The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 29

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What’s Done Can’t be Undone?!

The young girl saw that winter as a freezing cold time that was also extremely dark. Look as she may, there was no light in sight. Curl up as she may, there was no warmth to be felt. Nevertheless, there was a big fire in the direction of her home. She, therefore, wondered why it was so cold.

“Should I have not run away? I ran away with my elder brother, only for him to abandon me with someone else. I gave it my all to run away, only to find myself with no one to depend on. I was living a life of peace at home; I got to enjoy everyone’s worship and praise, yet everyone is now driving me off as if I’m a wild dog. All I can do is curl up in a dark alley and use the trash to keep warm.

Father did nothing wrong; he was so nice to them. They sent him to the execution platform merely because he failed to satisfy their desires just once. Why? Why? Why? Aren’t kind Princes and Kings supposed to be loved and remembered by all? Why? Why? Why was my father hung? When Father was pushed up to the execution platform, the people, who he deeply loved, hurled stones and rocks at him. The people led better lives than in the past. Father devoted all of his blood, sweat and tears on them, only to have the kind deeds repaid with stones and more stones. Do those people not know gratitude?” recalled and questioned the young girl.

As opposed to saying that those stones hurt the previous King’s body and broke his heart, perhaps it was better to say they totally shattered the crystal palace in the girl’s heart. The young girl, who believed Princes and Princesses led blissful lives and that there would be an old grandpa who gave children presents every year, had all of her beliefs shattered by that point. She was only a child, yet she saw man’s most evil side. That evil side was called greed.

Greed could destroy humanity’s virtues, kindness and kill a kind and sincere King. That was humans’ nature. Humans are ugly and repulsive. All humans are greedy. The people are fools; they don’t know the King’s kindness. The King gave everything to his people. When a crisis hit, nevertheless, not one of them was willing to stand up for their King.

That winter was freezing. On that winter day, the girl couldn’t see a thing in the darkness.

Queen Sisi vigorously opened her eyes; she looked at the red curtains around her feeling surprised. A cold sensation seized her body. Only then did she realise she had kicked off her thick blanket at some unknown point in time. She sat up and pulled her blanket up again. However, it was too late by then, as the blanket had lost its warmth. All she could do, then, was rely on her body temperature. Queen Sisi curled up into a ball inside her blanket. The cold winds outside of the carriage whistled. It was already spring, but the desolate North looked as if it was still living in winter. Her horse carriage, alone, was nowhere near enough to keep the cold out.

“This is why I hate the North,” Sisi remarked.

Queen Sisi sighed; then, she sat up and knocked on the carriage door. She immediately received a response from outside. The lady-in-waiting stood at the door and asked, “Your Majesty, what are your orders?

“Bring me a hot drink. While you’re at it, come in and warm up my bed.”

As soon as Queen Sisi gave her orders, the lady-in-waiting went to prepare the drink forthwith. Everyone in the imperial palace was aware their Queen feared the cold. That was also why the fire in her room was never extinguished. Queen Sisi couldn’t sleep if she felt even the slightest bit chilly. Hence, she needed a lady-in-waiting to warm her bed when they were outside of the palace. Nobody knew why she feared the cold, though.

Nobody knew why Queen Sisi feared the cold so much. In reality, Queen Sisi’s fear wasn’t due to the cold but because she associated it with her miserable past. Feeling cold ever so slightly would bring her despairing image of herself as a young girl to the forefront of her mind. She’d see herself as a child, fearfully and despairingly tucked in the trash in the small alley at that shabby imperial capital. Queen Sisi could help lots of people, but she couldn’t help herself.

Not many people knew what happened in the past anymore. The previous King was betrayed and executed. His younger brother reclaimed the throne for a while after killing the traitors, but not many people knew. Queen Sisi’s elder brother was the next King in line, but he soon died due to organ failure. Queen Sisi was the only one who knew about all that.

When a young girl’s crystal palace is shattered, when Cinderella’s crystal heels are shattered, there won’t be any more fairy tales. All that will be left is a witch and a stepmother.


Current time in the North at Veirya’s residence.

I looked at Veirya, who was furious, and literally prostrated myself to admit to my mistake: “I was wrong… I honestly admit to it.”

Veirya folded her arms. She coldly looked at me and asked, “How long. Has it been?”

“Not very… One day? Two? I think two. It was two days ago. You have to believe me, though!! Believe me, Veirya! It was only because I thought she wouldn’t wake up… that I kissed her!! I genuinely didn’t know elves had that belief. If what she said was true, then Lucia…”

“You even kissed Lucia?!” Angelina, who was off to the side, looked at me with her mouth agape.

Veirya’s expression immediately turned more frightening. Her murderous aura intensified in magnitude, sending a chill down in my spine.

I shot Angelina a glare, thinking, “God, I want to strangle you right now…”

Veirya looked at me more aggressively: “What’s. Your relationship. With Lucia?”

“Nothing! Serious!! That time was only because Lucia had to feed me the medication… Serious! That’s all there was to it!”

“Oho, now I’ve heard that one before. Men will go picking wild flowers off the side of the road. When they get home, that’s their excuse. Serious, I’ve heard it plenty of times. Veirya, as your mother, I need to remind you that none of those sorts of men can be trusted. They say that now, but he might have some sort of relationship with Lucia and even Queen Sisi behind your back!” Angelina folded her arms. It was clear from her attitude that she was looking forward to the entertainment.

I genuinely questioned what I previously did. I think the best decision would’ve been to turn Angelina over to Queen Sisi. If it wasn’t for Angelina shooting her mouth off, I might’ve had an easier time explaining myself.

Veirya folded her arms then unfolded them and lifted me up by my collar without any effort. She looked into my eyes and, in an absolutely stern tone, said, “I. Hate being betrayed. Your loyalty. Belongs to me. So. I won’t allow you. To give your loyalty. To anyone else. I. Turned down Her Majesty. For you. So, you should. Take responsibility for it.”

“I know! I know!! There won’t be a next time?!!”


“Do you think that there’s any point in asking him that? Think about when you buy something: whatever it is you buy from a store, the owner will always tell you it’s a treasure. Asking him that question is absolutely pointless. Veirya, do you remember what I told you last night? Just push him down onto your bed, and seal the deal. See if he still runs around after.”

“For god sake, Angelina, please shut up…” I thought I as I glared at Angelina.

Angelina gleamed with joy. She’d look perfect if she had claws. The issue was that Veirya wasn’t joking!!

Veirya stopped to think. Then, she stated, “In that case. Come to see me. Tonight. From now on. No helping others.”

“I… I… Should I be looking forward to tonight… or should I be scared…?” I wondered.

Veirya was absolutely serious… She also learnt… what a man and woman do at night… Seriously…

“Now that I’m thinking about it… I’m quite excited…” I thought to myself.

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