The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 50

Conversation with the Queen at Night

“Little Doggy, knight number one hundred and twenty-seven’s profile is missing from the records we collected.”

As with last time, I gently undid the ribbon on Queen Sisi’s back, and she completely stripped down, leaving just her black stockings on. She then climbed onto her bed and shook out her splayed hair before lying down on her side. She tossed me two sheets of paper and pinched her chin. She softly chuckled: “Good Little Doggy, who do you think knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is? What do you think is the deal with that particular knight? Why is only knight number one hundred and twenty-seven’s file missing? Your observation and deduction skills are both superb. Now, can you help me decipher who knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is?”

Queen Sisi wore a gentle smile on her face. I couldn’t read her thoughts behind her smile. She was very skilled at concealing her thoughts. I genuinely didn’t know if the missing profile was something she really cared about or not. Nonetheless, if she was merely after the right to preach religion to turn herself into a goddess, subsequently having everyone worship her, she had no reason to kill Angelina, who was remotely related to her goal. Angelina was merely the chapel’s muscle. She wouldn’t impact Queen Sisi’s plans even if she lived.

“I don’t think that Angelina’s status is that important, is it…?” I pondered. Once done, I answered, “Knight number one hundred and twenty-seven? Sorry, Your Majesty, but I do not have enough information to analyse it. I need more information to do so.”

“Is that right?” Queen Sisi turned over, paying no heed to her jiggling breasts. She giggled in a soft voice as she gave her breasts a rub: “Little Doggy, what do you want to know? I don’t know much myself. What do you want to ask?”

I questioned, “Is knight number one hundred and twenty-seven very important to you?”

Queen Sisi raised an eyebrow. She then stretched her hand out and examined her finger nails. She absentmindedly replied, “Important or not? Mm… I need to think about that. Mm… how shall I put it? Knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is related to the chapel, correct? Additionally, where knight number one hundred and twenty-seven happens to be is important, correct? If your question is important or not, I would say those two factors are of more importance, wouldn’t you agree, Little Doggy?”

“Mm… Are you more concerned about knight number one hundred and twenty-seven’s rank? So, how much intelligence do you have on knight number one hundred and twenty-seven? Have you seen knight number one hundred and twenty-seven? Do you know knight number one hundred and twenty-seven?”

“If I did know knight number one hundred and twenty-seven, I wouldn’t have asked you, would I?” rhetorically asked Queen Sisi. She turned her head and subtly frowned: “I do know knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is seemingly very famous and should be very important to the chapel; otherwise, nobody would’ve taken the risk to protect them. Say, Little Doggy, in your opinion, who is knight number one hundred and twenty-seven?”

Queen Sisi still didn’t reveal her thoughts. However, I knew she was sending me hints. She should’ve been aware I was the one who spared the pope’s wife and daughter in addition to Angelina. The two of us were just probing each other. I sought an opportunity to mention it.

“Is Queen Sisi hoping I’d say they were with me? If I were to look at this from her perspective, I wouldn’t care if Angelina is dead or alive. It doesn’t matter to her if Angelina is alive. She merely wants to ensure Angelina won’t impact her even if she is alive. If Angelina is alive and hides in the imperial capital, she would be a threat to her. Normal soldiers wouldn’t be able to stop Angelina if she slaughtered her way into the palace, after all. It makes sense for her to have qualms about a woman who could fight Veirya face to face and defeat her,” I analysed. I then replied, “Mm, Your Majesty, I have a guess, but I am not sure if I should mention it or not.”

“Go ahead and say it. I’m not someone who ignores what people say.” Queen Sisi smiled then awaited my response.

I stopped tot the before responding, presuming she would understand where I was taking it: “Your Majesty, according to you said, I do have someone in mind. The knight may be Veirya. According to what you said, the knight is very famous and important to the chapel. To add, the knight is a formidable combatant. Therefore, I think said knight is Veirya. Nevertheless, Veirya would likely be in the North. Moreover, she would never think about betraying you. I think it does not matter.”

Queen Sisi responded as I expected. She froze for a moment then held her belly and burst into laughter. I didn’t interject. I stood there and waited for her laughing session to end. She boldly laughed aloud for a long time before stopping. She then wiped her tears and gasped for air: “What are you saying, Little Doggy? It is wrong to make up random things, you know? Are you not worried Veirya will kill you for senselessly slandering her? I trust Veirya, and she’s still in the North. She won’t cause any trouble, either. Knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is not Veirya. It doesn’t sound as though you know who knight number one hundred and twenty-seven is, either. That being the case, I shall consider knight number one hundred and twenty-seven dead. Is there any problem with that, Little Doggy?”

