The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 31

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Elf’s Touch

Angelina didn’t lie to me. After Veirya consumed the drug, it clearly upset her stomach. She didn’t look as though she was eight or nine months pregnant, but her belly did bulge, nonetheless. Veirya couldn’t do up the lower buttons on her clothing. She, therefore, had no choice but to reveal her belly for the meantime. I didn’t have time to make her new clothes, as Her Majesty was supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Leah was particularly curious about Veirya’s belly. Veirya’s movement was somewhat restricted due to the change to her physique. I was slightly sad to not see the usual Veirya. After all, her belly wasn’t my credit… She just resorted to a drug. Veirya didn’t say anything or wear a different expression. Leah sat next to Veirya and carefully touched Veirya’s belly, “Mama Veirya, is this what happens when you’re pregnant? Do you have a baby in your belly right now, Mama Veirya?”

“No.” Veirya’s response was resolute. She looked at Leah and placed two pills on the table, “It’s because. Of this pill. My belly. Is just larger. I’m not. Pregnant.”


Leah picked up the pill. I snatched it from her and then said to Veirya, “Don’t’ give medicine to children.”

Veirya nodded: “Uhm.”

Leah then ran over to me and looked at me with puzzlement: “Papa, why does Mama Veirya have to enlarge her belly? Is there some sort of benefit to it?”

“No, it’s just a tactic to deal with Queen Sisi. Otherwise, Queen Sisi might ask Veirya to join the war. Leah, you don’t want to see Mama Veirya join the war, do you?”


Perhaps Leah shivered as she imagined all of the things that happened in the previous war with Veirya’s participation. Leah then nodded furiously. I touched her head with a smile: “That’s good, then. When Her Majesty comes, don’t say anything thoughtless, Leah, okay?”

Leah unhappily pouted and softly said, “Geez, Papa, has Leah ever given you any grief? Leah has never spoken thoughtlessly before!”

I stroked Leah’s head with a smile: “Sorry, Leah, Papa shouldn’t have doubted you. Although, Queen Sisi is coming to our place, she’s still the Queen, so don’t forget your manners just because we’re together.”


Though Leah had yet to understand the detailed formalities, she was unlikely to bother Queen Sisi as long as she wasn’t too much of a headache. Queen Sisi didn’t seem interested in Leah. In spite of her being the Demon King’s daughter, Queen Sisi never mentioned Leah. Queen Sisi cared for Leah’s father’s head rather than Leah.

I had passed down orders. Queen Sisi’s escort was going to camp in our place. The entire town had to get busy. I said it before; lots of places in the town were practically in ruins. Some places are inhabited while others weren’t. I called for helpers from the nearby city to help us clean up the entire town. We didn’t renovate things, but, at the bare minimum, we had cleaned up the alleys stuffed with trash and filthy water. I also made a trip around the entire town and essentially split up the town into sections for Queen Sisi’s arrival.

If Queen Sisi didn’t have to visit, I might’ve been peacefully beginning to develop the North, and my story would become a slice of life novel. Compared to the current scene, I think a slice of life novel might be the toughest and lowest transmigration lifestyle. As soon as I transmigrated here, I saw the consequences of the war humanity waged against the demons. Then, I was swept up in humanity’s internal strife in their empire. Then, I had the elves versus humans war on my hands. That guy scored two moms when he transmigrated while I… Mm… well, I was pretty close by this stage.

I didn’t know where it would be best for Queen Sisi to stay; hence, I selected two places. The first option was our place, and the second option was the only tavern. Needless to say, neither place could compare to the Imperial Palace. As such, I wasn’t sure if she could stand it or not.

Anna placed dinner on the table then passed me the tray. There were three diluted bowls of soup. The three elves could finally eat, albeit a little. In addition, the bodyguard had taken charge for feeding the Elven Queen, therefore saving me the trouble. In saying that, perhaps Veirya still minded my interaction with the Elven Queen, which was why she never let me take care of the Elven Queen after the revelation.

Veirya couldn’t move about after her belly was enlarged. Plus, the two, who had begun to dig in, were already fighting for food, so it was impossible for her to take care of the Elven Queen. As for Angelina, she didn’t leave her room today. The more I thought about it, the more I suspected she was up to something, except I couldn’t just outright ask her. I didn’t think she’d do anything harmful to us. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in the Elven Queen at all. I did respect her some more, but I lost all interest.

