The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 41

Waiting and Clinging

When Veirya entered the building, the interior spontaneously fell into silence. The laughing succubi didn’t know what we were doing, but their instincts told them there was danger. Veirya didn’t concern herself with them since they stepped aside.

Angelina folded her arms and coldly confronted her daughter: “What are you here?”

“I came. To see. Him.” Veirya clasped her hands as though she was shy and reluctant to speak.

Leah enthused, “Sister Angelina! Leah went to the imperial palace to get Mama Veirya! Those soldiers didn’t appear to be bad people. They let me in after I said a few words!”

Angelina frowned in response. The guards were unlikely to be vigilant against a child. Plus, succubi have a unique trait that earned the fondness of others. The soldiers, who weren’t mentally strong, let Leah through without much trouble. However, Angelina couldn’t figure out what Leah was thinking.

Nobody knew what Leah’s mama was thinking, either. If time was rewound to two days ago, Angelina would want to bring her daughter out of the imperial palace for that would be a good time for her to talk face to face with Dongqing.

“What now? He’s already gotten together with Sisi. What’s Veirya going to do now that she’s back? It should’ve been the start of a new life for them, but Veirya is back, so now what? Is he going to have to be tormented a second time? Why are they tormenting each other this way?” Angelina deliberated. Angelina made sure to specifically look at Veirya’s ring. She didn’t wear a ring.  She mulled, “Has Veirya come back after finally realising who she loves most? He should now know who he loves most, too. Actually, that might not be true. I can’t argue that Sisi is an excellent choice. Who will he choose?”

Angelina softly sighed. Veirya didn’t know what Angelina wanted. All of a sudden, Angelina slapped Veirya across the face without pulling punches. Even Leah heard Veirya’s neck crack. Veirya spat out a mouthful of blood due to her cut gums. Veirya eyes were still devoid of emotion. Angelina silently looked at her daughter for a moment before reprimanding her, “This is the price you have to pay for what you did. He even lost a leg for you, yet you just upped and left? I told you many times before that you possess the swordplay of a warrior but the mind of a child. Is your goal to hurt the man who loves you over and over?”

“It was my mistake,” responded Veirya, while wiping the corner of her mouth. “So. I want to know. Where he is. I really… want to see him…”

“Papa has gone out with Her Majesty. I don’t know when they’re coming back.” Leah helped Veirya wipe her mouth.

“Then. I’ll wait here. For him. To come back. And then apologise.”


“Please… Dongqing… please… don’t’ go back… don’t see her again… I beg you… please… please…”

Sisi looked as though she’d get on her knees to plead me. She gripped so hard that I wouldn’t be surprised if her fingers sunk into my skin. I, on the other hand, looked toward Veirya’s direction with a blank look. That was where we were hiding. It had also become where the woman I loved most was at.

I inwardly effused, “I can explain it. As long as I can explain it, Veirya will return to me… Veirya was willing to come, which means that she doesn’t have any relationship with him. It was just a misunderstanding. It was just a misunderstanding! Veirya didn’t give up on me. She’s willing to return to me! Veirya is back! This if fantastic. Let’s go home now. Let’s pretend nothing ever happened. Let’s return to our peaceful life as if nothing ever happened!”

I took a step forward. Meanwhile, Sisi clung to me in tears. I was less one leg, and Sisi clung to me, but I had to go. I wanted to see Veirya and to tell her how much I missed her. She had returned to me…

“Don’t… Don’t… Please… Dongqing… Please… I can give you anything, but please don’t abandon me.. You said you would stay by my side… I trusted you. Please… Don’t… Don’t… Stay with me. Let’s leave. We can go anywhere… Don’t go…”

Sisi clung to my arm and pulled me back. She couldn’t hold me back. She removed her hat and threw it down. She shouted to the people around, “I’m right here! I’m right here! Your Queen has returned! I’m Sisi! Soldiers, haven’t you been searching for me?! I’m right here!”

Everybody turned to look over after she dropped the bomb. There was no question that she was Queen Sisi. Nobody in the imperial capital resembled her. The patrol soldiers were shocked.

“What should we do? Should we take her away by force or what? We should be loyal to her, shouldn’t we? Why does the military want to capture her? If we get physical, we’d be turning our blades against her. We can’t harm her, but what would the military do? Also, if we don’t do it, would the military spare us?” the soldiers questioned.

The soldiers trembled as they approached. The citizens also approached, with neither knowing what to do.

I finally came back to my senses. Voice stifled, I exclaimed, “What are you doing?! Our plan hasn’t started yet! If we expose ourselves now, we’ll be shooting ourselves in the foot?!”

Sisi wiped her tears and yelled, “What choice do I have?! Do you know what you just did?!”

It took me a moment to respond in a soft voice, “Sorry, Sisi, I, I was a little impulsive.”


Before Sisi could say another word, soldiers had us surrounded. An officer, who looked as though he rushed over – judging from his crooked belt – panted as he adjusted his clothing. He stammered, “Your Majesty… Mm… I am glad to see you safe… I mean… umm… sorry… Your Majesty… umm… Chief of the inspection guards at your service. Please head over now.”

I glanced over in Veirya’s direction. I knew she was there, but I was no longer in my crazy mode. I wanted to see her, but the timing wasn’t right. I needed to protect Sisi first. She just put her and myself in grave danger.

“Inspection guards, huh? Do we go with an armed group of inspection guards that we can’t even be sure are loyal to the Queen? We have no choice now. And, indeed, I shouldn’t go there…” I reasoned.

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