The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 06


I looked at my reflection on the copper board and touched my face: “Anna, how do I look? Do I look all right? Do I look dashing?”

“Of course, Sir.”

Though Anna said that, it was clear as day that she wanted to laugh.

“Come on, it can’t be that bad. I might not look cool, but I’m not so bad that you want to laugh, am I…?” I wondered, worried. I told myself, “Veirya and company should be back today, right? If they’ve left the elven forest, they should be here within the next few days. I need to prepare.”

Anna brought my breakfast to the table once I was seated comfortable. I suddenly considered the necessity of more maids as I watched Anna at work. I remembered noble families in Europe having lots of maids, after all. Anna might not be able to take care of us all by herself; once Veirya has a child, work would bury Anna. Ross wouldn’t go on to be her assistant but mine. He, in fact, might even leave and start his own journey.

“I’ll recruit some maids when we get to the imperial capital,” I decided.

Ascillia couldn’t continue being a maid. In all fairness, the bishop and I didn’t have a particularly deep grudge. Further, I quite liked Ascillia. She needed to be educated normally and lead a good life, not work as my maid.

Leah couldn’t continue being just home schooled after arriving in the imperial capital. I wanted her to make regular appearances at the imperial capital so that everybody recognised her as my daughter. That would be tremendously helpful to her later in life. I didn’t want Leah to learn how to brown nose people, but earning the appreciation of nobles would make it easier for her to live and work in the future. To add, Sisi would take care of Leah without a doubt. Subsequently, it would be easy for Leah to do whatever she wanted in the imperial capital later down the road. With all that said, I still hoped Leah would choose an occupation that would allow her to live decently.

As for Sisi, mm… I decided to put her aside for a meanwhile. I felt that she wouldn’t give Veirya grief as long as I didn’t say anything. I had lost the initiative. I couldn’t do anything if Sisi wanted to keep the child… I couldn’t tell her to have an abortion now, could I? Having said that, part of me was glad. At the very least, there was no news of her pregnancy.

“What if… what if… Sisi isn’t pregnant…? Should I be more nervous, then..? Wouldn’t that mean it isn’t her problem but mine…?” I worried.

I went to the window after I finished breakfast to relish the scenery under the blue dome.

Anna approached me from behind and asked, “Sir, if you genuinely plan to marry Lord Veirya, we should begin to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Also, you should begin writing invitations. Who do you think you need to invite? You situation is rather special; are you sure you want to invite both humans and elves? I think that they might fight at your wedding. Also, where do you plan to hold it?”

I turned around, smiling heplessly: “Mm… I haven’t proposed yet. I don’t need to be so hasty about preparing for the wedding ceremony, do I?”

“Sir, are you joking?” chided Anna, shooting me a glare. “Everyone knows of your relationship with Lord Veirya. You will definitely succeed if you propose. She has already worn on the ring, and you two went through life and death together. On top of that, you raise Leah together. How can you not get married in that circumstance? You, therefore, need to muster up our courage. We can begin preparing for the wedding now.”

“Mm… I’ll begin to plan for it first. We don’t have much money for it. I plan to propose, but leave the wedding ceremony for later.”

Honestly, I had only thought of how to propose. At the very least, proposing couldn’t just be, “Let’s get married,” could it? There, at least, had to be the right atmosphere. I was financially strapped, so if I needed to buy a new ring, then… For the meantime, I had no chance to make money.

”Stop, stop, stop, stop with the dangerous thoughts. I’m not partaking in risky business again,” I reminded myself inwardly.

I wasn’t going to pursue any high risk business, burning bridges behind me for enormous profits. I, as a matter of fact, would never do business for a salary from the Queen. I had no plan of repeating history.

Anna was trustworthy since she was also a woman. In saying that, that was the same for men. If I had to loan money to hold a wedding ceremony, what dignity would I have left as a man? I had to give Veirya a wedding that others would envy on my own. Unfortunately, I had to find a job that would have people envy Veirya.

A thought popped into mind: “Achilles mentioned the businessman in the South’s issue… as well as the colony… Stop, stop, stop.”

The colony might’ve had money. By the same account, it was also incredibly risky. You can’t just look at the people who came back with money from colonies because even more never came back. I couldn’t colonise the place. At most, I’d be a retailer here; there was no way I was going to a colony.

“Sir, you are not planning something again, are you? Have you not learnt a lesson from this? You cannot take risks any longer. You should not do anything risky at this point in your life. You are more important to Lord Veirya than a ceremony, so I suggest you do not endanger yourself.”

“I know.”

I bolted outside upon hearing a carriage close in, much to Anna’s amusement.

Anna returned to the kitchen to resume work, thinking, “Lord Veirya has returned. The house would finally be lively as it was in the past. There’s unlikely to be any other tumultuous events again. At the very least, with Lord Veirya here, there won’t be any more troubles.”

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