Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 24

Two Problems and Two Tasks

“Y-your senior sister is also here?”

“Why is that even a question? Anyone should assume Luo Sword Manor would invite her given her level of fame in Jiangnan. Shizun made it clear years ago that Senior Sister was in charge if she was absent. She is bound to be our sect’s successor. You have a problem?”

“No, no, none at all. Great judgement.”

“Big Brother Ming, you said you’re close, but I have the impression that you’re afraid of them.”

“Horse feathers. It’s not fear; it’s respect. It’s the same as how you respect cockroaches and ghosts. Would you say you’re scared of cockroaches? Exactly.”

“That is afraid…”

“Ahem, ahem,” interjected Huofeng, witnessing Su Xiao lodge his argument in my throat. “We’re going to get going, then. Ming Feizhen, we’re leaving.”

I gestured for Huofeng to take her time. I would’ve spared her some spare change if I had some. Suddenly, she vented on the ground with her foot, exclaiming, “Can’t you say something?!”

Jie Daqian, who was feigning dead, quickly lied back down upon feeling the tremor through the ground and seeing the dent in the ground.

You should be embarrassed of yourself, Elder…

“Ming Feizhen, say something!”

“Oh, right, right, umm, take care?”

“Not that!”

“Uh… Safe travels.”

Huofeng suddenly swung hard at me: “I didn’t ask for drivel!”

I shifted my weight just back in time, or I’d have whiplash from that!

“What exactly do you want to hear?!”

“A message to pass on!”


“What else would I have to say to you?” Huofeng rolled her eyes at me.

“That… That…” I started kicking a stone around and finished, “A message… for who?”

“You done pretending?! All those days of yearning and this is what you say?! You heartless jerk!”

Oi, why are you suddenly lambasting me?!

“Why do you let her keep on harassing us? Ming Suwen vsited Hangzhou months ago and gloated about her touring the capital with you. Did that happen or not?!”

What in god’s name is this all about?! I mean, I know you two would love to slap the face off the other, but sheesh! Also, why are you dragging me into your lie, Young Shiyi? All we did was sign up to partake in Liu Shan Men’s recruitment exam together. Is that even a tour? Didn’t you leave in tears? Oh, I get it now! Mount Daluo and Wutong Jin Yuxuan are in opposite directions. You went to Wutong Jin Yuxuan to vent after that.

“It’s been years since I’ve heard from you. Are you really not going to give me a message?!”

“I… I…”

Huofeng folded her arms and titled her arms, inhaling loudly through her nose.

“Senior Sister, is he the one?” whispered one of Huofeng’s juniors.

“He looks meh, yet First Sister… Young Master Su is leagues above him.”

“Yeah, he’d be ten out of ten if he didn’t resemble that demoness.”

“I’m a guy!” Su Xiao fumed.

“Pfft, sorry, sorry. We encountered a water ghost a few days ago and noticed that she resembles you…”

Su Xiao narrowed his eyes when he heard the comparison.

“What’s the resemblance between them?” I asked.

“How does a floating corpse in blue resemble him? How does a ghost’s corpse and humans resemble each other?” Huofeng snapped.

“She wore a robe similar to Young Master Su’s. The only difference was their colour,” expanded the female disciple.

“Where did you see her?!” I effused, figuring it was Boss Shen.

“Big Brother Ming, could it have been…”

“Yes. It’s our uniform.”

Su Xiao’s constable uniform was a modification of a female constable uniform, which was why it bore a striking resemblance to each other. To add, Boss Shen was thrown into the river, which lined up with their description. What troubled me was the usage of the term “corpse”…

“Say no more. We’re leaving,” commanded Huofeng.

“Wait, we have something we’d like to ask, Huofeng.”

“We’re not obligated to answer. Shizun instructed us not to associate with anyone from Mount Daluo. Young Master Su, as you are his sworn brother, please forgive this one for refusing to interact with you.”

“This is an important matter; a life is on the line here. Set aside personal grudges, and answer my questions.”

Huofeng gave me a palm and fist salute.

“Wait!” I cut off Huofeng’s path: “State your conditions.”

“What happened to your refusal to speak? Fine, Mount Daluo must do us some favours.”

“Just say the word.”

“I want you to answer two questions and complete two tasks.”

“Consider it done.”

How hard could the two tasks have been, and how hard could answering two questions be? Speed is of the essence. I wanted to just pick Boss Shen up and go home.

“I’m not sure you can complete even one of the requests.”

“Among the list of things I can’t do, hehehe…” I couldn’t explicate myself, so I used facial gestures to deliver my point.

“Big Brother Ming, that’s careless. What if they ask for money? You wouldn’t even be able to offer them two coins right now.”

Yes, His Majesty only gave me one coin, but I also have my own coins. Even if I don’t have any, surely you have some. Did you come along just to be decoration or something?!

“Whenever you complete the two tasks, everyone in Wutong Jin Yuxuan will welcome you with open arms. I’ll also… also… Let’s hear your answers first.”

“Ready when you are.”

Huo Feng held up a finger: “First, when is your shifu going to marry my shifu?”

“Easy, when…”

Hold up… How am I supposed to know that? Go ask my shifu! Good luck with that, though, because not even my shininang can find him. Who do I ask if you ask me?!

“I… have no means of answering a question reserved for the previous generation…”

“Okay, I’ll give you a free pass on that question for now.” Huofeng extended two fingers: “Second, when… are you going to marry my senior sister? Are you trying to abscond when you two are already engaged?!”


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