The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 04

Night that a Man is Most Reluctant to Recall

That night, the inn gave us two more rooms. Anna was in charge of taking care of Angelina. Veirya had a room to herself, while Leah and I shared a room. Angelina seemed to be very surprised when she found out Veirya and I didn’t share a room. I couldn’t explain that it was due to Leah. At the very least, I needed to find a better opportunity to tell Veirya. Once she forgot her past and became a normal woman, I figured she’d be able to accept Leah. In addition, I assumed Leah would be able to control her transformation in the future. Once Leah grew up, she’d be able to maintain her adult form forever. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep with her anymore at that point. It seemed to be a bit of a pity…

Did I get to enjoy Leah all to myself at night? What was the point in that? I couldn’t do anything. I wouldn’t touch my daughter in a perverted way, would I? Hence, I prepared for the night, because I couldn’t predict what I’d do.

The room didn’t have a toilet. The toilet was on one side of the building, which was why I had to make a trip before turning in. I deliberately waited for Leah to almost fall asleep before giving her a tap to let her know that I was going to the toilet. Leah rolled over and shut her eyes to continue sleeping.

When I left the room, it was dead silent. Angelina had foot injuries, while Veirya didn’t make noises or wander around at night, so it was safe.

I sneaked into the toilet. Toilet paper had yet to come into existence in this era. To my chagrin , this world had yet to figure the methodology for creating paper. Meanwhile, parchment was too expensive. Papyrus wasn’t suitable for this purpose, either. Thus, to avoid awkward situations, I cut off bits of fabric similar to that used for bed sheets for one time uses. It wasn’t as good as toilet paper, but it was better than papyrus…

Once I stood properly, I took in a deep breath. I didn’t need any feelings foreplay, because Veirya tightly hugged me, thereby squishing my arm in between her breasts during the day. Then, I saw the top of Queen Sisi’s magnificent mountains under her deep v-neck dress. Right after that, there was adult Leah at night. Subsequently, I didn’t need to conjure up any images. I just needed to recall the feelings. While I felt I was super sad, since I just needed to take the right steps to escape virginity, I couldn’t allow myself to do that…

Once I got started, though, those feelings would vanish. I thought of lots of different women when I just got going, but in the end, Veirya was the only one I imagined. I saw a scene of Veirya tightly hugging me. She looked so mesmerising even though she was bashing her teeth against mine…


I couldn’t resist the urge to softly call her name in the end as I let out a soothing finish. However, in that instant, someone yanked the door open. Veirya looked at me with an expressionless look. My brain went totally blank. Whenever you’re done with the deed, you’ll be left looking temporarily stupid. This time, I looked even stupider. The first thought that came to mind was, “Just what have I just done in front of the woman I like?”

Veirya wasn’t flustered or surprised. Apparently, she didn’t know what I did… I knew what I did, however…

Even after the last bit exited me as I finished, I still maintained my most awkward and ugly posture as I looked at Veirya, the woman who I liked most. A white stain got on her white clothes. I had unloaded on her countless times in my fantasies, but I never wanted to do it in reality even once… Not to mention the fact that we were in such an awkward situation and at such an awkward time… When I was mentally going down on her, Veirya happened to catch me, and I happened to shoot Veirya with it…

I think calling myself a pervert would be an insult to the word in that situation… I really wanted to just bury my head…

Veirya took the initiative to end the awkward silence. She didn’t react in any way. She just calmly asked, “You called me?”


I felt ridiculously ashamed. I didn’t think Veirya would hear me… She was probably there to use the toilet, too, I guess… I didn’t think she’d coincidentally be there at the same time as me, nonetheless. Plus, she didn’t knock or check with me beforehand; she just pulled the door open…

“What. Are you doing?”

Since I was stumped and didn’t look as though anything was wrong with me, she didn’t continue asking. Instead, she went to touch the white liquid with her finger out of curiosity. She gently picked up a bit of the liquid then, to my surprise, held it up to her nose for a whiff. She then licked it and frowned, “What. Is this? Are you. Unwell?”

“Sorry!! Sorry!!!”

