The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 11

Run Away

“Veirya… let me…”

Before I could finish my weak sentence, a cold blade appeared at my neck, shoving the meaningless words back down my throat. Veirya’s gaze was colder than the blade. I was more afraid of her current gaze than her sword. With her sword aimed at me, she retreated step by step. I figured I should chase her and tell her how I felt in addition to explaining what just happened. I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t initiate it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a single step forward whether it was due to the long sword or Veirya’s gaze. I futilely opened my mouth, but not a sound exited.

“Does this also have to do with Queen Sisi holding my hand?” I wondered. Queen Sisi was just a woman. If I wanted to break out of her hold, I could easily do so, yet I couldn’t. “Is it because of Queen Sisi or me?” was the next question that came to mind.

“Don’t. Follow me.”

Veirya she spun around and left faster than I thought a human could go. Queen Sisi maintained her tight hold on my hand. Veirya had given up on listening to my explanation. It didn’t take long for Veirya to vanish out of sight.

Angelina gave me a serious glare and fumed, “I don’t know what exactly happened this time, either, but you’ve gone too far. You keep claiming to love her, and we accepted your explanation with regards to Lucia. What’s going on with Queen Sisi now, though? You said you went to rescue Her Majesty for Veirya. You said you volunteered to go there to stop Veirya from going but now? By the looks of it, you’ve been lying to my daughter!! You went there for Queen Sisi’s sake!”

“No…” I sounded as if I was pleading: “Please, Angelina, help me, please? Please, I really, really can’t hold it together anymore. I truly did it all for Veirya. I’m just in despair now. Why does nobody understand? Not all of this is my fault. I brought you what you wanted; why are you treating me this way…?”

I could no longer stand it. I slowly squatted and grabbed my chest. It hurt. I really couldn’t hold in there any longer. My thoughts flooded my head: “I tried so hard. I brought everyone what they wanted, so why did it turn out this way? Why did this happen? Why… Why…? Queen Sisi is back. The elves won’t attack the town. So why am I granted this ending? I didn’t even receive a single word of praise. Why? Why? Why…? Why do I never have a happy ending?”

Angelina didn’t know if she should help me up. My reaction rendered her dumbfounded in place. Sisi circled around to the front of me and hugged me. She gently hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I’m the only one who can understand you. I understand everything you did, Little Doggy. I know how much effort you invested and how much you sacrificed.”


I should’ve pushed Sisi away. I should’ve chased after Veirya, but, to my surprise, I felt that Sisi’s embrace was warm. It was a warm feeling that I hadn’t felt with Veirya.

Angelina approached me and stroked my head. She expressed, “I don’t understand what’s going on with you two. I have no idea what will happen to you two anymore, either. However, I can see that you still love her from your reaction. Veirya isn’t totally ignorant. She just doesn’t understand. You just need to explain it to her. If you explain it properly to her, she will understand.”

I suddenly heard horse hooves. I looked up to see Veirya’s cape undulating in the wind. Never did I expect her to gallop off without even sparing me a glance.

I shoved Queen Sisi aside and chased after Veirya while yelling at her to stop. Due to my left foot’s injury, I couldn’t run. I dragged my left foot along as I staggered after her, but I tripped over something, and fell to the ground.  I ignored the pain and dirt on me. I desperately pushed myself up to chase her, but she had disappeared. All that was left was the falling dust that she kicked up and an empty street. Actually, the street had never been quiet. It was just that I felt it was so desolate and empty for the first time.

Angelina jogged over to help me up. She looked into my eyes and yelled, “It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right. I’ll chase after her now. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. She won’t go too far. She has nowhere to go. You don’t need to worry. She definitely won’t just run off. I’ll chase her.”

Queen Sisi cautiously tugged my sleeve and quietly suggested, “Let’s head back for now.”

Nothing came to mind, and nothing left my mouth. I no longer knew how to face the situation. I no longer knew how to calm myself down.

Inwardly, I questioned, “What should I do now? What exactly should I do…? Can the elves still accept me?”

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