The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 78


My lower back disagreed with me when I tried getting to my feet. Fortunately, it was no longer an unbearable pain. I grabbed my washed clothes by the side and carefully dressed, worried that I’d open my wound.

“I should take some of the elves detergent with me if I have time. It’ll make it easier for Anna to wash the clothes, as well,” I thought.

I nostalgically touched the sky-blue cape suspended on the wall. I was the only one in the entire human empire to have a sky-blue cape. Sisi personally sewed the last one; as for this one, I wasn’t sure. Nonetheless, I decided against wearing it on since I was going to see Veirya.

The golden rays outside irritated my eyes, but the temperature in the elven forest was always pleasant.

While the elven imperial city was only the size of a small town, it was their most prosperous city. I saw elves with bows on their back or swords passing by me. They all greeted me courteously as though I never left and was there as the Elven Queen’s husband,

A few carefree walking birds ambling passed me looked my way, wondering why I, who was different, was in the elves’ territory. Frankly speaking, I never knew them as a species very well. I had never seen elves ride them to battle or travel. Maybe they were just raised for their eggs or as companions?

Spotting me standing at the front of Lucia’s old place, an elf approached and made a small bow: “Good morning, Lord Travor. Do you plan to go and see Lord Veirya now? Do you need me to guide you there?”

“No, you can just tell me where she is.”

The elf pointed to a room I had seen before. I never expected Lucia would let Veirya live there instead of her manor that resembled a castle or the elves’ imperial palace. Maybe it was because elves weren’t fond of humans, and Lucia didn’t want to have elves treat Veirya, I suppose.

I arrived at the small room’s door. I took in a deep breath, nervous for some random reason. Perhaps it was due to what happened in the morning that I was somewhat fearful of Veirya. I surmised that Angelina wouldn’t tell Veirya, nevertheless, betting on Angeline exercising common sense.

I fixed my clothes and touched my face. I even sniffed myself prior to knocking on the door. I wanted to hug Veirya sooner. I didn’t want to do that while I was caught cheating. I wanted to righteously see Veirya as her lover!

Ascillia was pleasantly surprised to see me upon seeing me. She clapped her hands with joy and laughed: “Lord Lin Dongqing, you have arrived! I am glad to see you are all right. I heard you were hurt. I really wanted to see you. Alas, I never had time. I am so glad to see you all right. You do look slightly haggard, having said that. You still need quality rest.”

“Ascillia? You’re taking care of Veirya here?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes. I took care of Lord Veirya here. She has recovered for the most part now. She sneaked outside this morning, which gave us all a fright.”

Ascillia’s last statement left me feeling quite awkward… I knew she sneaked out… but I couldn’t admit to it.

Before I could speak, Angelina pressed her hands on Ascillia’s shoulders and smiled: “I can understand how you’re feeling, but we, as outsiders, should not stop a husband from seeing his wife after being separated for so long. No matter how much you have to say to each other, save it for a bit later. Let’s let Veirya and he have their reunion first. Else, Veirya will want to kill you.”

Ascillia awkwardly nodded. She took a step back with an awkward smile: “I am sincerely sorry, Lord Lin. I was a bit excited. You can rest assured; Lord Veirya has almost fully recovered now.”

“Thank you, Ascillia. Thank you for taking care of Veirya during my absence.”

Based on what I knew, it was too dangerous to have the elves take care of Veirya. Ascillia was also human and on very good terms with me, so I felt safer with letting her take care of Veirya.

I glanced over to Veirya, who was sitting on the bed, still expressionless. Had I not caught her jumping me in the morning, I’d have misunderstood that she didn’t care about me. Fortunately, I knew that it wasn’t just me who missed her, as she also missed me. Things were different to the past at this point. In the past, although Veirya didn’t care about me, she now worried for me. I guess it was love for us now.

Honestly speaking, despite having left Veirya for only somewhere around two weeks, it felt as if we had been apart for ages. I felt she was still so gorgeous when I looked at her again. My heart raced as a result of her beauty again.

I didn’t know what I was afraid of. I was probably just nervous. Angelina watched us with a smile and then pulled Ascillia out with her, albeit with a hint of reluctance. After she shut the door, it was just Veirya and I in the room. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to see her so much. When I finally did, though, I was lost for words thanks to my own nervousness…

In a raspy voice, I conveyed, “Veirya, I really missed you.”

“I also. Missed you very much.”

Despite how shy saying those words made me feel, Veirya enunciated them in a completely calm, yet sincere, tone. I warily tried to hug her, and she reciprocated the hug. I carefully clasped her face. I expected too much, however. Veirya hadn’t learnt to kiss, and she didn’t learn to touch teeth. She smashed her teeth into mine again.

“Sorry… It was all because of me. The fault was mine. Had I not gone out, none of this would’ve happened, and you wouldn’t have been hurt. It was all my fault. Veirya, it was all my fault.”

“It’s not. Your fault,” replied Veirya, with her head tilted to indicate confusion. “You. Did nothing wrong. It wasn’t you. Who hurt me. I’m also. Fine. Additionally. You’re back. Isn’t that. Good enough?”

“Veirya… thank you.”

“Don’t mind it. I love you. At the time. I was very afraid. You’d die. So. I protected you. I don’t know why. This feeling. Is different to my concern. For Her Majesty. Maybe it’s because. I love you.”

I sniffled. For some reason, I was so weak in front of Veirya. She stroked my back gently, while I held back my urge to cry that had amplified.

“I failed to protect our home. The North has been bought. I haven’t decided where to go now. Don’t worry, though. I’ll definitely provide you with a warm and comfortable home. Believe me.”

“Mm? I bought. The North,” whispered Veirya.

I pushed Veirya back, deluged with surprise: “What did you say? You placed a bid?! Ross can identify you, though. Plus, where did you get the money?”

“Lucilia lent me ten thousand. I also sold my medal. To Her Majesty for three thousand. Ascillia went to buy back. The North.”

“The medal that Veirya cherished and exchanged her blood and courage for was sold off just like that? Veirya bought her own belonging with her own money?! Sisi!” I snapped in my mind.

I stood up and touched Veirya’s head. I then turned and left.

“Where are you off to?”

“I’m going to get back your medal.”

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