The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 03

Traitorous Monarch

Interior of the Imperial Palace.

A young man stood before Queen Sisi. He was in an anxious state of mind. In a loud voice, he said, “Your Majesty, I have come to see you in private in hopes of convincing you to abandon your initial plan. Your plan is truly too dangerous. Right now, we do not have what it takes to wage a war. The elves are not weak. Your Majesty, you must keep that in mind. We can wait for another three or four years before we wage war on the elves. If we start it now, we will inevitably bear consequences.

I can understand where you are coming from. In saying that, we definitely cannot carry it out at present. Our soldiers do not have a desire to fight at the moment. Having just returned to their homes, they still need time to readjust. At the same time, military preparations will require time. After that, we will need to retrain summoned soldiers. We also need to prepare different weaponry and gear for different battlegrounds. In addition, we need to train a military unit and squad that will need to be experts in combat in the forest. To add, our spies need to infiltrate the forest and familiarise themselves with the terrain. What we know about the elves’ forest is fatally lacking. If we thoughtlessly enter the forest, we will be totally wiped out. At present, our nation truly cannot handle a defeat in war.”

Queen Sisi didn’t bother hiding her yawn. She twiddled with her hair using her finger and acted tired. She hopelessly replied, “I thought you had something important to say, only to hear you talk about this? Didn’t I already say we’re putting that aside for the meantime?”

“I know what you are thinking, though. Usually, whenever you say that, it means you are not giving up on the idea. You are waiting for a good opportunity to act upon your idea. In fact, you are planning whether or not to object to it on the surface while suddenly carrying it out. Your Majesty, we will do as you say when it comes to other things; however, you are gambling with the entire empire’s fate this time, when it is not a gamble that we will inevitably lose this time. You cannot hand over the empire you have been entrusted with.”

Queen Sisi froze for a moment then softly laughed. She got to her feet and walked up to the young man. She gently hooked her finger on his young face and laughed: “Yeah? I’m gambling with the entire nation? I’m throwing the nation into an abyss with no return? I’ve heard that before. Several years ago, when I first ascended the throne, there were three rebellions in the South. When I wanted to call them to the Imperial Palace for negotiations, lots of people claimed I was humiliating the nation and forfeiting its sovereignty. Afterwards, I used a few words to get the three parties to kill each other, thereby quelling the rebellions. Afterwards, I met the representative of businesses for the first time. At the time, lots of people felt I was an embarrassment and humiliating the throne. Now, however, those businessmen  are providing me with massive amounts of money. Then, when I planned to wage an all-out war against the demon race to completely eradicate them, lots of people called me crazy. Lots of people doubted I could win the war, but I did. There have always been people who tried to stop me when I choose to do something. If it wasn’t for my determination, what state would this nation be in now?”

“You are not always correct, Your Majesty!”

“I’ve proven that I’m correct! Administrating a nation is a gamble, and I’ve yet to lose!”

Sisi released the young man and shoved him. She went back to her throne with big strides and vigorously sat down. Her perfect beauty dressed in black sleepwear blended in with her golden throne. A long time ago, when the girl first sat on the throne, nobody thought she’d amount to anything. Her small figure just didn’t appear proportionate to the throne’s symbolism she resembled an unworthy child. Over time, Queen Sisi proved she perfectly matched the throne. Nobody questioned her anymore, and nobody suggested she was an unworthy Queen. Queen Sisi didn’t lie. Whenever she made decisions in the past, people considered the ideas to be absurd and totally wrong, but the present proves that she was correct.

Despite Queen Sisi’s success, it didn’t prove everything she decided on was correct. Queens err. She was making a mistake as she spoke. She grew far too conceited. The reason she believed she had an opportunity to attack the elves was attributed to them going through a period where their internal politics were fragile. The problem was humanity was practically clueless in regards to the elven forest. Launching an attack on the elves all of a sudden wasn’t rational.

The young man couldn’t contain his anger. He took a step forward and, voice booming, argued, “Your Majesty, a correct decision in the past does not imply that this decision is correct! The decision to wage a war this time is truly wrong!! Our chance of winning the gamble is far too low and the price we have to pay is excessive. If we fail this time, we really might run into trouble!! Furthermore, it is far too dangerous for you to station the guards scattered around in the Imperial Palace to the camp outside!! You must know the reason the guards are scattered is precisely because we fear they might use their military might to usurp your rule. What are you thinking, sending them out of the imperial palace?! Those guards, their current leader, Zero, in particular, is truly ambitious. What you are doing is incredibly dangerous! Our field soldiers are stationed outside; what are we going to do if those guards plan to revolt?! Additionally, you have strengthened the guards’ power again. You are warming a snake in your bosom!!”

The young man tightly clenched his fists. His green veins surfaced. He wanted to lash out. Queen Sisi was destroying the traditions of the history and past that he was familiar with. She felt there was no one who could shake her rule. One individual once put in preventive measures to protect his sovereignty, only for her to reject him. Queen Sisi was no longer exhibiting arrogance but insanity.

“So what? Little Doggy is also ambitious, but he obediently destroyed the chapel for me, didn’t he? Everyone has already come to understand the consequences of betraying me; I’m not worried about the guards. Instead, I’m very suspicious of you. If you attack the elves, would you genuinely give it your all?”

“Your Majesty!! If I am not loyal to you, I would not mention this to you!!! You truly are making a very risky decision. You need to correct your mistakes now!!”

“Do not tell me how to run a nation; I don’t need guidance. I have enough experience managing this nation. Now, I am this nation’s ruler; nobody will question me. Next, I’m going to accomplish feats that will make me be remembered for and be beautifully passed down. Nevertheless, I must ensure that none of my successors will achieve the height I reached. I must create a sufficiently grand empire for my loved ones to come!

I’m tired now. I have a banquet to worry about tomorrow. I’m not talking with you any longer tonight. As for the conquest against the elves, I will muse on it. Don’t annoy me with it again. I have my own brain; I can make appropriate decisions.”

Anxious, the young man wanted to speak up again, but Queen Sisi aggressively waved her hand; she grabbed the glass of red wine and poured it. She stood up and left without looking back, vanishing behind the throne. The young man was left to stand alone in the large hall in silence. The dark red wine coursed down his hair, his cheeks and the back of his hand to drip onto the smooth floor. He tightly gritted his teeth and stared intently at the ground that was gradually turning red, drip by drip…

The former King left behind teachings. His first teaching was that one must be humble. Queen Sisi achieved excellence but didn’t abide by that teaching. Therefore, the question was, was she worthy of being a monarch?


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