I understood what Queen Sisi meant. Indeed, she spared Angelina. As I initially said, she had no reason to kill Angelina. I implied Angelina was with Veirya and wouldn’t cause any trouble in the North thereafter. Queen Sisi generously decided to not pursue the matter; all she wanted was the right to preach religion to turn herself into a goddess. The entire event wasn’t a massacre. She didn’t care where Angelina went as long as she achieved her goal, and it was guaranteed that Angelina wouldn’t cause her grief in the future.

“Then, there’s also the pope’s family. They’ve gone missing. Someone spotted them getting in a carriage at noon and leaving the imperial capital. That should have something to do with you, correct, Little Doggy? You arranged for my enemies to leave, which means you betrayed me. Bear in mind that I really, really, really, really hate traitors. Additionally, I can’t tell what I’ll do when I’m angry.”

Queen Sisi’s warning would render one ghastly pale, yet she didn’t reveal a threatening expression. She looked as relaxed as though she was smiling, in fact. I froze before I replied, “Your Majesty, dead people will not become your enemy. Is your enemy not just the pope? He is already dead. What enemy do you speak of?”

“How about his family?”

“Given that his daughter contracted the disease, I do not think she has much longer to live, does she? Furthermore, even if she did survive it, would the believers follow her? The pope post isn’t passed down in the family. Is a child and a woman your enemy?”

I refused to admit their departure had anything to do with me. Queen Sisi looked at me with her eyes narrowed but didn’t answer right away. I was quite tense. I had no way of determining whether the two who departed would be Queen Sisi’s enemy or not, though. If the believers were to find out that she was the former pope’s daughter, they’d show her a degree of respect one way or another. However, I doubted the girl had the competence or physical health to fill the shoes. What if she wanted to avenge her father, however? Being beyond her grasp, Queen Sisi was truly concerned.

Angelina’s situation was a little better off, since Queen Sisi would have to respect Veirya even if she didn’t care for my agenda. After all, Veirya was her capable warrior, while Angelina was Veirya’s biological mother.

Whatever the case, I was going to refuse my involvement with all of them at all costs. There are no witnesses, after all. With that said, Queen Sisi wasn’t reasonable; if she wanted to kill me, she didn’t necessarily need evidence against me.

All I could do was stand there in silence and await Queen Sisi’s judgement. She didn’t utter a word. She either scrutinised her hand or combed her hair. She then rolled over twice. It was as if we never said anything. We fell into an incredibly awkward silence. I knew I couldn’t speak up, as speaking up would prove me guilty.

I had to act natural. Although Queen Sisi appeared absentminded on the surface, I could feel her gaze on me the entire time. I didn’t know what Queen Sisi was thinking. At the very least, though, I had to remain silent. If I panicked, she’d seize the initiative. Once a powerful enemy seizes the initiative, you’re basically doomed. So accordingly, I had to bring the situation under control. Queen Sisi didn’t have the initiative. I had to remain composed and maintain that their departure had nothing to do with me even though it did.

We maintained the strange silence for a very long time. Needless to say, the prolonged length might’ve just been my perception… After all, it was torture to me. Queen Sisi finally gave up something and let out a long sigh: “Forget it. I don’t want to think about it. Lots of things happened today, and I’m somewhat tired now. Little Doggy, I will fulfil my initial promise to you. I will provide you with a house nearby the imperial palace. Go take a look during the day tomorrow. If you think it’s all right, move in tomorrow. All of the furniture has been prepared as well as servants. You can move right in. In saying that, I have a condition for you. As you will be living in the imperial capital, you will need to work for me from now on.”

“Just as Achilles is?”

“Just as Achilles is,” Queen Sisi emphasised her response. She turned around and supported her head on her arm: “I really like you, Little Doggy. Come to me, and I can fulfil all of your requests as long as you loyally serve me. If you like, you can even have my body. You just need to give me the love I want, and I can give you everything in return. What do you think, Little Doggy? Come to me. This time, I will provide you with courteous hospitality.”

“Sorry, Your Majesty,” I answered, shaking my head. I solemnly explained, “Your Majesty, I am Veirya’s spoil of war; I am her belonging. If you want me to serve you, you need to ask Veirya.”

I saw the ending of the last person who served Queen Sisi. Staying by her side was a nightmare. There was no way that I wanted to be by her side for too long; it was no different to carrying a ticking time bomb. Veirya might be One Slash Girl, but I actually felt safer with her.


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