The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 30

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For the Greater Good

All I could say was that I couldn’t allow my rear to be on fire when I had a foreign enemy to face on the frontlines. Queen Sisi would soon arrive in the North. Therefore, I had to settle things at home before she did. We needed to unite if we were to convince Queen Sisi to give up on attacking the elves. If Veirya suddenly exposed us and if she didn’t take the drug, we’d be in a pinch. Hence, everything I did was for sake of the plan, the plan to have humanity and elves get along and for world peace. Everything was for the greater gains and kindness. To prevent humans and elves shedding blood, I had to make Veirya bleed tonight.

That was why I was in front of Veirya’s room. I wasn’t there for something perverted. To the contrary, I was there for the greater good, the world, the Elven Queen and Queen Sisi. I only went to Veirya’s room for the innocent soldiers. I wasn’t lusting after Veirya’s body. I’m a man who had transcended from the lowly interests. I wasn’t a man who was greedy for enjoyment and abandoned the world that was in peril. I went to Veirya’s room for the sake of all of humanity! For the sake of all life, I had to seal the deal with Veirya.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. There’s nothing to worry about. This is all for a greater good,” I reminded myself.

I gently knocked on the door and adjusted my hair. I already told Leah that I had work with Veirya for the night, which was why I probably didn’t need to worry about Leah finding out. My heart raced as if it was going to burst.

“Calm down, calm down, I need to calm down. Otherwise, I’ll look as though I was looking forward to it too much. It’ll be embarrassing if I look eager for it. I’m doing this for the greater good and to protect the peace between elves and humans. I’m sacrificing my body for this world. Calm down. Calm down!” I told myself.

Veirya pulled the door open. Before I could say anything, she pulled me into the room with one arm. I was quite glad that she did that, as I wouldn’t need to feel awkward. Since she was so assertive, I could remove some restraints on myself.

I was ashamed to admit it, but it was my first time… I didn’t have any experience… Angelina was absolutely right about one thing: it was going to be awfully awkward for us, since it was both our first times.

When I entered, I was surprised. Veiry-, wait, one of them was definitely Angelina. They sat on the bed in the exact same clothing. Plus, it was the exact same model Queen Sisi wore. They wore thin clothing and embellished their luscious thighs in black silk socks. Given how beautiful they were, as well, I could barely resist the urge to just throw myself at them. They looked absolutely identical; thus, I was spinning. I couldn’t distinguish the difference between them…

I began to think: “The one who came out to bring me in… erm… Was that Veirya or Angelina…?”

They sat on the bed and looked at me with the same gaze and expression. It was basically impossible to identify any differences…

“Umm… didn’t you… tell me to come see you, Veirya?”

I tried to test them; however, I knew I couldn’t distinguish between the two. I had also gotten them mixed up. I panicked: “Why is this happening?!! Why?!! Why do I have to face two of them when Veirya was the one who called me over?! Why is Angelina here?! What are they trying to play at?!!”

“Yes.” One of them nodded then replied. She revealed a mischievous smile, one that only Angelina could reveal: “As a mother, though, I’m also very, very curious about this sort of stuff. I need to provide guidance so as to avoid you two using the wrong spot.”

“I know what to do!!! What the heck would a mother be watching for?!!”

“Nothing. I just think there’s a bit of a problem for you two to do it. Doing this at night doesn’t seem to be a punishment for you; in fact, it’s essentially a reward to you. Therefore, I decided to test you. If you can discern our difference, I’ll immediately leave. If you can’t, however, and choose me, we’ll still do it.” Angelina then walked up to me and touched my chin. Leering, she continued, “Isn’t it all the same to you? If you want to sleep with a woman, isn’t it the same regardless of who you sleep with? If you want to do that, I’m a better choice compared to Veirya. You kissed the Elven Queen and Lucia; what about me?”

Angelina gently wrapped her two arms around my neck then leaned in to kiss me. She smelt almost the same as Veirya. They had the same physiques. My heart began to speed up until my body’s most basic reflexes kicked in. I couldn’t help myself from reaching out to hug Angelina. Her smile became more prominent. She leaned on my shoulder and softly chuckled: “See? I told you, right? It doesn’t matter who it is, does it? It’s all the same to you, isn’t it? The love that you mentioned amounts to just this, doesn’t it…?”

But then, I grabbed Angelina’s shoulders and gently pushed her away. She was nonchalant about being pushed away, though. She turned around and walked off: “Let’s start now, then. You can begin to choose. If you can prove that you can identify the difference with Veirya, if your so-called love is strong enough, let’s see if you can recognise Veirya.”

I took in a deep breath. I looked at Angelina and replied, “Sorry, I refuse. I won’t distinguish between you two.”

“You can’t tell the difference between us?”

I honestly answered, “Correct. I can’t tell you two apart. I admit I have no way of telling you two apart, because you two resemble each other too much. I admit it. While it’s a fact that I like Veirya, I can’t differentiate between the two of you.”


“So I refuse, because I can’t tell you two apart. I might choose the wrong one. I don’t want to do it with anyone but Veirya. Some things did, indeed, happened between the Elven Queen, Lucia and I; nonetheless, the one who I sincerely like is Veirya. I won’t do it with anyone besides Veirya. I can’t tell you two apart, so I’m highly likely to choose the wrong person. If I choose the wrong person, I would’ve betrayed Veirya. Thus, I’m going to avoid letting that happen. I won’t do it.”

I looked at Angelina with absolute seriousness and then looked over to Veirya. I felt extremely embarrassed when I confessed in front of Veirya, but I had to say it. I didn’t know if Veirya understood what I said, but she came over to me. I was surprised to find that I was slightly touched. I finally had the chance to see Veirya in sensual clothing.

“If I can succeed in the future, how amazing would it be…?” I thought to myself.

Veirya clasped my head.  I jolted. It was a natural reflex. I knew what Veirya was going to do next!! I couldn’t react in time; hence, I felt the impact of our teeth bashing together. Immediately after, I saw the world spin before my eyes.

Veirya solemnly said, “I. Don’t really understand. But. Seeing your response. I’m very happy. I hope. You can always. Be by my side. No. Making promises to others. From now on.”


Out of the blue, Veirya asked, “So, do you want to do that with me?”

I instantly went red in the face and ears. Usually, girls would be shy to talk about such things, but I was flustered when Veirya outright asked me. I shyly lowered my head. I couldn’t utter a word. She clasped my and asked, “You want. To impregnate me?”

“No, no, no, no! It’s too soon… too soon for that… Sorry, um… sorry!!!“

I’ll take the bullet. Yeah, I made a very embarrassing decision. A woman was more assertive than me, and she was the woman I liked no less, yet I actually ran off.

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