The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 49

Queen Sisi’s Idea

“Veirya, you two wait for me here; I need to go to the imperial palace. I’ll take you in to see Her Majesty tomorrow.”

After I grabbed the door handle, I turned around to check on Veirya and Angelina. Angelina lied on the bed with her hands tied to the metal bed rails overhead. Nevertheless, it didn’t appear as though that negatively affected her in any capacity. Or rather, she looked as if she was relaxed. Veirya sat to one side and watched her mother, albeit void of sadness. She was merely concerned Angelina would escape.

Veirya asked me, “Where is Leah? Who exactly. Was the woman?”

“Mm… in essence, she’s a demon just as Leah is… I trust her, and Leah is currently at the safest place possible, so rest assured.”

“I don’t believe you. I want to see Leah. Leah. Is in great peril.”

“Um… I promise to bring Leah back in the morning, all right? Veirya, don’t worry too much. I’m going to see Her Majesty now. You should go and see her tomorrow morning, too.”

Veirya nodded.

Suddenly remembering the document I took from the chapel, I went up to Veirya and took out the thick document that I hid in my shirt. Veirya froze. She was quite surprised. I quietly explained, “These should be your father’s documents… Veirya, I thought that you might’ve wanted this, which is why I brought it back for you.”

Veirya looked at the name on the spine and solemnly ran her hands over the letters, but she didn’t say a word, feel grateful or touched. She didn’t even give a reaction, as a matter of fact. I stood next to her with a blank look. I soon realised that I wouldn’t be getting any affectionate gestures that I was hoping for. I, therefore, left the room.

Once Angelina heard the door shut, she opened her eyes to look at her daughter: “Veirya, for what reason do you listen to him? You don’t know him. You never interacted with him in the past, either. You didn’t easily trust people in the past. Why do you care about and are willing to listen to him exclusively?”

Veirya gently pressed the file to her chest. She answered, “Because. Everything that he says. Is correct. To add. He isn’t scared of me. He takes care of me. He promised me. He’d help me become a normal woman. I really. Like him.”

“Because he’s not scared of you?”


Angelina spotted the key point. She felt somewhat sad for her daughter. She thought, “I can’t believe my daughter wanted something so pitiful. Veirya considers those who don’t fear her to be a rare treasure. In the past, when she was in the military, what sort of life did she lead? Everyone must’ve been afraid of her after she put her life on the line to fight.”

Veirya paused before carrying on with her explanation: “Also, he always. Understands me. That’s why. I really care about him. And I worry. Something. Will happen to him and Leah. I care about the,. Right now. I only have them. Mm… And you, too. In the future.”

Though Veirya sounded slightly proud with what she said, her expression and tone never changed. Angelina softly chuckled. Her daughter was the same as always. She had feelings but didn’t know how to express them.

“If she tells him that she likes him, he’ll probably die from cardiac arrest on the spot. He’s no ordinary man. He did many things I can’t believe and successfully pulled off many reversals. He saw through the chapel’s plan, convinced Queen Sisi and reunited me with my daughter. He looks thin, weak and unable to take a hit, yet his power is unimaginable,” Angelina said to herself. She mumbled to herself, “Am I going to be living in the North henceforward?”

Veirya: “You don’t like going to the North?”

“No. I’m fine with anywhere as long as you’re with me.”


Current time at the Imperial Palace.

“Little Doggy!! Little Doggy! Hahaha, my Little Doggy!!”

As soon as I entered the imperial palace, Queen Sisi hugged me around my neck and laughed as she borrowed my momentum to spin out of nowhere. Then, she plastered herself to my back, allowing me to feel her globes against my back. She tightly wrapped her arm around to my chest and situated her pretty face next to mine. She laughed as she gave me a gentle peck on the cheek. With a smile, she said, “You’ve truly done me proud, Little Doggy. Nobody around me managed to figure out the chapel’s plan. Achilles kept on watching the warehouse as an idiot would. Only you figured out the chapel’s plan and brought back Leah. Also, had you not remarked that there might not be weapons in the warehouse, I wouldn’t have suspected the elves. Little Doggy, Little Doggy, how did you decipher there were no weapons in the dwarves’ warehouse?’

Feeling embarrassed, I tried to avoid Queen Sisi’s hair that was teasing me. However, she had no intention of releasing me. She was so happy she didn’t plan to waste her attention on anything besides being happy. Awkward, I shifted my gaze away so as to avoid the alluring Queen. I explained, “The volume. I saw neatly lined up rows of large stone statues in the warehouse. If there were no weapons in the stone statues, the weapons would have to be in the swords. For insurance, the volume of swords should match the number of statues; else, anyone would notice there is a problem if there are too few swords. However, they had too many.

There were, at least, close to one hundred stone statues. It is impossible for the chapel to house one hundred people inside their chapel. The only possible explanation for it would be the chapel randomly hid that many swords there. In addition, they would not be able to mark the weapons; otherwise, it would be easy to identify them. Do they smash open all of them when they need weapons? That is obviously implausible. As such, after seeing so many stone statues, I believed there were no weapons inside. I concluded those places were merely smokescreens designed to mislead us.”

“Mm, impressive, Little Doggy. Very perceptive. So, how did you figure out the chapel’s plan? Initially, I, too, speculated they planned to assassinate me. I never expected them to hatch such a bizarre plan; it was an absurd plan. If they succeeded, I genuinely would be at my wits end. Consider me enlightened. It wasn’t a boring assassination but such a grand scheme. I’m very pleased. I’m very happy right now, Little Doggy. You lived up to my expectations; you’re always able to bring me pleasant surprises.”

Queen Sisi gently hopped off my back. To my surprise, I was oddly disappointed when I couldn’t feel her blessings. She circled around to the front and tugged on my collar then pulled my hand down. She leaned in next to my air and seductively smiled. She whispered, “With that said, I noticed a horse carriage and a missing person. Little Doggy, do you have something you want to say to me? Come, Little Doggy, come to my bedroom. I hope you won’t spoil my pleasant mood.”

Queen Sisi licked my ear then pulled on my collar as if she was leading a dog. Finally, she jogged to her bedroom with me in tow…


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