Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 09


How was I supposed to know it was you?!

Emperor Yuansheng rubbed the shoeprint on his face.

Oh, my, it really is my shoeprint. That bone shape must be from some bone I tossed on the ground while I was walking around.

Emperor Yuansheng’s eyes read: “Next time, you won’t be let off the hook.”

Wait, that’s it? What happened to all the regret you expressed? Shouldn’t I receive an apology, a promotion and one of your daughters for the accusations you pinned on me? Are you telling me not chewing me out is my reward…?

“Ming Feizhen’s idea won’t work. We’re not far from Canhu Town now, so I’d like to hear what you all have in mind?”

Emperor Yuansheng wasn’t in any rush to voice his thoughts for he wanted to let everyone have as much thinking place as possible. His style of holding discussions was actually similar to Liu Shan Men’s. Maybe boss was the one who copied his system?

Ye Luo kicked it off, sharing, “Our goal is now clear – to rescue Vice-Captain Shen. Our approach is also clear – to seek Master Luo’s assistance instead of taking action ourselves. I believe it is best to stick with our initial plan. As Brother Ming suggested, we should make haste for Luo Sword Manor and discuss the rest later.”

With respect to Ye Luo calling me “Brother Ming”, that was because I saved Tie Hanyi, ostensibly. That is not to say she didn’t ever call me “Ming Feizhen”; it was merely dependent on her mood.

While I’m on that topic, Young Shiyi started asserting herself as my main girl more and more recently ever since she joined me in the capital. She also sounded more feminine than what I was familiar with; the thin veil between us was essentially no longer there…

I never saw General Manager Bai after we visited the night markets. Nevertheless, I swear she was also growing more and more feminine every time I saw her… I’ll admit I thought of her more and more in recent days.

In regards to Mountain Monster, like Ye Luo, the way she addressed me depended on her mood. She switched between “Jerk”, “Cornhole”, “Useless Lapdog”, “Old Bugger” and “Sicko”. Oh, while she was sleep talking this morning, I also heard a new one, “Piece of Crap”.

As for Boss… I thought about her most recently since she was my main concern given her circumstances. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it’s her gallant character. Whatever it was, though, it drew people to her. Well, of course there was… her safety. Yes, I do miss her after having not seen her in ages. I had no idea if she managed to find shelter or not after sustaining injuries.

And as for Su X-, yeah, I’m not falling for that trap!

Emperor Yuansheng nodded in response to Ye Luo but didn’t comment. He turned to Tie Hanyi, who was still injured, instead.

“In your subject’s opinion, that is unwise. The fact that your subject never knew about Luo Sword Manor’s Refining Divine Convention when they invited so many people goes to show how much effort they invested in concealing it. If they are trying to keep the imperial court out of the loop, they may be harbouring hostile ideas towards the imperial court.”

Dugu: “Your subject concurs. If only a small team was going there, your subject would be willing to risk his life for Vice-Captain Shen. Howbeit, as you are with us, your subject cannot assent to taking the risk.”

“Vice-Captain Long, what do you think? … Vice-Captain Long… Long Zaitian!”

“Ah, sorry for spacing out, Master.”

“What are you doing when everyone is brainstorming?”

Long Zaitian offered a palm and fist salute: “Your subject was not thinking about our next step but Abels’ group.”

“Go on,” instructed Emperor Yuansheng, squinting.

“Abels’ appearance last night should not be a surprise given his skills. What is surprising was River Monster’s appearance. Luo Sword Manor is known for its strict control over the pugilistic world, yet she was able to raise her black bears in a wood on flat land; it is rather outlandish to think nobody noticed her. Moreover, that was the second time Evil Spirits clashed with the imperial court, yet Luo Sword Manor has not mentioned it once. Logically speaking, Vice-Captain Shen’s troops should have reached out to them for support, yet, strangely, they have not mobilised any reinforcements.”

“Excellent points, Vice-Captain Long. Vice-Captain Long is right when he says Luo Sword Manor is strict; they, in fact, adhere to every rule their ancestors’ set. That is why their territory has always been the most peaceful among the Seven Champion White Princes. I’m quite certain something is going on at Luo Sword Manor. Whoever is holding Refining Divine Convention is clearly not on our side. It’s hard to believe Abels’ appearance and timing are mere coincidences.”

“But” – started Su Xiao – “did you not say we could win if we found Master Luo?”

“That’s the main reason I’ve changed my mind. For someone of Luo Ming’s calibre to find a breakthrough is incredibly difficult. What’s to say he doesn’t decide to continue training in seclusion for another ten years? Plus, the loss of his sons may motivate him to stay in seclusion. Luo Sword Manor has continued to expand in the last decade even without him. At one point in time, I wanted to marry Hongzhung to their fourth young master, Luo Siming. If Luo Ming didn’t seclude himself, perhaps the fiasco with Jin Wangsun could’ve been avoided.”

“Another fuma candidate… Good luck…” Long Zaitian looked my way.

Fook you, Long Zaitian! What’s this ‘another’ business?! You think I really am a plague?!


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