The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 57

Drunken Veirya

When I carried up Veirya, the entire bar cheered me on. The shame had my ears ablaze and tingling. I carried her in my arms but didn’t dare to look at her. She hugged me around my neck. I Princess carried her in my arms, but her expression was the same as always. She leaned her entire body onto mine, yet trained her eyes on me. She stared at me until I almost passed out.

Lots of people recognised Veirya. Seeing their hero carried as if she was a normal woman gave people an indescribable sense of happiness and satisfaction. However, Veirya wasn’t a young girl from my perspective. No child would weigh what Veirya weighed. I felt as though I’d dislocate my back when I carried her.

Teeth gritted, I carried Veirya step by step. Veirya was heavy; every step forward felt impossible to take, but it was it was the closest Veirya could be to me. When she took the initiative to wrap her arms around me, I didn’t think she’d be willing to let me release her. She was heavy, and it was hard on me, but I definitely didn’t want to let go, for she was what I needed to carry. She was heavy and the journey was long, but she was my most cherished treasure. Regardless of how tough it was, I’d tightly hold onto her.

We returned to the inn we stayed at last time. For some reason, Veirya only had eyes for that particular inn. She didn’t speak during the journey there and didn’t ask to be put down. I had no doubt she was aware she was heavy for me but didn’t mention a thing. She just watched me continue to put one leg in front of the other while carrying her.

It was very uncharacteristic of Veirya to behave that way. Not even when her relationship with me had improved leaps and bounds. Veirya never did pointless things or gave me trouble. The only possible explanation I had was that she was drunk. Veirya didn’t lie. If she was drunk, she was unable to walk. That would justify her letting me carry her. Veirya’s expression didn’t change neither did her blue eyes. Nonetheless, she appeared drunk.

Startled upon seeing me carry Veirya back, in a grouchy manner, the owner of the inn remarked, “Didn’t you say that you weren’t married?”

“Not yet… not yet…”

I gave a vague response, which earned the ire of the owner. He went through his drawer to pull out a key and tossed it on the table. He grumbled, “You stayed here before, yet hid it from me. That’s upsetting. It’s a good thing that Lord Veirya got married and has children; why did you have to hide it from me? That girl last time was your child, wasn’t she?”

“Because… because… of Veirya’s identity, I didn’t want to acknowledge it…” I smiled helplessly.

The old man clearly looked as though he doesn’t want to converse. Hell as if I know why he chose to be upset then. Maybe the inn was where Veirya and her crew lodged. That’d explain why she liked this place so much, I suppose.

I carried Veirya to the stairs. I looked up with the realisation that I was doomed. There were less than ten steps to climb, but it looked as though I was crossing an impossible bridge. Being a man, however, I couldn’t look down to Veirya and tell her, “Sorry, I can’t carry you.” I would have no pride left as a man.

I struggled up the stairs. Veirya shut her eyes, seemingly having fallen asleep. She didn’t budge or show any expression. As Queen Sisi said, as a soldier, one who lived in the wilderness at night, Veirya had to be fully vigilant at all times. She was akin to a sheathed sword in my arms. Her sharp edge was gone. She was as gentle as Leah in my arms. She gently breathed, while her short silver hair gently swayed along with her movements. Nobody could imagine she’d look that way when she slept. She was more violent than anyone on the battlefield. If you saw Veirya in my arms, you’d never think that she had her hand stained with blood.

Francis missed the past; he missed those days he spent with Veirya outside because that was when he shined the brightest. I didn’t miss those days, however. Veirya was a killing machine those days. That Veirya had her hands drenched in blood.

The surroundings, including myself, seemed as though they were shocked by Veirya’s sleeping appearance. I gently set Veirya down. Veirya’s legs were too weak to support her body, so I supported her, instead. I opened the door. Veirya squinted; she climbed onto the bed with my help. I watched her with a helpless smile and flipped her over. I then crouched down to help her take her shoes and socks off. I saw her bare feet. Veirya always wore high boots, but it seemed as though she never sweated. For some reason, her feet aroused me. I surprisingly had an urge to lick her pearly toes when I saw them…

“Don’t. Don’t…” I told myself.

I undid her cape that was done up across Veirya’s chest then pulled it out from under her. I took in a deep breath to prevent my hand veering off course to an out-of-bounds area and undid her buttons. She neither said a word nor budged an inch. She allowed me to remove her clothes, revealing her generous bust before my eyes. After removing her outer garment, all that was between my hands and her breasts was her undershirt, but I didn’t have the guts to go a step further.

I removed Veirya’s belt and trousers. Then, I set her straight. Undressing her was so nerve-wracking that my entire body trembled and felt as though all of my blood went to my head. Had I accidentally touched her breasts… my brain might’ve gone and done something while Veirya was drunk… She probably wouldn’t have resisted.

I quickly took two steps back and slogged back a cup of cold water to calm myself down. I turned back around to go to Veirya’s side. I crouched down next to her bed and admired her sleeping face. The moonlight shone onto the side of her face, thereby resembling rippling water on her face.. My heartbeat spurred me on to close in on her lips when I saw her looking so quiet and gentle. I straightened up my torso and stood up. My heart rate sped up. I approached her lips bit by bit. I closed in on the lips of the woman I liked…

The moonlight shone between us as if it was a river connecting us. When we were that final centimetre away from each other, Veirya suddenly raised her head… I was the one who tried to sneak attack her, yet it ended up with Veirya bashing her teeth on mine…

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