The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 19

Succubus Brothel

When I left the imperial palace, I sniffed myself. Unsurprisingly, I had Queen Sisi’s fragrance on me. I didn’t hate the smell, but Leah would definitely teach me a lesson if I went back with Queen Sisi’s smell on me… Leah would lay her hands on me after she transformed, which could lead to undesirable consequences… I decided I needed to minimise the scent before returning to Leah.

Achilles, who was next to me with a strange smile, questioned, “Mr. Lin, there is no rush to go back, so how about going somewhere to relax?”

I looked to my side: “Where?”

“Where else can single men go late at night? Oh, wait, you have Lord Veirya. She is not here at the moment, though. Leah should be asleep by now. How about the two of us go for some fun? Of course, we will be going to find ourselves two women. It would be waste to not enjoy yourself in the Imperial Capital?”

“Are you talking about a brothel?!”

Achilles softly laughed and nodded.

Is that somewhere a man, who loves and cares about his family, should be going?! Could I go there when I was a man with a family?! Moreover, I was educated with the healthiest education since I was a kid. I raised my nose at those sorts of places. Those places were where you find all the filth! There was a high risk of contracting diseases at those sorts of places. My daughter was in her room! How could I go to a brothel given those point?!

“Let’s go! Let’s go!!” I immediately nodded.

Achilles and I turned a corner, and off we went. Admittedly, I had never been to brothels. I was incredibly curious as to how a brothel functioned.

“What sort of place is the brothel? Hurry and let me see if there are any beautiful elder sister types. Heck, there might even an elf with big boobies…” was what I thought.

With a tacit understanding between us, the two of us picked up the pace. The imperial capital was different to the world I came from. The imperial capital actually qualified as a city that never slept. It was the middle of the night, yet the city was still as crowded as during the day. The stores didn’t show any signs of closing up. The bars’ businesses boomed. People were still coming and going from clothing stores. There were luxurious stores and ordinary stores, but crowds flocked to them regardless of which they were.

We stopped below a bizarre red light. Achilles pulled me over, and we looked up. I was surprised to see a massive, luxurious building with red flowers enveloping it. The flame from inside shone through the rose wine outside and illuminated a strange red light.  I saw countless men coming and going from the building. Every single one who exited looked as if he had his life sucked out of him, yet wore very satisfied expressions.

I thought, “This place… must be an authentic brothel…”

“This is the imperial capital, I meant, the empire’s number one brothel. Every man in the entire empire dreams of coming here. Enjoy yourself here. I’ll foot the bill.”

Judging from the way he looks so used to it, he must’ve be a regular! I guess I was wrong when I assumed he was gay.

Achilles dragged me into the brothel. As soon as I arrived inside, a strong fragrance hit me. Seriously, I almost puked. After getting used to Queen Sisi’s faint fragrance, the stench of smoke and powder was nauseating. Nevertheless, I noticed the girl dressed in sexy sleepwear and running about looked pretty. At the very least, they were beauties compared to others I’d seen before.”

“My, my, if it isn’t Achilles. You haven’t visited recently. I heard you went somewhere.”

When I was looking around, a mature woman, who was carrying a tobacco pipe, came up to us. Her golden wavy hair accompanied the charming face of a mature woman. She was dressed in a robe similar to qipaos. She had a white shawl draped over her shoulders. She had her green eyes narrowed. She didn’t wait for Achilles to reply; she asked, “Is this our new customer?”

Achilles nodded with a smile: “Ah, yes, Sophia. He is my new friend. Please take good care of him.”

Sophia stuck her pipe in her mouth and scanned me. She then swiftly leaned in to me and sniffed me. With a somewhat amorous smile, she said, “You a virgin? If I stopped serving customers, I’d definitely serve you. Actually, I wouldn’t have served you even if it was in the past. You may be Achilles friend, but none of the girls here will serve you.”

“Why?!” I exclaimed, feeling somewhat irate. I thought, “That’s a massive insult!! I’m a man, too. Why won’t you serve me?!! Why am I not worthy of your service?! I… So what if I’m a virgin?! Name me a brothel that doesn’t serve virgins!!”

“It’s not that I refuse to serve you but because a succubus has already left her scent on you,” explained Sophia, smiling. “Yes, all of the girls here are succubi. We strictly adhere to the rules. We don’t lay our hands on prey that our own kind has marked. You definitely have a succubus with you, don’t you? Also, you’re in love with each other. The scent on you is very strong; from that, it would seem that the succubus considers you to be very important to her.”

“Uh, I do have an adopted succubus daughter, but I don’t think that we’re in love… Plus, I don’t detect any changes from Leah. She’s still ignorant of these things.”

Sophia nodded: “If emotions aren’t stirred, succubi won’t awaken and can continue relying on normal food to lead normal lives. It’s an ability we require to hide among humans. However, Mister, a father isn’t very important to a succubus. If she truly loves you, she won’t hesitate to lay her hands on you even if you’re her father. Furthermore, a succubus in love won’t hesitate to be ruthless with even her family. I can smell the scent of another woman on you. If I were you, I’d respect the succubus who’s with you; else, you’ll regret it.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait… I don’t think Leah feels that way, does she…?”

Sophia softly laughed and shook her head. She put her lips on her pipe again and responded, “It appears you don’t understand us succubi. Bring your succubus daughter along next time. To be honest, I can sense her bloodline is very pure. She holds a very high status among us. I cannot wait to see her. There are no longer many of us succubi after the war. I cherish every single one of us.”

“Is it a good idea to bring a kid here…?”

I awkwardly looked around at the succubi leaning on men’s chests or running around in the nude. I didn’t judge it to be an appropriate place for Leah to be.

“It’ll be all right. She can just stand at the door. She left her scent on you, so we wouldn’t keep her. What’s very important, though, is that you have to treat her well. Remember that well. A succubus, who has fallen in love, will stop at nothing and be incredibly cruel. If you incur her wrath, then all that you can do is pray God is on your side.“


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