted the events.

Neither Veirya nor Sisi researched demons. The truth was that demons had no loyalty to speak of. They were loyal to the Demon King merely due to their mental ineptness, consequently resulting in the Demon King controlling their thinking. Low demons were stupider than children. Only the high demons were able to think for themselves. The small demons that were killed could easily be spawned from the Demon King’s blood.

What did the Demon King need? He needed the throne. The throne was the Demon King’s tool for commanding the entire military. Queen Sisi didn’t take it for she couldn’t fit it in her horse carriages at the time despite her insistence. As a result, she had to leave it in the Demon King’s imperial palace (Author note: Remember how Lin Dongqing convinced the military to leave behind provisions and take everything in the IF route volume? Because the IF route isn’t the route taken in the canon story, the throne was left there).

Leah inwardly planned, “I just need to return to the throne. I’m the Demon King’s daughter. I have the blood of the Demon King in me. I can command the Imperial Palace and low-level demons. My father should be mine, but the entire world should be Papa’s. People keep messing with my father and harming him. No human can compare to my father. He is the one with the right to rule the entire world. This time, humanity won’t have a warrior to oppose me. This time, humanity and elves won’t be able to entire the Demon King’s castle. This time, the demon army will sweep through the entire world!”

“Before I do that, I’ll kill this woman. I kill every woman around my Papa. These fools don’t know that I’m no longer the ordinary Leah. They will lower their guard against a succubus. At the end of the day, succubi are demons, not humans. Killing is but a simple matter for a demon.”

“Mama Veirya, Leah wants to go back to the castle.”

Leah hugged Veirya around her waist and affectionately snuggled up on her. Although he literally pressed all of her weight onto Veirya’s thigh, Veirya didn’t find it uncomfortable. To the contrary, she loved it when Leah was so intimate. She hugged Leah around her waist so that Leah would stop on her.

“Why. Do you want to go back? Did you. Leave something behind there?”

“No. I just want to go back and have a look around. Leah wants to go there with Mama and Papa. Leah wants to go back.”

Leah was worried that Veirya would refuse to go. It was most likely desolate, after all. Plus, that wasn’t a place worth going back to; there was nothing worth reminiscing there. Veirya no longer wanted to speak about the past. She willingly sold off her medal, which proved that she no longer wanted to live in the past.

“All right,” responded Veirya, rubbing Leah’s head. “We’ll go back there. Tell him. He will take you.”


Leah straightened up and kissed Veirya on the face all of a sudden. Veirya was quite surprised as Leah had never been intimate enough with her to initiate intimacy, let alone offer a kiss. Veirya pulled Leah into her tight embrace, and Leah affectionately hugged her Mama Veirya.

Angelina tugged up the corners of her lips: “Why did I never feel you two were so close before? I thought you two only maintained peace with each other for his sake, but it doesn’t look that way now. Veirya, it sure happened so quickly if I say so myself. You’re already able to raise a daughter. Am I really old now?”

Veirya didn’t answer her mother since all of her attention was on Leah. Veirya hadn’t had a child before; however, she truly considered Leah her daughter. True, she genuinely wanted to kill Leah in the past. In saying that, she didn’t hate Leah. She, in fact, was fond of the adorable girl. She always wanted to prove that she could be a better mother than her own.

Ross, who was asleep in the corner, had shouldered too much pressure recently both with the succubi and elves. The elven girls kept trying to touch him, which put him on edge the entire time. He was finally returning to his comfortable home and Lord Lin Dongqing. No woman could earn his admiration and devotion as Lord Lin could. Ross just wanted to be with Lord Lin.

The horse carriage continued plodding along the sun-dappled path of fallen leaves. The aroma of human dishes informed them that they were at the border of humanity and elven lands. The estate wasn’t a luxurious one by any means. Nonetheless, what mattered was that it was there, waiting for their return.

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