The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 28

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One Who Kissed Me

Lucia didn’t look as though she’d be able to wake up in the afternoon. Veirya carried Lucia to her own room. Lucia came to see me for business, yet got herself drunk.

I wondered if it was her trust in me as a friend or if everything had been going smoothly for her recently that led to her losing her most fundamental level of vigilance as a result. The elves must’ve been prepared. They must’ve been purchasing weapons to prepare for humanity’s attack. I wondered if they’d be able to defend against humanity.

“I wonder if the Elven Queen heard Lucia… If the Elven Queen heard the one who sent her here is now drunk and asleep in the room opposite to her, what would she think?” I pondered.

I went upstairs to see Veirya coming out from her room. She held Lucia’s clothes in her hands. She hesitantly looked at me then handed me Lucia’s clothes: “What to do… with these clothes…?”

“She’s just having an afternoon nap; there’s no need to strip her completely naked, is there…?”

I looked at the clothes in Veirya’s hand with a helpless smile. While I did tell Veirya to remove some of Lucia’s clothes so that she could sleep more comfortably, I wasn’t implying that she was supposed to completely strip Lucia!

“Put it back for her, Veirya; just place it next to the bed.”

Suddenly, someone pushed open the door behind me. Before I could spin around, Veirya swiftly pulled me into her arms and pressed me up against the other wall. Before I could say anything, Veirya raised a leg. I heard a muffled sound and then metal landing on the ground.

“What are you trying to do?”

Veirya released me then looked over her shoulder. I quickly looked over to see Ciara and the elven bodyguard leaning on the other wall. She was almost kicked onto the wall. Despite being weak, Ciara wore her rage on her face. She intently looked at the door to Veirya’s room and thundered, “It was her! It was her!! She’s the traitorous elf! Lucilia! Lucilia! I’m going to kill her! I’m going to kill her!”

I stated, “You can’t kill her.”

Ciara froze. Veirya stated, “This is. My home. I won’t allow. You to hurt. My friend here. You elves’ business. Is not mine. But. I must be responsible. For my friend.”

“I… I…” stammered Ciara.

Ciara was still furious, but her reluctance to yield was stronger. She wouldn’t be a match for Veirya in peak condition, let alone while injured. She wouldn’t be a match for Lucia, either. She only decided that it was an opportunity, since Lucia was drunk.

The diplomat used the wall as support to slowly walk to the door. She weakly said, “Stop! Ciara… if… if you harm her, how are you going to explain yourself…? We… we have a chance to go back… but if you kill Lucilia… we really… will die… we really will die… it’s now… no longer our time…”

The diplomat maintained her rationality. The door behind me opened. Lucia came out holding her head: “What’s wrong? Why is it so noisy? Also, I thought something happened. Did someone attack?”

Lucia didn’t need a response, though. Lucia saw the two elves and snickered: “Oh, so there were three miserable dogs that wanted to harm me. It’s useless; my instincts remain intact even when I’m drunk. I could easily kill the two of you in your current states.”

“You… you’re shameless! Have you no dignity left as a noble elf?! You traitor! Her Majesty trusted you, yet you betrayed Her Majesty and the race you served. You betrayed all of us. You hurt Her Majesty, who always treated you with kindness! You’re not worthy of being an elf!!”

Lucia indifferently replied, “At least, I can answer to myself. A Queen must give up everything for the race, but it’s blatantly obvious that she didn’t fulfil her duty. She’s not worthy of being Queen, and she was bound to drive our race to destruction. What I did was for the sake of the entire elven race. I am loyal to elves not that Queen. Don’t misconstrue the facts.”

“Shameless traitor! Don’t go thinking that putting on a rightful front will explain your betrayal!! I don’t care if you betrayed the elves or not; I serve Her Majesty. You betrayed my Queen; you’re the reason that she’s in her current condition. I must kill you!”

Ciara could only make threats. At most, she’d be able to scare Lucia. Unfortunately, Lucia didn’t feel intimidated. Having witnessed many deaths and murders, Lucia knew full well that Ciara was just making pointless, empty threats. She snickered: “I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to when you can kill me. Humans happen to be looking to attack us elves now. I’ll soon prove to you that we’re the best candidates to rule elves. The humans, who you trusted, are going to attack us, but the ones who will protect all elves will be us.”

