The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 71


What do I consider Papa?

“Papa! No! No! Papa… please… Papa! Please don’t die… open your eyes… Please!”

The man in front of me still wore a gentle smile, but his eyes were shut. I tightly gripped his chest with my tiny hands and desperately shook him, but I couldn’t wake.

The last word he murmured was, “Veirya…” His last expression was a blissful smile. Perhaps it was because he saw her in the end.  I’m right here next to him, so why is he thinking of that woman? I’m worried about Papa and heartbroken, but why am I also angry?

That woman angers me. Why? Why? Why? I’m right by Papa’s side. I’m the only one who has never left Papa, so why is Papa thinking of her? I want to be together with Papa forever, but I don’t want to share Papa with anyone. I just want to live together with Papa. I only need Papa. I don’t need anyone else. I only need Papa!

Why is this feeling…? What is this feeling…? I don’t want to share Papa with anyone. I want to be by Papa’s side, hold Papa’s hand, lean on Papa’s just as the other succubi do. I want Papa to hug me and kiss me, but not my cheek or forehead. I want him to kiss my lips and entangle his tongue with mine. I want to do the things that make Papa happy. I want Papa’s child. I want Papa to do what men did to the succubi, but with me!

What exactly is this…? Is this love? I want to keep Papa by my side and not let anyone else lay their filthy hands on him be it Sisi or Veirya. Papa is my Papa. I love Papa but not as a daughter. I want to embrace Papa, kiss Papa and be together with Papa forever and ever and ever and ever! I won’t let anyone have Papa…

“Miss Leah, I am sure you will come to understand. However, you must bear in mind that when it comes to love, we are wild beasts. There is no need to worry about family or friend. Rip apart your opponent, and then saddle the man and devour him. That is love, Miss Leah. You will understand one day,” Sophia taught Leah.

Ah… Yes… Sophia was right… Right now, I…. I want to… crush that woman, skin her, tear her apart and reduce her to a speck of dust! Nobody can steal my Papa from me. Nobody!

Ross stammered, “Lord Lin… a… a woman just offered ten thousand gold coins… we… we do not have money… we do not have any more money. What do we do…? Lord Lin! Lord Lin! Lord Lin!”

“Stop shouting, Ross,” ordered Leah. Voice calm, she expanded, “Since we don’t have money, let’s leave the North. There’s no point in staying here. Let’s go somewhere else. I know of a place. I once lived there. It should be abandoned now, but if Papa is there, we can revive it! Plus, we can go to the elven lands to treat Papa first! Papa isn’t dead! I know it! Papa isn’t dead!”

“Really?” exclaimed Ross, delighted to hear the first piece of good news in a while.

As the hammer came down, the rights to the land were transferred from Veirya to that woman. Honestly, nobody knew who she was. When the bid reached ten thousand, the merchants were done whether they liked it or not. Nevertheless, they figured Lin Dongqing didn’t have much as he had just recovered, as well, since raising the bid to make him drop some money wasn’t so bad in the end.  They, however, never expected the girl to come out of nowhere and drop thirteen thousand gold coins in one go, thereby winning the bid and the North.

The outcome was the best outcome to the merchants. While they failed to buy it, it didn’t matter, for the reason that the North was a useless block of land with no value. They purely wanted to spite Lin Dongqing.

As the curtain on the auction came down, a sequence of horse hooves came through accompanied by several gun shots. Surprised, Ross looked over then immediately leaned back.

“Miss Leah… what do we do..? The people from last night… It’s those men from last night… Th-they’ve caught up…”

The group of bandits aimed their swords and the dwarves’ guns at the crowd. Flustered and loss for what to do, the crowd clustered together. The group on horses loudly demanded they hand over their money.

“There’s someone in the clock tower! There’s still someone in the clock tower! The one up there has ten thousand gold coins! You guys go and find him! You must find him! He has money! He has money!” shouted the group, pointing to the clock tower.

“Miss Leah, what do we do? What do we do? Where can we run to now? We… we are trapped here… What do we do?!”

The group rushed over to the bottom of the tower. Ross chose the best spot for the auction. Sadly, it became his undoing since there was only one way up and down the tower.

“It’ll be fine,” declared Leah, performing neck circles as she picked up a length of timer by the side. “Mama Veirya and Angelina taught me swordplay. I will protect Papa! Nobody can hurt Leah’s Papa! Nobody!”

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