The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 42

Queen’s Supremacy

“It sounds as though something happened outside.”

Leah carefully poked her head out. The people outside flocked together. Unfortunately, being small as she was, Leah couldn’t see what exactly happened. Veirya remained sitting in place, not saying a word. Angelina, with her arms folded, questioned, “Did you sneak out?’

Veirya bobbed her head: “… Could it. Be them?”

“No. Sisi and Lin Dongqing couldn’t possibly make that mistake if they’re together. The two of them are cautious. Nobody will notice them,” replied Angelina. “Until when are you going to wait?”

“Until he comes back.”

“What if he doesn’t come back today?’

“Tomorrow. Then,” Veirya answered. “I will wait. Until he comes back. I want to. Explain myself. To him.”


Current time in the imperial palace.

Next to my ear, Sisi quietly asked, “Do you know how to use a sword, Dongqing?”

In addition to the soldiers boxing us in, there were two rows of fully-equipped soldiers standing at the entrance of the palace. Sisi looked at the swords on their belt and the weapons in the hands of the soldiers around us. She seemed… scared somewhat… Honestly, I was panic-stricken, as well…. The pickle was unexpected… But I must admit it was my fault…

“I can’t. Can you, Sisi?”

“Only a little…” Sisi tightly grabbed my arm and griped, “Now whose fault is this? I am definitely never acknowledging that the fault was mine. Had it not been for you being dumbstruck when you saw Veirya, I would never have done that. It was all because your brain had to malfunction when you saw Veirya! I’m still very angry right now! Wait until we get back! I’ll be sure to settle the score with you!”


I had no retort. I admit it. I was sort of crazy back there. My brain went haywire when I saw Veirya again. I don’t know why that happened, either. Being level headed was my specialty. My heart didn’t race even when I saw the mess Sisi was in when I was in the elven lands, yet I could never stay calm and rational when it came to Veirya.

In my mind: “I promised Sisi to be her husband. I’m going to live in the imperial palace, not with Veirya. I shouldn’t be going back on my word after making the promise to Sisi. I’m not scum. I had no choice with Lucia, but I chose Sisi of my own volition, which means that I’m not supposed to like Veirya. I can’t like Veirya anymore. I can calmly tell myself this now, but why do I lose my cool when I see Veirya? I need to calm down now, though. If I can’t, we might not make it out of here alive.”

Our plan hadn’t launched. The food and carriages hadn’t left the city. The people were still suspicious about us. They didn’t know what plan we were hatching. Moreover, they didn’t believe that we’d succeed. That was why it wasn’t optimal timing for us, but killing us would be a simple matter for them.


Current time in the imperial palace.

“Who told you to let the kid in?! Which one of you let her in?!! She’s a succubus! She’s a succubus, damn it! She’s that man’s daughter! Letting her in is the same as letting her take Lord Veirya! What were you thinking?!”

The young man roared in the faces of a few guards, while they stood there and quaked. The young man irritably scratched his head. He then turned to look at his adjutant and thundered, “Her Majesty sure knows how to pick her timing! She has to pick the best moment for her, doesn’t she? I bet that man revealed Queen Sisi as he found Lord Veirya. If that’s the case, we’ve already failed! I never imagined the entire plan rode on one kid!”

If Veirya met Lin Dongqing and they resolved their issue, then, indeed, their plan had failed. Veirya wouldn’t help the young man. He no longer had the ace to make a Queen. Nobody besides Veirya had credibility that surpassed Queen Sisi. If Veirya took Queen Sisi’s side, then Sisi just needed to return to the throne.

“Hurry and send someone out to find her! You must bring Lord Veirya back even if you must resort to force! Take those two hostage, and Lord Veirya will definitely come back! It’s time anyway; we can’t drag this out any longer. It’s time to end this conflict with Queen Sisi.”

The young man turned to leave. He hesitated for a moment but set his sword down, nevertheless. He knew Queen Sisi was back, but he hadn’t seen her again. He had to see her again. He had done so much and was determined to see it through. Howbeit, he was still slightly fearful at the realisation that Queen Sisi was back and about to come face to face with him. Subconsciously, he believed himself to be wrong. He betrayed the Queen and didn’t dare to see her in an armed state.

Sisi and I exchanged eye contact. The two of us forced ourselves to stay vigilant as we walked alongside the soldiers. SIsi had walked the same path countless times before but most likely when she wasn’t so nervous. They silently watched us. Sisi seemed to be eager to see everything before her. The imperial palace used to be her world, and also where she lived, but no more.

The young man appeared at the entrance of the imperial palace. He gently trembled when he saw Sisi: “Your Majesty!”

“You sure trashed my imperial palace in my absence,” remarked Sisi, laughing. She folded her arms and looked at the soldiers on both sides. With a stamp of her foot and the supremacy of a Queen, she thundered, “Who allowed you to bring weapons into the imperial palace?! Are you inspectors or assassins after my life?! Are you betraying me?!”

Despite being delicate, Sisi didn’t show a single tinge of fear in front of the soldiers. They were armed with blades, yet none dared to budge.

Clang! I don’t know who started it, but the soldiers disarmed.

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