The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 40

One More Time, Veirya

You could make an extremely strong case that the people in a bar are the easiest people to trick. The people under the influence of alcohol and the stimulating environment were waiting to be victims. All you had to do was locate the rowdiest of them all, drop him a line, and he’ll immediately go spread the word.  People with brains wouldn’t believe what people from the bar say, but idiots were the majority. Furthermore, lots of people won’t be hearing it from the bar patrons but the people around them.

We found ourselves a group of unemployed folks and then had them take the reins of the carriage on our behalf. In addition, the carriage needed to stand out so that everyone knew that we were transporting food.

Things were in place. Our prior preparations were done. Next was Queen Sisi’s majestic appearance. When people begun to question what was happening, it would be the time for Queen Sisi to make her appearance. It would come as a big shock for the missing Queen to appear before everyone during the ensuing chaos. Plus that with the suspicions we planted before her arrival, and a light bulb would switch on for the people. Consequently, they would believe and realise that it was Queen Sisi’s work. They would believe Queen Sisi, who was fully prepared. If she was empty handed, nobody would believe her.

Sisi was the Queen, the Queen who once administrated the entire empire. She was taken prisoner in the war, but it seemed as though few even cared about the war. The chances of returning home after being captured by the elves was next to zero, yet Queen Sisi returned, which proved that she wasn’t captured. To add, I brought elves with us this time.

The point of bringing the Elven Queen was to turn her into Queen Sisi’s prisoner. Yes, the elves captured Queen Sisi; however, we captured the elves’ Queen. Thus, we never lost; it was a draw. Why did Queen Sisi only achieve a draw? It wasn’t her fault; it was the fault of the traitorous soldiers. Had everyone been loyal to Queen Sisi, she wouldn’t have failed. As a subsequence, the draw was a result of the soldiers’ betrayal. The military was the empire’s traitors. The true ruler of the empire was Queen Sisi, while the group of soldiers were the ones who usurped the throne. The people would believe that story.

As for Veirya, I had taken her into consideration from the beginning. There was no doubt that Veirya was the people’s hero. Nobody could discredit her when it came to that for she slew the Demon King as per public knowledge. Her legend had been deeply etched into the hearts of the people. Having said that, how many people recognised the true Veirya? Nobody could distinguish between her and Angelina. Not even I could. So would the citizens be able to? When the time comes, Queen Sisi woud emerge with Angelina and claim the latter to be Veirya. Even if the military did claim they had the real Veirya on the side, nobody would buy the claim. In the legends, Veirya was forever the Queen’s guard, who loyally served at the Queen’s side.

I still needed a backup plan. The issue was that Sisi destroyed the backup plan. What would we do if the military decides to be a kamikaze pilot and kill the Queen? What would Sisi do? The empire only had a few military forces. The garrison soldiers had been defeated, while the chapel’s knights had been slain. The adventurers were victimised, so they wouldn’t show up again. Sisi no longer had any soldiers at her disposal.

Was Queen Sisi supposed to rely on farmers to fight back against the elite soldiers who she personally nurtured? The military’s current acts didn’t yet qualify as insurrection, but if they really did revolt, what could we do? The elves would never help humanity. What about the dwarves? Would they jump into the mess?

Sisi’s arrogance cost her all of her friends and allies. She had lost everyone she could rely on. All I could do was pin all my hope with Veirya. She would definitely remain loyal to Queen Sisi. She could contend for the throne. She wouldn’t allow the military to kill Queen Sisi, nevertheless. That little man of hers was subservient to her. He would never oppose her will. Additionally, the moment Veirya was angered… you probably wouldn’t see what happens a second later.

Queen Sisi wrapped her arm around mine and effused, “It’s finally done. I can soon return to the throne. I’m genuinely happy, not because I’m about to become a Queen but because I’ll have you by my side once I become Queen. You didn’t take a tour of the imperial palace last time. I’ll give you a tour at every location this time. Choose a place you like to settle down, or would you prefer to make a palace specifically for yourself? The latter option would probably take some time. It’s a slow process. What did you think of my previous room? My bed is amazingly comfortable. I want to have a child with you… I meant, besides Leah that is…”

Sisi gripped my clothes and bashfully added, “I… I… usually look as though I’m with men, but in reality… I’ve never been in love before… so, I’m still a virgin… you don’t need to worry about that…”

“That’s not what I’m worried about, but… it’s not a good time for you to get pregnant. Managing a nation is an important and busy job. If you get pregnant now, it’ll be a while before you can return to the throne. I need to learn what needs to be done first before we have children.”

I hadn’t yet thought of children… I did imagine my future with Veirya when we were together. I once wanted to have a child with her and resise in the imperial capital with her. That was once the goal I aimed for as well as my source of motivation. I worked so hard for that vision. Alas, I had lost the motivation and goal I once had.

I had stopped thinking about the future. I returned to my past self. I never thought about the future in the past. In spite of seeing Sisi’s smile, listening to her discuss the future with me, her desire to have a child with me and live in the imperial palace with me, I couldn’t conjure up a future with her in my mind.

We didn’t live together before. In the past, our paths just happened to intersect. I didn’t understand Sisi just and vice versa. I couldn’t imagine how we would look together.

I didn’t feel elated. The reality we discussed felt surreal; however, Queen Sisi beamed. Her peerless heterochromia eyes contained delight and anticipation. The look in her eyes made me feel somewhat sad. I avoided her gaze, but she seemed to misunderstand that I was shy. She leaned onto me and quietly asked, “I’ll do my best. I’ll be your dutiful wife and Queen. I won’t make the same mistake. I’ll stay by your side. I’ve already obtained the greatest gift possible. What about you, Dongqing? Have I surpassed Veirya? Have I become your treasure?”

I couldn’t hesitate or stay silent. It was the fatal question of legend. I had to answer. I went to speak but couldn’t utter a word despite how simple it was to answer. My eyes were trained ahead. My body began to quiver on its own. Nothing came to mind as if my brain had exploded. All I did was watch the movement ahead of me with a dumbstruck look.

Sisi froze and contemplated, “We’ve reached our temporary hiding spot. Has the military found out about our hiding spot?  How would it make somebody crumble, though?”

Sisi looked over in the direction I looked and instantly realised why I froze.

Leah cheerfully held Veirya’s hand and pointed to the building. Veirya was the same as always, calm and silent as she listened to Leah.

Sisi grabbed my hand so tight that it hurt a little, but I didn’t turn to face her. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to look at her. I knew what my oath to her was, and I knew that she was by my side. I remembered what happened between Veirya and I. Nevertheless, Sisi was out of sight and out of mind when I saw Veirya.

“I can explain myself. I have a chance to explain myself. I believe in her! I believe she’ll understand when we see each other!“ I inwardly repeated.

Sounding as though she was sobbing, Sisi pleaded, “Don’t go… Please… Dongqing… don’t go… please…”

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