Anna suddenly looked at me with a smug look in her eyes. I didn’t follow right away, but a light bulb lit up for me. I never expected Anna to be someone who hopped from team to team. She wasn’t on Veirya’s team. She thought I had feelings for the Elven Queen, which was why she planned to have me deliver the food for her…

“Veirya is sitting right opposite me!! How do you expect me to go and deliver it?!!” I shouted in my mind.

Anna tried to give me encouragement through her gaze.

“Just what is she trying to do…?” I wondered.

I lingered for a moment then picked up the tray and got to my feet. Veirya immediately asked, “What. Are you doing? If you’re delivering food. Let Anna take it.”

“No, I’m taking it to Angelina.”

I faced my back to Veirya. Veirya glanced at the table to find that there was, in fact, one bowl short. She subtly nodded. I was lucky I didn’t say anything or eat. Veirya thought that it was for Angelina. Indeed, Angelina still hadn’t come down, which explained why Veirya didn’t mind me leaving. Veirya didn’t notice what was on the tray, probably because she was busy snatching up food.

I climbed the stairs then knocked on the elves’ door before waiting three seconds and then spinning around to knock on Angelina’s door.

Angelina didn’t open up, but Ciara opened their door. When she saw me, she subtly narrowed her eyes then let me in. She didn’t take the food from me for a change. That was unexpected; I went in, nevertheless. The diplomat looked at me with a smile: “You did not come yesterday. I hope what Her Majesty said did not give you and Veirya trouble. After all, she, admittedly, was too rash. Veirya must be very important to you. Your relationship with Lord Veirya is not simple, is it?”

“Mm… well… I’d say it’s complex.”

“Your Majesty, he is here.”

Ciara shut the door. The Elven Queen gently sat up then, in a bleary state, turned her head in my direction. From behind, Ciara pushed me forward. Honestly, I was reluctant to approach the Elven Queen. I just wanted to deliver the food, and that was it. I definitely wasn’t going to feed her, no way… no way…

“I am happy to see you again. I hope what I said last time did not cause you any problems. I thought she might have tormented you,” the Elven Queen apologised. She then softly giggled: “Your relationship with Veirya must be complex. Therefore, I hope that you can be forthright with me. Are you and her husband and wife?”

I shook my head right away: “No.”

“So, are you engaged?”


“So, do you love her?”


I finally said it in a straightforward manner. I discovered that I didn’t care about admitting my feelings for Veirya to others but couldn’t say it her. I wanted to run away even when Veirya came close to me. I kept asking myself, “Why does that happen? I’m supposed to be good with words…”

“So, do you switch your target of affection?” The Elven Queen’s question was straightforward and passionate. She elaborated, “After all, you kissed me last time. I perceive that as a marriage proposal. I plan to accept your proposal, as marrying you is the only way to ensure I have somewhere to belong to. Furthermore, I do not hate such a gentle and considerate man such as yourself. I, too, want to experience romance and marriage.”

“Have you given up on returning to the elven lands?”

“No, I have never and will not give up.”

“Yet, you want to marry me?”

“I will return, but I do not plan to continue serving as the Queen. I no longer have my eyes; I cannot administrate a nation any longer. The next Queen in line just needs to continue leading elves to prosperity. I merely want to go home. Even the forest will do. If I do not go back, this place of yours is the place closest to the elven lands. Additionally, I can smell elven flowers here. If I want to go back there, I must have your assistance; I need my husband’s help. You and Lucilia are on very good terms. Subsequently, I believe that you will have a way.”

I smiled helplessly: “You have a keen sense of smell. I apologise. I am happy to know you feel that way; unfortunately, I do not plan to change my target of affection. As I have chosen Veirya, I must earnestly take responsibility for these feelings. One’s heart can only house one person. If there is another, it would not be fair. I do not want to let that pitiful woman down, which is why I will only love one woman.”


The Elven Queen gently shook her head and then reached out for my face. I was slightly surprised but didn’t dare to mindlessly move, as I’d end up pouring the contents on the tray onto her. She touched my cheek. She used her longer, slender and supple fingers to gently touch every part of my face, seemingly afraid that she’d miss a single an inch.

“I cannot see your face, so please allow me to slowly touch it. I want to use my hands to imprint the image of your face into my mind.”

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