Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 20


The circumstances we met under was… a little awkward. People these days knew her better as Abbess Huofeng, but she wasn’t a fraction as graceful and regal as she was when I last met her. Elder Chen was spot on about Matriarch Zi’s recruitment policy. Of all things Abbess Huofeng had to inherit, it had to be Matriarch Zi’s hatred for villainy with a vengeance during the latter’s younger days.

Abbess Huofeng couldn’t purge Matriarch Zi’s fiery temper from herself even though she became a nun. You know something is wrong when they aren’t cursing or fighting someone for a day. When they walk, they walk as if they’re absconding from a crime scene. I never forgot the one time she went so fast that she crashed into the bottom ledge of the door and then smashed it apart out of anger, claiming, “This is a hostile door ledge.”

What Huofeng was best known for, however, wasn’t her aggressive nature but her ability to hold her wine. They said that she could drink eighty percent of the wine available in Hangzhou if she was bored. Due to her absence at one drinking contest in Hangzhou, people bemoaned the contest was pointless.

On the other hand, Wutong Jin Yuxuan hated her drinking habits, labelling it uncultured behaviour even though they had no qualms about her punching someone’s face in just because they rubbed her the wrong way. I don’t know if they brainwashed her or what, but props to them for convincing her to behave femininely.

“Y-you jerk! You made me break my taboo! You deliberately decided to show up now, didn’t you?!”

I mean, could you blame her face for resembling her temper when her façade was exposed to those who knew her?

To calm Huofeng down, I used Voice Transmission to tell her, “Calm down. Calm down.”

“You freaking calm down!”

Did I force you to curse? Huh? Why is it my fault all of a sudden? You’re the one who embarrassed yourself!

“Uh, pardon me, but why are you cursing, Abbess?” asked Su Xiao, dumbfounded. “Buddha will punish you.”

“He can do as he pleases. I can curse whoever I want. What’s it to you?!”

“We came here to help you. We’d still save you even if you cursed, but we’d also give you the cold shoulder after. That’s no fun.” Su Xiao, who Huofeng couldn’t identify, shut Huofeng down for once.

“Are you done yet? Are you marginalising this old one now?” grouched Elder Chen. “Who are you?”

Su Xiao could use Voice Transmission, albeit only at ranges this close, but it still wasn’t wise to let him know I could communicate with the enemy. Hence, I played dumb and kept silent.

“Hahaha, this old one must be really old. Not one of you recognises him?”

“Well, you don’t have deprecate yourself to that extent,” responded Huofeng. “You’re Ninth Elder, Chen Wanyun, the vice-chief of the south branch and a man Chief Hong Ba regarded highly. With the six moves Chief Hong Ba imparted onto you, you were undefeated in the southern branch. Black and White Reflection ranked you in 763rd spot in last month’s edition and 54th place in Jiangnan’s list of adepts. Remaining in the top sixty without having fought in years shows that you are still remembered. It almost sounds as though you are insulting us for ignorance.”

“I’d expect as much from Zi Wutong’s disciple. Having said that, your behaviour just now could be compared to that of monks from Cold Mountain Temple or nuns from Zi Weiguan, completely unlike your shifu.”

“Shifu once mentioned your Subduing Dragon Palms are so good that you almost hurt her gravely back then. She says she remembers it as though it was yesterday.”

“Hehe, that’s all in the past. Yes, I was close to hurting her, but she almost took my life. I still feel the effects every now and then from that slash. It’s unfortunate that I can’t repay the favour.”

The sardonic conversation told me that the black container was Huofeng and company’s token into Refining Divine Convention. Chen Wanyun, who was in the fatty’s employment, bumped into Huofeng on the way to the event and decided to jump the group out of spite for the grudge from back then.

I was wondering who’d be brain damaged enough to try rob Wutong Jin Yuxuan. If a few more nuns with the monstrous might of Huofeng rocked up, they’d be strong enough to blow holes in all of them for laughs. I bet my balls they wouldn’t have jumped Huofeng if she didn’t have just three of her juniors accompanying her. Poor fatty didn’t even know this old bugger coaxed him into approving of the attack for a personal grudge.

“We’ll settle the grudge from back then today. Before that, though, we need to do something about these side characters.”

“Elder Chen, you started this fight, so you have to tidy up yourself. Don’t drag me into your mess!” fumed the chubby youth, figuring out the situation a little too late.

“Young Master, you wish to have a token of entry to the event, do you not? This is the only chance to obtain said token, not to mention that this is one of the best treasures in the world. Secondly, you want a woman to keep you company on your journey. As you always see beautiful women, wouldn’t our nun here be more refreshing?”

The chubby youth scanned Huofeng and assented, “Fine!”

Chen Wanyun turned to Su Xiao and I with a simper: “Spoiling my agenda, you must be dying for an early funeral.”

I prepared my celestial spider silk as Chen Wanyun concentrated energy to his arms.

“You’re young, have the looks and quite an impressive pugilist. Getting in an avenger’s way is courting death, sadly. You ready?”

I nodded.

“You ready?!”

I nodded harder.

“Good!” Elder Chen bound forward: “Kid, draw your sabre!”

… All of those provocations were aimed at Su Xiao?! After all that talk, you pick on a human dummy?!


Bottom door ledge – In ancient times (China), there was always this ledge that you had to step over doors, and this is how it looked –


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