The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05.2 Ch. 06

Queen’s Beautiful Feet

I could see that Queen Sisi was delighted. She badly wanted to use carriages to transport her own stuff. With that said, I believed that she could definitely come up with a way. I suspected it might’ve been Queen Sisi’s test for me.

Queen Sisi sat opposite me with one leg over the other and a difficult-to-read smile on her face. She watched her soldiers outside. She lightly leaned her entrancing body on the horse carriage. Her long burgundy hair gently danced correspondingly to the wind’s choreography. While the carriage was large, it seemed as though it couldn’t fit her long legs. She removed her boots, revealing her perfect calves wrapped in black stockings. I didn’t know if her occasional brushes against my leg were on purpose or not. I could smell her distinct and pleasing scent. She wore a dress with side splits that went high up, thereby generously revealing her ample thighs and even making her stockings’ slings visible.

I was at a complete loss for what to do… There were no ladies-in-waiting or anyone else in the carriage. We were the only two inside. Queen Sisi was nowhere near as nervous and torn as I was, but she didn’t speak, either. We remained awkward and silent… I was the only one who felt awkward, obviously.

I decided to end the long silence: “Your Majesty…”

If Queen Sisi had something to say to me, she wouldn’t be willing to initiate a conversation; after all, I was just an ordinary commoner with mysterious origins. While I helped her fulfil her desire, I still had no right to make requests of her. At most, I was just a prisoner of war.

Queen Sisi suddenly lifted her legs instead of replying. She rested her legs on my thighs and maintained the curve on her lips: “Ah, how nice. You finally spoke up. I was wondering if you were expecting me to initiate the conversation. By the looks of it, you’re very perceptive. I’m pleased.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Give me a foot and leg massage first. You’re going to have to often massage my feet and legs in the imperial palace. They’re my most tired body parts.”

Queen Sisi gave me no chance to ask a question or comment. She switched into a more comfortable position all while still smiling. Seeing my shocked reaction, she giggled as she held a foot up and pinched my face with it. A warm and moist sensation touched my face, but there was no smell. She asked, “What’s wrong? Flapping your gums alone won’t be enough.”

I slowly reached out to gently grab Queen Sisi’s foot. She giggled then yanked her foot out from my hold and kicked me in the face. While she was at it, she teased my face with it. She then opined, “Forget it. I’ve always believed in a saying: one should do what they are good at. Don’t make someone do what they aren’t good at. You don’t look as though you are a good masseuse, so I won’t have you massage me. Having said that, I believe there are lots of other things you can do to make me happy, correct, Little Doggy?”

Queen Sisi removed her foot from my face, taking with it some sweat. I, however, didn’t want to let her know that I had already begun to feel aroused… Queen Sisi casually returned her leg to my thigh: “I’m curious as to what sort of person you are. You’re clever and brave, but I can’t shake off the feeling that you’re hiding something. Your appearance is a mystery. Why can’t I find out anything about you here? In addition, what do you want to achieve at my side? They say that the Demon King is difficult to deal with. Could the owner of the Demon King’s city be you, not him? Have you always been the mastermind behind the demon race? If I look at it that way, have we basically fought an internal war?”

I shook my head: “I am sorry to disappoint you, Your Majesty. I do not wield that degree of power. The reason that there is no information pertaining to me is merely due to me being too ordinary. I do not stand out in any way. I am merely an ordinary man.”

“Yeah? An ordinary person, huh?” Queen Sisi nodded: “You know, if you want to find a shelter, you need to prove your uniqueness, not that you are an ordinary man. If you are just an ordinary individual, what reason would I have to keep you by my side?”

I calmly answered, “It is a fact that I am an ordinary individual. In saying that, I can do what unordinary people can do. I think that honesty is the most important quality.”

“Heh.” Queen Sisi laughed as she touched my face with her foot. With the bottom of her foot on my face and her lips tugged up, she stated, “Interesting. Little Doggy, I am truly happy. Rather, you are an excellent pet. You understand how to please me. Also, I should be able to remain lively for as long as I have the mysterious you around. I hate having nothing to do. I had something to do when the Demon King was alive. Now that he’s dead, though, what do I have to do? I hope you can make me happy.”

“Your Majesty…”

Queen Sisi didn’t give me a chance to speak. She chuckled and shoved her foot into my mouth. I didn’t know what I could do in that position. I wasn’t sure if I should bite her foot… or lick it.

Queen Sisi gently removed her garter then slowly removed her stocking in front of me, revealing her pure white legs and toes that seemed as though they escaped the stocking for oxygen. After calmly removing her stockings, she chuckled as she wrapped her other stocking around my neck. She smiled, “This is my reward for you. Lots of people want my stockings. What do you think? Are you happy or not? I don’t mind what you do with the stocking after.”

I pulled the stocking off my neck. Indeed, it was Queen Sisi’s, and had her original scent, not to mention her body heat… Queen Sisi grabbed another pair of stockings by the side while smiling. She held them out to my face then slowly wore them on in front of me. She didn’t speak again, and returned her attention outside, except this time, she probably wasn’t waiting for me to speak again for she was done talking.

Queen Sisi… was really strange… but I couldn’t argue… that she was gorgeous…

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