The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 73


“Your Majesty, killing Lin Dongqing is really not a good idea,” opined Achilles. “Do you honestly think that killing Lin Dongqing is wise? Moreover, you assassinated him. Will he remain on good terms with you from now?”

“You can’t speak thoughtlessly, Achilles,” responded Sisi, throwing her hair over her shoulder. “Since when did I give the command to assassinate Lin Dongqing? Achilles, it upsets me that you would senselessly suspect me.”

“Your Majesty!”

“It has nothing to do with me. I never sent anyone to assassinate Lin Dongqing. You can ask anyone to confirm that. I have never given such an order. Lin Dongqing didn’t offend me; why would I be angry? Don’t you think the dwarves and merchants would be more eager to have him killed? Dongqing’s assassination did astonish me, indeed. Furthermore, didn’t you save him? If I wanted him dead, would you dare to save him?”

“Your Majesty, can you really say that his assassination has anything to do with you? Given that he was assassinated near the imperial palace, I cannot see how you are not connected to the assassination. Your Majesty, I hope that you can be on good terms with Lin Dongqing. He far surpasses any businessman in the entire empire. If you lose him, our empire will have suffered an enormous loss.”

“Achilles, how much do you think he can do? I know how smart he is. In addition, I, of course, know that he is superior to any other. Nonetheless, how many Lin Dongqings are there? I have so many businesses in my imperial capital. Could one Dongqing make me all the money required? True, those businessmen can’t compare to him, but without them, my imperial capital would go stagnant. How can I not placate them? I didn’t assassinate him; I just didn’t protect him.”

Achilles had no counterargument. Sisi’s logic made sense. Lin Dongqing fooled them and almost destroyed the entire imperial capital by himself. Having said that, the entire capital couldn’t rely on him alone. After what happened, all of the merchants couldn’t be any more furious with Lin Dongqing. If Sisi couldn’t appease them, their loyalty for her would diminish. Everyone now knew that she wouldn’t abandon them for him. That was the concept of balance. Business in the imperial capital required the businessmen to continue. They were inferior to Lin Dongqing but superior to others. Lin Dongqing was suited to stay by Sisi’s side. At the same time, they needed to make sure the businessmen were loyal to her, as well. As Queen, Sisi needed to consider things beyond the romance between a man and woman. She had to manage the businessmen’s mood.

“Lin Dongqing will be back, however,” continued Sisi. “He’s bound to be back. I have what he will definitely take back from me, so I have no concerns. He’s mine. No matter how he tries, I’ll ensure he comes back to me.”


When I woke up the next morning, I discovered Lucia had already left. I wasn’t sure if the elven medicines were highly effective or if my wound wasn’t particularly serious. Nevertheless, I felt that I had recovered a bit. At the very least, my body no longer felt heavy. My senses had fully returned to me, too. I could even feel slightly hungry.

Lucia left a note on the table, telling me that I could ask an elven servant to attend to me once I woke up. I softly called out.

A young elven girl immediately entered and bowed to me brightly: “Lord Travor, how can I help you?”

“Where… is Veirya?”

When I had to choose between food and Veirya, I chose the latter. I wanted to see Veirya so much. Things had come to an end. I could finally see her. I didn’t want to just see her, hug her and confirm that she was fine. We were finally reunited.

“Lord Veirya has not completely recovered and is still recuperating in the room next door. She should be able to come see you soon. Did you want something to eat? Ross and Miss Leah have turned in. They fell asleep after finding out you had woken up last night and have yet to wake up.” The young elven girl bowed and then exited.

Everything was over. The entire fiasco had finally concluded. While there was my assassination to get to the bottom of, I didn’t want to pursue the matter. It was pointless to. What would be the point? Was I supposed to ask Sisi for an apology? She would never apologise to me, and I wouldn’t harm her. It was time to wrap up the whole fiasco. I doubt Sisi wanted to actually kill me because, if she did, I wouldn’t have made it here.

I gently touched the bandage on my abdomen. I recalled Lucia from last night… I never expected her to go there, but it was seriously, seriously amazing… But… but… I suddenly noticed a problem…

“So… Veirya was in the room next to mine… In other words… there was only one wall between us… Lucia and I did that right next to Veirya’s room… I always said I loved Veirya… yet did that with Lucia… Mm… Let’s forget it… Pretend it never happened.  I just need to avoid letting Veirya find out, and it’d be fine… Accidents happen…”

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