The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 72


“Where am I? Did I just have an extremely long dream? Everything seems surreal? When did the dream start? Did it start when I was fooled and Veirya got hurt, or did it start when Veirya and I slept on the lawn? Or was it from when I met Leah for the first time? Is it all a dream? Are Leah, Veirya, Angelina, Lucilia and that woman I hate and love, Sisi, all a dream? Were the schemes, fireplace in the small house in summer and my maniacal laughter in the trade centre a dream? Was the night journey and my last murmur at the clock tower a dream? Was it all a dream I conjured in my mind to not design a wedding for my beloved woman?” I reeled off in my mind, unable to answer any of the questions I posed.

I lauded myself as he smartest individual in the empire, yet I couldn’t even tell where I was. My eyes were still shut; however, I could smell rain that was sprinkling onto the leaves.

“What’s this next to me? Is this gentle breath from time?”

I tried to move my finger, but it was slow as a robot. It resembled a robot trying to move one part after the other. However, something warm tightly clasped my fingers. It was gentle, yet firm. I felt as though I had a bone lodged in my throat. My vision was quite hazy upon opening my eyes. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I had seen it somewhere before. I had the impression that I had seen it in reality or a dream before.

Eventually, my vision became clear. I was surprised to spot a small head next to my arm. I recognised the head. Short hair and an elven crown – Lucia.

An elf servant noticed me wake up, therefore making a “hush” hand gesture. Then, she pointed to Lucia and quietly informed me, “Please let Queen Lucilia sleep for a while. She has not slept for two days to take care of you.”

I inwardly appreciated, “She’s been looking after me at my side for two entire days? I was so mean to her. I betrayed her, and made the entire elven race suffer a heavy blow, yet she’s taking care of me and helping so devotedly. This is the Lucilia who loves me. This is my Lucilia.”

Had I not fallen for Veirya, I really might’ve swapped Sisi to live a life of bliss with Lucilia in the elven forest. I couldn’t help loving Lucilia when she loved me so sincerely. However, I had promised Veirya to be with her.

“What’s wrong?”

Despite how quiet the maid was, Lucia woke up. Bleary, she rubbed her eyes until she saw me looking at her. She clasped my hand and delightfully enthused, “Yes! Yes! Travor, you scared me to death. I was genuinely worried you’d… I was seriously scared… When… when you were brought here, you were in horrific condition. I’m glad you’re alive, Travor, so, so glad you’re still alive. This is great.”

Tears welled up in Lucilia’s eyes by the time she reached her last words. I held her hand back and smiled. It was exhausting for me to even smile. She inhaled deeply to smile again with composure: “In any case, I’m glad you’re alive. Travor, your wound has been treated. Veirya gave you a blood transfusion. You two sure are fun, taking turns to give each other blood transfusions. Needless to say, I had to resort to despite not advocating it.”

Lucilia carefully caressed my face: “Have a rest, Travor. Take care of your wound. Don’t worry about anything else for now. We elves will always welcome you. For now, take care of your wound, or you will die.”

I nodded but didn’t release Lucilia’s hand.

“Is something the matter, Travor? Veirya’s wound is fine now. She and you just need some time to heal yourselves. I’ve helped Leah and the catboy settle down, so you don’t need worry about them. As for the North… mm… it’s fine. We killed the bandits and hauled the merchants over. I heard they wanted revenge against you. If you like, we can off them; that won’t be an issue.”

“So the elves saved me,” I remarked to myself.

I didn’t know what happened after I passed out yesterday. I had no idea how the elves knew about my pinch, either. In saying that, I had to admit that I’d actually be dead if it wasn’t for them. I swear on my life I never thought they’d kidnap the merchants.

I patted the spot next to me. Lucia looked at me feeling surprised but then started to get slightly giddy. Her twitching ears were gave it away.

“You mean I can sleep next to you?! I can?! Great, great! You can leave, shoo.”

The servant nodded and left as per Lucilia’s instructions. Lucilia bashfully touched her face and hair. She gently set aside her crown and stripped, leaving just her simple white underwear to clothe her body. She shyly covered her virtually non-existent breasts and softly said, “Pardon the intrusion…”

I should’ve been the one to say that, but perhaps Lucilia considered herself to be the one profiting. She slowly lifted the blanket and climbed in, curling up on my chest. She was too shy to even speak, but her fingers on my face sure weren’t shy.

I ran my fingers through Lucilia’s hair and tried to speak. Only then did I discover how raspy my voice was.

“Thank you, Lucilia. I don’t know what would have become of me if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. Regardless of what the case is, you’re also my lover. I will always love you, Travor. You loving me and me loving you are two separate things.”

“… Sorry.”

I didn’t want to betray Veirya. I couldn’t reciprocate Lucilia’s feelings in spite of her having done so much for me. With that said, it really tormented my conscience to see her treat me so kindly.

“It’s all right. I understand, Travor. If I brought you to the elven lands at the beginning, we might already have our own child, but it no longer matters. You wouldn’t be happy if I forced you to stay with me now, would you? Having said that, can you do this with me again in the future? I don’t need you to always be my Travor, but can you occasionally be my Travor for a night as you’re doing now?”

I caressed Lucilia’s cheek and kissed it. At first, she pulled back then gently kissed me back. I certainly couldn’t be her Travor forever, but if it was just one night, perhaps I could be Lucilia’s Travor for one night.

Apparently, Lucia was slightly aroused, evident from her hand beginning to try and head south. I also started feeling blood collect between my legs if I was honest. That said, I didn’t quite dare to move because I still remembered the sensation of my abdomen throbbing with pain. If I recklessly moved and opened my wound again, I’d die for real. Lucia, however, didn’t need me take any initiative. The moment she made contact with my wood, her face turned beet red.

“Don’t get too excited, Travor. I’ll do the work… Travor, you should be aware… that I’m willing to do anything.”

Afterwards, Lucia quickly slipped down under the sheets. I honestly never expected Lucilia to do it…

“What would the elves think if they saw this?” was a question I was curious about but never wanted to know the answer to.

The Elven Queen was gently getting me off… It must’ve been Lucia’s first time. It hurt a little but was very warm and felt incredibly, mm… amazing…

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