Ciara had no response. She just continued angrily glaring at Lucia, instead. Lucia snickered then picked up her clothes and coldly said, “I have to get going now. Travor, I’ll soon have what you want delivered to you. I’ve received your money, as well. Thank you very much for your help. Well then, goodbye, miserable dogs.”

Lucia coldly turned around and descended the stairs. Veirya watched Lucia from behind then turned back to Ciara. She picked up the long sword, which she kicked away before, and handed it to Ciara: “Here. For you. Don’t. Worry. I won’t. Hurt you. In your current state.”

Ciara responded with silence. She solemnly sheathed her sword back to its scabbard at her waist. She then wobbly stood up.

The diplomat suddenly exclaimed. She looked at the spot next to her in surprise. I, too, froze. I looked over to the corner of the wall on the opposite side. The elven used the wall as support to walk up to me. I questioned, “Wh-What are you doing…? H-Have you recovered?!”

The Elven Queen wobbled up to us. She couldn’t see with her eye bandage. Not that it would’ve made a difference without it. It took her a lot of effort and probably lots of falls to reach us. However, I couldn’t call out to her in time, as she spoke first, “Humanity wants to attack us?”

“Mm… it’s possible. I’m just guessing. Queen Sisi is in a rush to have the entire world acknowledge her. To that end, she needs another war, and it may very well be waged against you elves this time. The reason for her visit here this time may very well be to prepare for the attack.”

“Is that right…?” responded the Elven Queen. Surprisingly, the Elven Queen didn’t appear tense. She just calmly nodded: “I did consider the possibility of it happening. I met Queen Sisi once; I must say, there are very few Queens who would be willing to gamble with everything they have. Queen Sisi was able to win every gamble, though. She wasn’t just lucky; she possesses a formidable will and intellect. I’m fond of her, but her ambition frightens me. It seems the flames of her ambition have spread to my side.”

“So, what plans do you have? She’s coming to the North this time, and I’m sure she’ll look for you. She’s hoping to find an excuse to justify her attack, and you happen to be her excuse. You were exiled as the Elven Queen. For you to rely on humans to take back your throne is a very reasonable excuse. Queen Sisi will definitely slaughter all elves for your friendship.”

The Queen solemnly nodded: “I believe that. However, I will not see her. I know what she’s thinking, but I won’t play along with it. Lucilia said one thing that I concur with. I, too, should give everything for elves. I can rely on myself; I can rely on someone who has sworn to stay with me forever to take me back. Nevertheless, I can’t destroy elves for my own personal desires. My eyes aren’t as important as our elven races. Our internal affairs are not an excuse for humans to realise their ambitions.”

The Elven Queen shook her head then turned, predicting where I was. She continued, “I would like to ask you to help me. At the very least, don’t let Queen Sisi see me and converse with me this time. If I must, you must continue to remind me to stay calm. I am genuinely very infuriated right now and reluctant to be resigned to this fate. But nonetheless, I genuinely do not want to destroy elves for my own personal desire. That is my bottom line. If it is at all possible, I hope you can prevent humanity from attacking us.”

“Put that aside for now,” Veirya said.

I was very glad to hear that. Before I could respond, however, Veirya, spoke up. It was peculiar to me. Veirya didn’t care what we thought; she wasn’t interested whatsoever, yet she tried to get ahead of me. She frowned for the first time. She asked the Elven Queen, “The person. Who you just said. Would stay with you forever. Who is that?”

The Elven Queen fearlessly faced in Veirya’s direction and calmly answered, “That would be this man, of course.”

Veirya pulled me into her arms and seriously said, “Why? He’s mine. I won’t. Let him be with anyone else.”

“But he kissed me. In our culture, a kiss between elves means a proposal. I don’t plan to reject him.”

The Elven Queen mentioned something shocking, yet did so with composure. I was stunned; I could feel the murderous urge next to me gradually intensifying. Veirya coldly looked at the Queen and, in a voice colder than ever, responded, “He’s mine. I won’t. Give him to anyone. I turned down Her Majesty. And now. I’m turning you down, too.”

“I am afraid that is not for you to decide, Veirya. After all, it was not you who kissed me but him.”

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