Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 23

Green Prince’s Legacy

Red Prince, the eldest son of Emperor Yuansheng, the son touted as the prodigy, studied literacy under Prime Minister Li Si and martial arts under Lai Jingzhen. Whether it was thanks to his abilities in both fields or was purely a product of his mother’s wishes, he resided in the capital.

Yellow Prince, the one prince the military saw greatness in, was considered the best leader among his siblings for his bravery on the battlefield and hunger for battle. During his three-year campaign against Beijiang’s forces, the Qilin Guards’ grand commander was one of his coaches.

Cyan Prince, the brother with the same parents as Princess Jingan, was known for his advocacy of peace, philanthropy and lent an ear to citizens more than his brothers, resulting in him being the Prince the denizens praised the most; some heralded him as Benevolent King. Sadly, due to his weak constitution, Emperor Yuansheng had no idea who to select in Cyan Prince’s place for succession.

Excelling in strategy, possessing a vocabulary of a thousand characters at the tender age of six, having read a hundred scrolls by the age of eight, composing poetry at the ten years of age and shining as a debater in the adult world was none other Blue Prince. A legend spoke of him writing calligraphy on one hand, drawing on his other hand and winning three simultaneous games of vocal go with three others when he was fifteen years old.  He was sent as an envoy to Western Regions when he was nineteen and leveraged the complicated status quo for seven kingdoms to successfully sign a peace treaty. The fact that Emperor Yuansheng trusted Luoyang to him was the best proof that his father thought highly of him.

Orange Prince needed no introduction after gaining notoriety for his rebellion, cementing his name in history with the event named after him.

The book that recorded the six Princes’ important facts and experiences was probably as thick as the history book.

Unlike his brothers who made a name for themselves, it would be more accurate to say that people made Green Prince famous rather than him making a name for himself… The fourth eldest son was the most generous and easy-going among the Princes. Just as everyone in his family had an obsession with something, such as Zizi’s love for calling random people his dad, Green Prince had an obsession with women – not in the sense that he was loyal in love but that he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Green Prince couldn’t go a day without a woman accompanying him. Unfortunately for him, his physique wasn’t really popular. He wasn’t a big eater or a couch potato; it was probably a health condition. To be fair, he wasn’t ugly; his bean-sized eyes just didn’t win any belle’s fancy, though. To add, the man couldn’t stay with one woman. One could argue he had no redeeming qualities a woman could like about him.

They say beggars can’t be choosers. Green Prince was a Prince. A Prince gets to choose, and he chose civilians who had to be virgins. He had no interest in girls from brothels even if they never slept with a man before. That was the reason he had numerous adepts at his estate and would go hunting for girls whenever he had time. There wasn’t much people could do when he leveraged his status and wealth to steal women from men. For a time, Green Prince got to enjoy himself to the max every day until that fateful day.

During one of his birthday banquets, one of the girls he kidnapped publicly declared that she was no longer a version and then eloped with one of the guests. Thus began the legend of Prince Cuck.

The first example of a girl eloping galvanized ideas among the other kidnapped girls. They employed various means and strategies that gave rise to the phenomenon coined “Eloping Phenomenon”. Ironically, it was the people who worked for Green Prince who eloped with his women. Henceforth, all of the girls he had eyes for would elope with the door guard, gardener and so forth. It probably wasn’t an issue of inadequate security at the estate. After all, over twenty girls eloped in one year, meaning that over twenty employees also ran away in a year.

As generous and tolerant as he was, Green Prince wouldn’t burn the forest for a few trees. No matter how many girls eloped, he continued eating, drinking merrily and searching for more women. Although things never changed, he was used to it. It got to a point where he called in a doctor to see if he was sick when he was just exhilarated that a girl stayed for two days – which was a couple of hours away from breaking the longest record any of them ever stayed. He, instead, felt more relaxed when they eloped.

People spread a story that one of Green Prince’s gardeners saw him bleed green blood when he accidentally cut himself on a thorn.  Some claimed he only hired eunuchs and maids because all of his male employees ran off with his ladies. One day, he came home with a god and declared, “Hahaha, now that the only man in my estate is this dog, who will you elope with?” They said a maiden actually took off with the dog and never looked back.

Reportedly, maidens who couldn’t find husbands would deliberately loiter in the vicinity of Green Prince’s estate so that he could kidnap them. Subsequently, they would find a lover in his estate and live happily ever after. People had no idea if they should praise Green Prince for being a benevolent matchmaker or ridicule him.

Green Prince wrongly assumed adepts who voluntarily offered them their skills saw his gallant ambitions buried deep down below those layers of fat. In reality, they were there because there were girls the Prince had handpicked for them and a nice paycheque to pocket until they eloped to boot.

Man, I can’t believe I can’t stop my hands shaking now that I’ve met the legend himself… Is this how it feels to meet legendary men? He’s no brain-dead piglet. Not even an hour after I met the man, he’s already got a new green hat.

