The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 06 Ch. 10

Queen’s Little Doggy

“They’re. Still not back. I think. They’re in danger. Because. Lucia. Is Very dangerous.”

“They haven’t even left for ten minutes, have they…?” asked Angelina.

“It’s already. Been very long,” persisted Veirya. “I have to go. See them. Last time. I didn’t go. And this happened. So. I must go see. This time.”

“All right, then.”

If he loved her daughter, his firm attitude would reassure her daughter. Further, if her daughter truly wanted him, and he didn’t have any misgivings, Angelina planned to find a chance to kill Lucia and snatch him back. He was her daughter’s, after all, not to mention that he was the key to her peaceful life.

If he wanted to refuse, ten minutes should’ve been enough. Therefore, Angelina reasoned that it would be all right even if Veirya went.

Angelina and Veirya went outside. Anna inquired, “May I ask what you two plan to go outside for?”

“Protect him.” Veirya picked up her long sword and fixed it to her belt after she responded.

Seeing Veirya grab her sword, Anna hesitantly suggested, “Umm… Lord Veirya… Lord Angelina… I think that it is not wise to attack the elves now. I think it is best if you do not attack them.”

A corner of Angelina’s lips curved up: “No, we aren’t going to attack them. We’re afraid that he might be taken by the elves. He can’t protect himself. We know what we should and shouldn’t do. Anna, don’t worry too much. I’ll keep Veirya in line.”

“All right.”

Anna was privy of her rights’ limits. The man who did have the right to question her master was currently with a fiancée who appeared out of nowhere. Anna didn’t understand what an elven fiancée was about all of a sudden. He might have had a change of heart and didn’t dare to say it, but he lost a foot for Veirya’s sake, so Anna presumed the likelihood of him liking an elf was next to impossible.

“But… but… Veirya has never given him much of a response. He might be broken hearted… I don’t have any right to criticise, though. All I can do is watch their romance. It’s quite interesting, nevertheless,” rationalised Anna.


Current time at the forest border.

The elves didn’t do anything, but that was thanks to Lucia stopping the angry elves. They didn’t choose to pester or attack us. Lucia didn’t do anything excessive even at the end. I was grateful she didn’t force me to go with her. Her face was smothered with her own tears in the end, but she didn’t harm me. The elves helped her leave after I firmly rejected her. I was able to breathe a breath of relief for the meantime as the elves didn’t attack us. The matter with the elves should’ve been done and dusted. Although Lucia still might have ideas, at the very least, she wouldn’t blatantly do anything damaging to me.

Next, I had to go to humanity’s imperial capital. I had to take back the throne for Queen Sisi, and I had to bring Veirya and Leah along this time. Thus, the rear – the North – would be without any administrator in name. As a result, it would be dangerous in the North if the elves attacked.

Lucia probably wouldn’t do that, however. She didn’t want to hurt me, after all. Therefore, it would stand to reason that she wouldn’t attack our North. Furthermore, if the elves attacked the North, it would be an elven attack on humanity. The field military would take action against them as a consequence.

I wouldn’t think the elves would let their emotions drive them to foolish decisions. The Queen’s faction was more rational and smarter than her brother’s radical revolutionist faction; they would stop Lucia from doing anything crazy.

Queen Sisi walked behind me. If none of this happened, she wouldn’t follow me so docilely. In saying that, I didn’t have any intention of concerning myself with her. I knew that I had to leave Lucia, but it was strangely upsetting. The two of us quietly returned to the town as if nothing happened.

Suddenly, Queen Sisi grabbed hold of my hand and remarked, “What I just said was all true.”

I turned around. Calmly, I stated,“I know. What you said was right. I only love Veirya; I have no intention of developing a relationship with Lucia, so you were right.”

“No, I’m referring to my love for you.”

Queen Sisi held my hand particularly tightly. I, as a matter of fact, couldn’t get my hand out. She went on, “I’ve always craved a Princess’ love. When a Princess is in despair, a knight will come rescue her, and take her away. The Princess wouldn’t have to do anything or worry about anything. She’d abandon everything at present and run off with her knight. That’s the romance I wanted. When I wanted to give up, you came to rescue me by yourself and jumped down into the putrid sewer to rescue me. At that moment, I decided I’d always love you. Little Doggy, I’m being serious. I genuinely love you. I no longer care if I can be a Queen again or not; I just want to be with you.”

Somewhat irritated, I shook my head and sighed: “Do not play around, Your Majesty. If you truly mean that, your love would be too cheap. If you fall for whoever saves you, how many people would you love?’

“But you were the only one who came,” firmly answered Queen Sisi. Without stopping, she continued, “You’re right. I’ll love him as long as he has the courage to come to my recue. However, nobody but you came. That’s why I fell in love with you. Is that a problem?”

“No, but you should not be telling me this now of all times.” I pulled my hand out then turned around. I carried on while feeling annoyed: “I just rejected Lucilia. Do you think I would accept you? I assume you know what my answer is. You are only making me feel worse, mentioning it now.”

“I know you rejected Lucilia, but I am not Lucilia. I’m not someone who stops even if it’s impossible. You rejected Lucilia, true, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll reject me. I won’t give up. I’ll win you over from Veirya. Do you believe me?

“When you saved me, I decided that I would forever stay by your side from then on. I won’t leave unless you accept me or I die. Otherwise, I will always stay by your side. This isn’t something that you can decide. The decision lies with me.”

“Please do not jest, Your Majesty. At the moment, I have absolutely no interest in this. I told you: I only love Veirya. I will not change for any other. I am serious about this.”

“You think I’m joking?” Queen Sisi tilted her head. She reached up and clasped my face. She took a step forward. The two of us were roughly the same height, yet she went up on her lips to bite my lip.: “Now you know that I’m serious, right?”

It wasn’t a kiss. Call it a bite instead. Queen Sisi licked her lips then asked, “You get it now, right?”

I had my words bitten out of me. I just dealt with Lucia. Now what? How was I supposed to react? What was I supposed to say to her? Yes, I knew the simple answer. The problem was that my brain was blank. There was no option in sight to select.

“What. Are you two doing again?”

The voice from behind sent a cold chill up my spine…

Queen Sisi immediately grabbed hold of my hand, but my attention wasn’t on her. I slowly turned my head around to see Angelina’s irate gaze, and Veirya’s cold gaze on me.

I saw rage in Veirya’s gaze for the first time. Before I could utter a word, she coldly enunciated one word: “Traitor!”

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