The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 64

Demon King

I wasn’t going to give Edward any chances of a negotiation, and I had no intention of giving the merchants a chance to negotiate, either. Either Edward dies or I wouldn’t speak with them. If I was bankrupt, I’d just take everyone to the elven lands with me to spend the rest of my life in peace with Lucilia while they grovel and pray to whatever the hell tickled their fancy.

“I don’t give a damn what happens to your economy, humans. It no longer concerns me anyway,” I thought in my mind.

“Why are you looking at me with those gazes?! Don’t look at me with those gazes! Why must I die?! This is just his twisted hobby! You can’t do this! I didn’t do anything wrong, so why do I have to die?! I’m a victim just as you are! You can’t sacrifice me to save your own hides! This is blackmail! You are committing murder!” yelled Edward.

I victoriously kept my hand on the door handle, facing the door. I heard the chairs the merchants sat on move.

“You’re just taking revenge! You’re purely seeking revenge! I didn’t do anything to Leah! Leah is your daughter, not your wife! Why can’t I love her?! This is murder! This is murder!”

Yes, I was committing murder. Beat it. I wanted to pressure the merchants into killing Edward. had neither sympathy nor a bottom line. If there must be one, Leah and Veirya were my bottom line. Sure, Leah was my daughter and not my wife. In saying that, I hoped she could find a young, loyal, honest, earnest and reliable young man around her age to hold her hand. Leah could smile so brightly when she was with me. Therefore, I hoped for her to smile just as brightly with her Mr. Right. I didn’t want her to with that opportunist scoundrel!

“Mr. Edward, please do not make things hard for us. You accepted this job to please Queen Sisi, hurt Lord Lin and then harassed his daughter. We would not do this if it was his wife, but Lord Lin’s daughter is only ten, is she not? Could you really lay your hands on her? Do you not feel that you should apologise tous and Lord Lin?”

The merchants suddenly decided to threaten Edward with justice. Their comrade, Edward, had been forced to the edge of the precipice, yet all they cared about was their debts. Killing me meant they’d never be able to repay the sum. If Edward died, on the other hand, they wouldn’t need to compensate him and worry about only the bank. Subsequently,

“I don’t… I don’t want to die… Please. Please, don’t kill me, okay…? I beg you… Don’t do this. Don’t do this. We’re all businessmen. We’re all businessmen. You all know that. You all know that. I don’t need your compensation. I acknowledge I’m bankrupt. Come on, I won’t ask you to compensate me, just please… Lord Lin… I’m sorry. I was in the wrong. I…. I shouldn’t have harassed your daughter. I will compensate you for your losses and damages in the future, so, so, please forgive me. Lord Lin! I’m begging you!”

There was a saying that went, “Show leniency whenever possible.” A grown man cried and pleaded for mercy. Killing him would tickle my conscience. While I didn’t personally kill him, it was me who caused his death. Furthermore, it was me who forced him to die. To be fair, Edward didn’t do just proposed to Leah; he never harassed her. And so, I decided to open the door and go outside. I guess I still couldn’t watch someone maul another person.

Not long after I got outside, I heard screams and shrills. After waiting for a while longer, the voice vanished. I waited for a few more seconds before entering to see Edward lying silently on the ground. He had a belt mark around his neck. I didn’t know whose belt it was. I kicked his body, causing him to judder all of a sudden and cough violently.

“It seems that this motley crew aren’t talented killers. I guess merchants aren’t professionals at killing people,” I thought to myself. “That’s enough. Even if I don’t kill him, there will still be others looking to kill him. I think the succubi would like an extra side hustle. Take Edward to the succubi. He’ll die if Her Majesty sees him.”

Truthfully, my curiosity was piqued. Sisi wouldn’t spare him. Had he not provoked me, I wouldn’t have come to the imperial capital. I might’ve been quivering in front of Sisi instead of tormenting him if he didn’t have an ego erection.

I took in a big breath and picked up the glass of honey wine to finish it. I tossed it aside thoughtlessly and then grabbed the sky-blue cape the attendant passed me. I opined, “All right, since it’s pretty much over, let’s head over to see Queen Sisi. Of course, I think she might not be too happy to see you lot.”

After Sisi finished reading the bank president’s letter, she squeezed as if it owed her money. She was absolutely calm, having said that. Words failed the head lady-in-waiting.

“Let’s head to the front palace. I have to go there to handle some work. There will soon be visitors seeking an audience with me,” stated Sisi.

Worried, the head lady-in-waiting circumspectly inquired, “Your Majesty, did something happen?”

“Nothing,” replied Sisi, as several ladies-in-waiting rushed over to help their Queen change. “I’d say it’s a good thing you didn’t bring Veirya back, actually. I’m sure that there’s something which could bring Dongqing back again. It’s perfectly correct to say that Leah is the Demon King’s daughter. Be it the past or now, her father has always been the Demon King. Previously, the Demon King almost broke through humanity’s city walls, but this time, the Demon King destroyed this empire from within. Dongqing truly is a demon king.”

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