His territory is all the way in Nanjiang, which is over five hundred kilometres away from here. Wait… Does His Majesty already know about this? Now I know why there was the contradiction of trying to remain in the shadows, yet wanting to visit Luo Sword Manor in person! He must be eager to see whether or not his son really is getting involved with this event.

I guess His Majesty didn’t want to show on the surface that he lost a lot of trust for his sons and now wants to confirm his son’s agenda for himself. I guess he couldn’t mention Green Prince since the latters’ legends are too darn embarrassing. He’ll probably feel let down if he finds out Green Prince did come here.

“What? Don’t just stare at me. Let the man go,” I grumbled, noticing Su Xiao staring at me once I was done thinking.

“We have to take him to a magistrate office!”

“I acknowledge that the escort team died tragically, but do you realise who Elder Chen is? Look at the corpses. Do you see any fatal injuries inflicted using Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms? The culprit already absconded. What are you going to incriminate Elder Chen for? Being a bystander?”

Su Xiao despondently removed his sabre. Having had to bear with his fatigue and injuries ever since Su Xiao restrained him, Chen Wanyun’s knees buckled as he had a short blackout. Chen Wanyun quickly sealed several accupoints and sat down to recuperate. Chen Wanyun had years of training on Huofeng and company, which was why he was able to stand again before they could.

“This old one underestimated you. While he was cooped up in Nanjiang, some excellent young talent has emerged in the pugilistic world, huh. Impressive. Very impressive.”

I surmised Chen Wanyun figured out I was pulling some strings before because he spoke with his gaze locked on me, though he didn’t know what exactly I did.

“It was an honour to be your opponent, Elder,” I expressed.

Stifling his voice, Chen Wanyun asserted, “I assume you also know his identity.”

I politely smiled back: “We will meet again.”

“You know what to do, then?”

“My motto is, eat, drink sleep and don’t stick your mouth where it doesn’t belong. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“I hope you will honour your word.”

Man, the way you just aggressively saluted me tells me that we’re going to be fighting a grudge match when we meet again. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Chen Wanyun took off swiftly for the reason that Huofeng and company were basically at full power by the time they were done recovering. Knowing them, there was no way they’d just let him walk out on two legs.

“Thank you for saving us. Young Master Su, may I ask where you are from? How many people are in your family? Where do you live? Who is your shifu? What are your favourite dishes? What sort of girl to you look? I… would like to repay you,” effused one of Huofeng’s juniors.

“I-I-I, umm…”

You sure you’re trying to repay him and not trying to questioning your husband candidate?!

I pulled Su Xiao behind and asked Huofeng, “You all right?”

Huofeng was all smiles when she watched her juniors hit on Su Xiao, yet, as soon as I spoke to her, she aggressed, “What’s it to you? We were doing just fine? Who asked you to get involved?!”

“Senior Sister, we would not be here now if it were not for Young Master Su.”

“I’m only thanking Young Master Su,” scoffed Huofeng.

“Come on now. Don’t be so cold to your family,” I remarked.

“Don’t lump me in with you!”

“What happened to the lass following behind me all the time back then crying, ‘Brother, I want some wine’?”

“Who ever called you ‘Brother’?!” Huofeng raised her hand at me.

“Big Brother Ming, you two know each other?”

“Which sect am I from again?” I asked.

“Big Brother Ming, have you lost more brain cells? You’re a disciple of Mount Daluo!”

What did you just say?! That’s called a rhetoric question, you brain-cell-less kid!

“Mount Daluo and Wutong Jin Yuxuan are as close as family, right, Abbess Huofeng?” I queried.

The amused smiles on Huofeng’s juniors’ faces suggested that they already heard all the gossip about their patriarch and the old bugger. Nobody would believe one of the top beauty in all the land wasn’t married when she had a line of suitors, right?

“Oh, oh,” responded Su Xiao.

“This one is a disciple of Mount Daluo carrying the ‘Ming’ surname. It is an honour to meet you, Junior Sisters.”

“Quiet!” grouched Huofeng, displeased with her juniors’ giggling in response to my jokey introduction. “I will repay this debt, happy?”

“What are you so cranky for? Sheesh. We got along so well back then. What happ-”

Huofeng stomped: “I dare you to mention it again.”

“Ah, fine, fine, I won’t mention it, okay?” Scratching my head, I inquired, “I knew you were in Huzhou already as I met your Third Sister on my way here. Is she in the town right now? You’re the team escorting the black container, right? You rendezvousing today?”

Huofeng wryly lifted up a corner of her lips: “Yes, she has arrived. I’m going to regroup with her now…”

“I’ll escort you to the town.”

“Really? Thanks. It’s been a while since you two have met, anyhow.”

“We met just days ago.”

“I wasn’t talking about my junior sister. I was referring to my senior sister.”

“Y-y-your senior sister is also here?”


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