Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 84

Night Fortress’ Master (Part 1)

Ming Feizhen’s fearful countenance and trembling were so convincing that none of his allies suspected him any longer, especially in light of the perilous circumstance.

Abels couldn’t imagine a Divine Realm adept acting so scared and disgracing himself. Besides that, he couldn’t sense Ming Feizhen donning a shield of qi even at their close proximity. They understood that was the height of idiocy as Divine Realm adepts. Even so, suspicions were mere speculations. He refused to quit in case his mind was playing tricks on him.

Although Abels was gradually persuaded Ming Feizhen wasn’t whom he assumed the latter to be, he remained indifferent. Still, anger seeped into his voice when he taunted, “I came here especially for you, but it seems Night Fortress’ master doesn’t think I’m a worthy opponent. My urge to kill has been triggered, so I must release the pent up desire. Out of respect for Night Fortress’ master, I won’t brazenly attack you. As such, I will have to vent on your companions. Let us resume the test.”

Abels increased his output, forming a blue energy ball. The pressure of the ball was no longer pressure but an actual attack.

“Argh!” One of the escort members bellowed. The pressure exploded one of his arms, injury horrific.

“I am a busy man and don’t have time to waste here, so I shall challenge all of you at once.”

Tie Hanyi still had enough energy to protect himself in spite of his injuries. Alas, the more he resisted, the more intense the pressure he was subjected to, groaning and moaning on the ground.

“Master Ming, are you going to retaliate?”

“Just kill me! Why… are you harming them?” Ming Feizhen raged.

Ye Luo resisted with every fibre of her being and took the vanguard position. Though taxing to speak, she brayed, “What’s your issue?! He already denied he’s not your target!”

“In that case, death will be relief, won’t it?” Abels sauntered over to Ming Feizhen: “If others can die, what makes him an exception, agreed, Miss?”

Usually, Su Xiao would be flying off the handle after Ming Feizhen was hurt. Strangely, though, he wasn’t riled up nor did he respond to Abels.

“I can smell your wrath and resentment. Is he that important to you?” provoked Abels.

Su Xiao raised his head and sundered the air. Su Xiao’s recent internal energy upgrade freed him from Abels’ pressure. However, Ming Feizhen never taught Su Xiao how to manifest the energy nor did he inform the latter he was learning an internal style. Since Su Xiao was unaware, he didn’t try to resist Abels’ pressure. As such, he didn’t suffer the pain or restriction the others did.

Abels swatted Su Xiao’s blade fearlessly. Normally, the air pressure from his punches would bend iron, but Ancient Cold was sharper than expected. Thus, Abels switched from a head-on punch to a finger thrust, disarming Su Xiao. Abels then detained Su Xiao with his Enlightenment glow as he did with Tang Ye.

“That was fast… Who taught you?” Abels questioned, seemingly recognising Su Xiao’s style.

“I have nothing to say. Either you kill me or wait for me to kill you. Your intimidation tactics don’t scare me.”

“Stubborn lass,” Abels scoffed. He extended three fingers and threatened, “You escaped my restraints and forced me to switch my punch for a finger thrust. I’ll count it as you surviving three exchanges against me. I shall spare you. Now, step away from him. Otherwise, I will have to vanquish another talented individual.”

“Big Bro… What are you doing?” whispered Tang Ye, who took advantage of Su Xiao’s confrontation to crawl over to Ming Feizhen. “Why aren’t you retaliating? Su Xiao is going to die if they keep going. Are you worried about your identity being exposed? I was wrong about you, Ming Feizhen!”

“… You misunderstand,” Ming Feizhen weakly explained.

Grinning, Abels asked Su Xiao, “You going to run?”

Abels was asking the obvious.

“Xiao Han, run!”

Tang Ye tried to launch a surprise attack. Abels, without even looking, raised the pressure a third of what he was discharging to pulverise Tang Ye.

“Tang Ye!” Ming Feizhen cried. “Su Xiao… run. You’ll die.”

Su Xiao wrestled with the urge to run after Abels released him. Clenching his shaking hands, he turned back to Ming Feizhen and smiled: “I won’t.”

Abels looked to Ming Feizhen, eyes asking, “Are you done hiding?”

Tang Ye: “Are you just going to keep watching?!”

Ming Feizhen belted, “Don’t you dare, Abels!”

Su Xiao turned back to Abels and switched to a stern expression: “Not moving!”

Abels tugged up the corner of his mouth: “As you wish.”


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