The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 56

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Carry me to Bed

The entire world was changing. I had just arrived in this world, but I noticed that it was changing. Steam engines, guns, everything that I saw were catalysts that led to colossal advancements for humanity. Once humans have enriched lives, they begin to think about how to improve and change. Guns empowered those thinkers with the weapons to prove themselves. Even if Queen Sisi didn’t attack the elves, the enormous empire would certainly change. Her rule was very effective during wartime; however, as resources increased and free trading grew, the absolute rule system would inevitably be abandoned.

If Queen Sisi attacked the elves and succeeded, she’d be able to take the empire to its apex of prosperity. With the conquest of elves and the demon race under her belt, she’d be able to live a stable life until after she left the throne, at the very least. Her reputation and fame would rise along with the territorial expansion and war victories. Those accomplishments, combined with her absolute rule, would allow people to enjoy the empire’s glory until she passed away.

Conversely, if Queen Sisi’s campaign against the elves ended in failure, the empire’s pride would be crushed. Simultaneously, humanity would begin to consider opposing and revolutionising. Needless to say, the humans with advanced production abilities and weapons would definitely cause big waves. In turn, that might’ve led to humanity’s entire society undergoing a massive change just as humanity’s society did many times in history. Revolution after revolution meant that humanity’s civilisation was advancing. Science would gradually change humanity’s life. Once humans had enough to eat, wear, a roof over their head and basic necessities to survive, they’d begin to try and revolutionise this and that.

To extrapolate, I was standing on the wave of a historical revolution. As a matter of fact, the upcoming big revolution might take place right around me. I might’ve very well been the catalyst for the revolution, as I did transmigrate to this world. The things that recently transpired, which could lead to a revolution, happened immediately around me. Something was bound to happen in the North. The attack on the elves, the extraction for the steam engine and the gunpowder produced by the dwarves were things that took place in the North. Consequently, the North could very likely be where the revolution happened.

I contemplated, “What’s my role in the revolution, then? What should I do? How do I get what I want by this fork in the road in this era? My previous dream was to buy a house in the imperial capital, but that goal sounds too small now. I’ve never had such a perfect change that could launch my value to the sky. What do I need to do and how do I do it? I can already hear the revolutionary waves. What should I do, since I’m standing on the shore?”

The smell of alcohol enveloped me. Underneath the sunset flame, the crowd loudly yelled and cheered. The bar’s windows were all open, but the stifling heat and strong smell of alcohol wouldn’t leave. The voluptuous anthropoid maiden twitched her ears as she deftly slipped through the crowds and tables to serve the customers their orders. Only an anthropoid girl would be able to move so nimbly.

We sat in the bar. Next to us was a wooden barrel. The dwarf and Veirya enjoyed the strong wine in said barrel. They had some cheese and slices of meat as accompaniments for the alcohol. They told stories during their days as adventurers. It was mostly the dwarf speaking and Veirya silently listening. She occasionally responded here and there.

By the sounds of it, the elf, Lucilila, the human, Veirya, and the dwarf, Francis, all walked long journeys. Veirya was expressionless, but her experiences must’ve been her most treasured assets. Francis and Lucilia definitely treated Veirya as their most cherished friend.

“Those times were seriously the best. We were heroes no matter where we went. We went to so many places, ate the elven dried fruit and salted meat, your bread and candy, drank our wine and swung our weapons. Those days were awesome. We killed those damned demons and saved plenty of people. Everyone respected us back in those days. We made so much money and earned so much honour. That was our honour and friendship. You, the flat-chested elf, our glory and eternal friendship!”

Francis appeared to be drunk. His face and a red tomato looked as though they were fused together. His voice grew loud and speech became somewhat inarticulate. He rubbed his palm against the table. His hand was a hand of flesh, yet it sounded as if he was scraping the table with sand paper. That must’ve been due to what they call a warrior’s hand, hands as tough as iron.

Veirya silently had one last drink. Her expression never changed; it was as though she just drank water. Francis sprawled onto the table in a bleary state. In a quiet voice, he mumbled, “Everything has changed now, though; we’ve all gone home. The flat-chested elf is busy eliminating her own kind. We heard what happened to the elves. You got married and have settled down your own family now, though lots of people are unwilling to believe that you found the man you love and have sheathed your sword. As for me, the dwarves’ hero, the most skilled formation demolition artist, has become a guard who protects mountains of money for a business association. Sometimes, I dream of us sitting around the bonfire at night, with you drinking wine on your own and me arguing with the midget. When I wake up, though, all I see is money. It really could bring a tear to my eyes whenever I see that. The midget won’t be leaving the forest from now, while you have your own family. I’m the only one who still has to go around by himself.”

Francis wasn’t just figuratively illustrating his sorrow; he actually cried. He sobbed. He wiped his snot with his sleeve as tears rolled down to his red beard, where he then sucked them in.

I was aghast but didn’t know what to say. Veirya glanced at me then Francis. She paused for a moment before speaking: “You’ll. Forever be. My friend.”

Francis stayed prostrated on the table, nevertheless. Veirya added, “If. You want to. Go somewhere. Or explore. We, too, will go. You’re my friend. You always. Will be. You’re welcome. At my place.”

“No, I can’t do that… You have your own family. You also have a man to take care of now… The era… has changed… Perhaps this is the best life that we can have. If we didn’t have the last war, we would probably be leading this sort of life… Friends… I just need to remember you all.”

Francis shut his eyes. I assumed that he wanted some shut eye. He and Veirya drank a big barrel, after all. That would also explain why he was feeling despondent.

Veirya turned to look at me then stretched her arms outward.  I lingered.

“Hold me.” Veirya calmly looked at me and demanded, “I’m drunk. Carry me. To bed.”

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