Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 85

Night Fortress’ Master (Part 2)

Abels condensed his blue ball and wrapped it around his left fist, imbuing his left fists with a death talisman. Su Xiao became the epicentre for a tornado. The surroundings stood still for a second. It happened so fast that Su Xiao didn’t even have time for fear to manifest. Perhaps he’d only remember the blue flash and shattering pressure.

The pressure Abels imposed earlier on was child’s play in comparison to his Evil Eminence Strike, a strike capable of tearing Su Xiao’s skin off. Abels was never a man who let his emotions drive him.

There was no impact sound, but Su Xiao went reeling over twenty metres as Long Zaitian did and hit the ground. He never let out as much as a groan.

“Brilliant! Master’s Evil Strike is back. That punch was silent unlike your previous one. You have recovered your strength you exhibited when you traded with Shaolin’s abbot!” cheered River Monster.

Something was amiss to Abels because the results produced didn’t meet expectations. He supposedly demolished Su Xiao’s bones, meridians and provoked Ming Feizhen, but… He kept checking his fist in search for an answer. Is… there someone capable of covertly cancelling my punch’s force, Abels wondered.

“You blasted animal!” Ming Feizhen blustered, charging Abels. “Abels, I’ll kill you!”

Though the escort was released when Abels recollected his energy for the punch, only Ming Feizhen let his anger go to his head.

Abels tagged Ming Feizhen, sending him back upside down: “No. He’s not Night Fortress’ master. He can’t be a Divine Realm adept. Was it just my imagination?”

Abels never intended to send Su Xiao reeling. Even if River Monster’s claim he had returned to his peak was correct, he wanted to verify it. He didn’t like lacking control over power the same way a swordsman wouldn’t want his sword controlling him.

Abels produced the blue glow again, extending its range and intensifying its output, making no effort to suppress the power. As a result, the blue ball started carving out a crater in the ground.

If there’s someone helping you in the shadows… he’ll show up now. Otherwise, you’re all finished!

The escort was on the verge of annihilation as Abels raised his output to eighty percent. Suddenly, a white light flitted down from above with the output of lightning strike despite the strike being as thin as a thread. Abels’ pressure wasn’t reduced; therefore, the escort still couldn’t move. Even so, the white projectile penetrated Abels’ blue glow. In other words, his internal energy wasn’t enough to stop the white object.

Abels swung a light-enhanced punch using the same power as his Evil Eminence Qi Field technique he imposed on the escort. Despite his high output, he was unable to halt the white light. The friction of the two energy sources generated sparks as it pierced through and blasted apart his Evil Eminence Qi Field. His biggest surprise wasn’t the power, but the item imbued with white energy.

“… A leaf?” Abels immediately glared at Ming Feizhen. Seeing Ming Feizhen’s apoplectic expression, he told himself, “No, it’s not him. He couldn’t have done it from his distance and position.”

Voice low, Abels questioned, “Who’s… there?”

Everyone looked over in synchrony. There he was, standing under the moon as if he wielded absolute authority. If Abels was the immeasurable man, he was the ruler of the world, a transcendent being. His amble through the forest suggested he could wipe out the world with the click of a finger.

“What…? How…?” muttered Tang Ye, looking at Ming Feizhen’s back. Ming Feizhen’s countenance perplexed him. He was sure Ming Feizhen was the only one who could stop Abels.

The male’s appearance could fit in the broad age range of twenty to thirty. He was young in appearance, yet the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes showed he had shed his youth. He was dressed in a long shirt scholars wore and draped a black and white overcoat as Jiangnan’s pugilists did. His splayed long hair gave the vibes of a wild man; reinforced by its black and white colours. His relaxed demeanour exuded absolute confidence that shunned what was considered dangerous. Putting it all together, he met the requirements for Jiangnan’s Invincible Pugilist.

Emperor Yuansheng whipped his head up as soon as he heard someone mutter, “Night Fortress’ master…” It was a reasonable conjecture.

The man meandered over to Abels and confronted him. His stare was akin to a light revealing Abels. Abels answered the challenge, uncorking a ripping punch at the man’s chest. The man caught the punch in his hands and stopped the momentum dead in its tracks. The catch didn’t create any impact sound just as when Abels landed his punch on Su Xiao.

Abels’ confusion was finally explained. Adepts of such calibre didn’t just fall from the sky. He stepped back and asked, “Who… are you?”

Abels knew the answer, but he didn’t understand why he asked.

“Weren’t you searching for me? Now you don’t recognise me?”

The man’s voice didn’t match his age. It wasn’t soft as Abels was. It was difficult to describe, but it could put one at ease.

Abels subtly simpered: “Try and last three exchanges.”


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