I quickly used a piece of cloth to wipe it. Alas, the reality was, the more you wipe it, the more you spread it. A tiny bit, therefore, began to spread. I had my living daylights scared out of me. I doubted Veirya brought a change of clothes. We had to see Her Majesty tomorrow. What,wais Veirya supposed to see Queen Sisi in her stained clothes?! Shit! We’d die!! We’d seriously die!

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

Veirya seemed indifferent. As I was fine, she turned around and left, while I stood in place and watched her leave from behind with a blank look. I didn’t know if she should’ve called out to her or not…

My mind began to race with thoughts: “How am I going to explain it to her if I call her back? I, however, feel as if something is missing if I don’t… What in the world should I do…?

Ah, forget it… I think that’ll do… I think this is the best way to hide it… I think Veirya can cover it if she wipes it tomorrow. Nobody will be able to see it late at night, anyway… This must all be a dream. It must just be a dream… I’m so ashamed… truly so ashamed… How could I do that? That was so embarrassing… Using Veirya as masturbation material is bad enough, and now she even caught me in the act… My god, I’m so ashamed of myself… How is Veirya going to perceive me from now…? Fortunately, she didn’t know what happened. I don’t think she realised what happened. Thank god for that…


Current time upstairs.


Veirya lingered. She looked at Angelina. Angelina’s feet should’ve taken three days to heal, yet she had already gotten off the bed to walk around. She looked at her daughter and smiled.  Her instincts commanded her hand to attempt to caress her daughter’s head. However, Veirya didn’t lean in for her; instead, she vigilantly looked at Angelina. Angelina responded with a quiet chuckle and pulled her hand back. She then looked at Veirya, “Did you go to the toilet?”


Veirya’s response was given in the same tone as her confusion before. She walked up to her mother and gently looped her arm around her mother’s. Angelina froze. Angelina fearfully pulled her arm back just slightly. Yes, Veirya was her biological daughter, and she had always dreamt of reuniting with her daughter, but she was afraid and not used to her daughter coming up to her on her own accord in spite of having reconciled after so much turbulence. Angelina helplessly smiled. She felt slightly envious of Veirya’s ability to remain expressionless no matter when.

If I could be as composed as Veirya, I wouldn’t be distressed to the point of embarrassing myself in front of my daughter, would I?

Veirya didn’t utter a word. She earnestly supported her mother down the stairs the same way she dragged that man around during the day. Angelina didn’t speak, either. The two made body contact that wasn’t a consequence of fighting each other for once. It was meant to be a blissful moment, but neither of them spoke.

Despite the silence, Angelina noticed the different stain on her daughter. As a soldier, she would have a strong sense of awareness, and therefore notice the small change. She noticed the stain was no ordinary stain and was most definitely not the ice-cream during the day. Angelina knew what the stain was. She knew very well what it was… Furthermore, there was only one man with her.

Angelina hesitated to say something. She chose to word her question tactfully: “Do you two not plan to have children?”

Veirya turned her face to the side to look at Angelina. Surprised, she replied, “We have Leah.”

“No, I meant your own biological daughter. Veirya, you’re a woman. Now that the war has ended, you should lead the life of an ordinary woman. So accordingly, having a romance and having children is a must. You seem to like that man, and he went so far for you. If you two get married, you should have a child.”

“I never. Thought about it.”

Veirya was bewildered beyond words: “What. Is love? Lots of people talk about it. Her Majesty is also pursuing it. But, I can’t give it to Her Majesty. No matter how hard I try. What exactly. Is love? Why do so many people, you included, say that him and I are in love? I can’t distinguish what is different. What exactly. Is love?”

“Do you really not know?” Angelina was quite surprised. She reworded her response in her mind before adding, “Do you not have any feelings for him?  Do you not have any feelings for a man who lost a foot, brought me on for your sake, forgave me after what I did and even brought back your father’s file for you? If you don’t, I’m going for him. I’m still young; I think I can still have another romance. Also, you should have a father in spite of him possibly being a tad younger than you.”

“I won’t accept.” Veirya resolutely refused. “He’s mine. I. Have no other plans. I just want him to stay by my side. I want. Him to always stay by my side.”


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