Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 29

Ultimate Weapons

Ranking of weapons primarily followed the information from Black and White Reflection, later compiled into “Longyuan Xuanyuan Enclyopedia”, which would become the standard that martial artists of the era approved of.

“Longyuan Xuanyuan Encyclopedia” listed all known weapons, including the forefather of weapon series. Accordingly, the ten ancient swords that had yet to be seen were listed as the top ten even though such a ranking was questionable. Black and White Reflection created ranking categories of their own from Longyuan Xuanyuan Encyclopedia, such as famous weapons, sharp weapons, ancient weapons and so forth.

Without the categories, there were no weapons as famous as the Seven Dynasty-Founding Blades, the seven weapons that were renowned prior to their appearance during the founding of the current dynasty. Ever since then, few ever heard of their mention again in the pugilistic world.

One would decidedly have their name rolling off every tongue in no time if they were known to be in possession of one. In saying that, no owner with his mind intact and ego on a leash would flaunt them for they’d draw the attention of thieves; the search for the seven illustrious blades never ceased since they served in Li Clan’s conquest. At present, the whereabouts of three blades were public. The only reason they had yet to be stolen was owing to the owners being able to prove their worth with said weapons.

Nobody could sell Pacify the World Blade – Golden Crow Moon Eater – if they ever stole it. Imagine trying to go up against a clan that had wealth rivalling the entire nation; it just didn’t work. Moreover, Gold and Silver Clan were notorious for being sly and petty.

Heavenly Broadsword was named after it’s wielder, the greatest broadsword wielder – Tian Dao. Unless you are the best, you simply don’t challenge the best.

The third weapon, also dubbed the ultimate weapon among the seven weapons, belonged in Luo Sword Manor’s hands as their clan’s sacred treasure. Firstly, it was borderline impossible to name anyone who didn’t want a weapon Luo Sword Manor crafted. Second, try offending the military’s weapon supplier and see what happens.

The weapon touted as the ultimate weapon actually consisted of two weapons considered yin and yang counterparts – Siming Sword and Flame Emperor. They were wielded as a pair and were the only dual weapons among the seven. They represented the pinnacle of Luo Sword Manor’s smithing and were the weapons their founder used to establish the clan. He later stipulated that only the reigning patriarch would have the authority to possess both swords that, together, were called “Ultimate”. As such, until a true patriarch was instated, the two swords were split between the two faction leaders, a scenario that nobody saw coming.

Siming Sword didn’t stand out in its sheath but radiated cold qi from the blade a hundred centimetres long, resembling a sword forged from a condensed waterfall. Red Flame Emperor’s emergence countered the cold with a torrent of torrid energy along the blade that was half a standard sword’s blade longer.

Luo Clan’s founder forged Flame Emperor from a rare bit of flint that he invested years to learn how to work with.

Anyone who wanted to wield Flame Emperor had to develop their Yang Realm internal energy to decent heights, or they’d torch themselves. Luo Yan learnt swordplay and smithing from his elder brother since childhood. In addition, he was gifted with the ability to withstand high temperatures from a kid thanks to the traces of heat energy in his internal energy. Upon learning “Scorching Sun Spirit”, a style only those part of Sun Character Worshippers could learn, he was essentially the strongest heat wielder before he was thirty. He spent decades after learning to combine that same energy with Flame Emperor.

Luo Yan, who was a reticent man, yet was known for his ferocity and ruthlessness against enemies, spearheaded Luo Sword Manor’s growth with Luo Ming in their younger days. Needless to say, Luo Yan couldn’t have been inept in combat given his contributions.

Luo Yan could quell Luo Siming’s icy style without technique, so Luo Siming was inferior even though he had already spent ages perfecting his swordplay.

“Flame Emperor and Siming Sword is a pair that Founding Emperor bestowed the title of Ultimate Weapon, yet here we are, pitting them against each other.”

Luo Siming, practicing courtesy, sheathed his blade then pressed his palm and fist together: “Second Uncle, I would never dare to cross swords with you. New Year’s Eve is a day for harmony. Please pardon me for rashly trying to end the dispute between Cousin and Ao Xue that arose due to misunderstanding.”

“… Draw your sword,” demanded Luo Yan, peering into the sky.


Luo Yan whipped his sword, generating a fire ring as though he was a circus busker. Regardless of how polite Luo Siming might be, there was no way he would take that as a joke. Accordingly, Luo Siming stepped back and adopted a guard stance.

“Luo Siming, this old one no longer cares to corroborate whether you are truly honourable and loyal or scheming. I have no intention of slamming you with libel. You are not the challenger today; I am the challenger.”

“Why… Second Uncle?”

“I won’t stop you from being Luo Clan’s patriarch. I won’t stop you if you wish to be the supreme leader of the martial world, either. However, as long as this old one is still in charge of the smithing faction’s Sun Character Worshipper, the smithing department will heed his command. If you want to host your Refining Divine Convention or whatever, you’ll have to step over my body! Make your move, Young Master!”


Longyuan Xuanyuan Encyclopedia – I get that it’s likely a mouthful for a number of readers, but I can’t do much about the name because it’s a proper name as real geographic locations are.


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